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UntitledbyJake Mueller
ReflectionbyCheyenne Dragon
Sunset Geeseby Brittany Eberly
Rodeoby Philip Piersol
Iron Wheelby DestinyBuckwalter
Anticipate the TouchbyAustin Haas
The Queen Anne’sRevengebyShannon O’Malley
UntitledbyMiki Do
Untitledby MonicaNewswanger
A Still Life Studyin CharcoalbyChristian Wade
RememberbySam Mancuso
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Congressional art show 2013


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Congressional art show 2013

  1. 1. UntitledbyJake Mueller
  2. 2. ReflectionbyCheyenne Dragon
  3. 3. Sunset Geeseby Brittany Eberly
  4. 4. Rodeoby Philip Piersol
  5. 5. Iron Wheelby DestinyBuckwalter
  6. 6. Anticipate the TouchbyAustin Haas
  7. 7. The Queen Anne’sRevengebyShannon O’Malley
  8. 8. UntitledbyMiki Do
  9. 9. Untitledby MonicaNewswanger
  10. 10. A Still Life Studyin CharcoalbyChristian Wade
  11. 11. RememberbySam Mancuso