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Program your Sony alarm clock


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if you never knew how to program your alarm clock follow these steps

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Program your Sony alarm clock

  1. 1. How to program the time on your Sony alarm clock<br />Fatima Hardy<br />Professor Canning <br />Fit 1000<br />9/19/09<br />
  2. 2. What time is it?<br />Before you can program your alarm clock you have to know what time it is.<br />First step is to look at your watch cell phone, any thing that has the time on it so you can know what time it is.<br />Then look at the top of you’re alarm clock it should have a buttons that say <br />Time<br />Hour<br />Minutes<br />Alarm <br />snooze<br />
  3. 3. Lets get started<br />In order to set the time you must press down on the button that says time and the button that says hour at the same time.<br />Then press down the hour button until you get the right hour.<br />If you pass the number you wanted press down again until you see it a again.<br />To make sure you have the hour on Am or Pm look at the screen and a green dot will be next to either Am or Pm.<br />
  4. 4. Setting the minutes <br />To set the minutes you must press down the button that says time and the button that says minutes.<br />Continue to press down the minute button. <br />To make sure you have the right time press your minute button one minute a head of time. Just incase the time changes right after you set your time.<br />
  5. 5. Ring the alarm <br />To set your alarm time on your alarm clock just repeat the steps as programming the time <br />Instead of pressing the button press the alarm button.<br />To make sure you have your alarm on move the switch on top of the alarm clock <br />It should move from left to right and say off and on <br />Move it to the right where it will say on <br />The screen will show a red light that means the alarm is on<br />