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Etw Certificate 15219 En

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Etw Certificate 15219 En

  1. 1. Mehmet Eşiyok, City Department of Education, Turkey Agnieszka Kasperczyk, Zespół Szkół Technicznych i Ogólnokształcących nr 1 im. Wojciecha Korfantego, Poland ADRIANA Timofte, Colegiul National de Arte "Regina Maria", Romania BRIGIDA CLEMENTE, I° circolo "N. Zingarelli" - primaria, Italy Niki Coulson, The Holt School, United Kingdom Dešimokai Varėnos ''RYTAS", Varėnos ,,Ryto" vidurinė, Lithuania were awarded the Label for their project: Our Local Environment 01.06.2009 Mehmet MUHARREMOGLU Pawel Poszytek National Support Service Marc Durando National Support Service Turkey Central Support Service Poland