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Are your teachers ready for 1 2-1


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eLearning Revolution Conference Presentation "Are your teachers ready for a 1:1 classroom?"

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Are your teachers ready for 1 2-1

  2. 2. OBJECTIVES FOR TODAY’S SESSION • Discuss some ideas to consider before and during a 1:1 implementation • Describe the 3-year implementation process at Garden Spot High School and Middle School • Share thoughts and offer suggestions for a successful 1:1 implementation among the people in the group.
  3. 3. SOME IDEAS TO CONSIDER……. • It’s not about the device, it’s about the learning. • Don’t wait for the “right time” to go 1:1 • Regardless of the device or the experience level of the staff, professional development is needed. And needs to be on-going…and going…. • Commonality is important among all the stakeholders • Be realistic about the goals for the first year of implementation
  4. 4. ANYWHERE ANYTIME LEARNING AT ELANCO 3 Aspects of Anywhere-Anytime Learning at Elanco 1.A safe and secure device that meets all curriculum needs 2.A robust learning management system 3.Transformation of classroom instruction Overall Objectives for Year 1 of AAL • Create a more student-centered approach to learning • Provide more real-world and authentic learning opportunities for students • Offer more opportunities for Anywhere-Anytime student learning
  5. 5. ANYWHERE-ANYTIME LEARNING AT ELANCO 2011-12 School Year – Year before implementation • Monthly meetings of the 1:1 Learning Committee, which included Teachers, Students, Administration and Technology Department Members • Implemented a Middle School pilot program with one 8th grade team of four teachers and approximately 125 students. We started in February, and continued through the end of the school year. • Students were provided with Windows 7 Lenovo x120 series laptops and a backpack carrying case
  6. 6. ANYWHERE-ANYTIME LEARNING AT ELANCO 2012-13 School Year – Year 1 • Implemented a 1:1 program with all students in grades 7-9 (approximately 750 students) • Students provided with Windows 7 Lenovo x130 series laptops and an over the shoulder carrying case • Two separate offerings of a 5-day professional development trainings for teachers in the summer for all teachers in grades 7-9. • Teachers could be paid at curricular rate for attending days 1-4, or use one “trade off” day. Day 5 was optional and unpaid.
  7. 7. ANYWHERE-ANYTIME LEARNING AT ELANCO 2013-14 School Year – Year 2 • Continued with 1:1 program with grades 7-9 and added all students in grades 10-12 using the same Windows 7 Lenovo x130 series laptops and case • Approximately 1500 students totals • BYOD optional for grades 11-12 (Windows 7 or 8 only). • Similar 5-day professional development trainings for teachers in the summer for all teachers in grades 10-12 • Made the decision to change LMS from Moodle to Canvas
  8. 8. ANYWHERE-ANYTIME LEARNING AT ELANCO 2014-15 School Year – Year 3 • Continue with 1:1 program grades 7-12. Expand to elementary (but not allow home use). • BYOD now available for grades 9-12. Any device with at least a ten inch screen size. • Continued development of digital courses in Canvas across many different subject areas • Implementation of Spartan Digital Competencies for Teachers
  9. 9. RESOURCES • eLearning Revolution Wikispace   Session 1 on June 25th : Are your teachers ready for a 1:1 Classroom?