The Role Encompass Plays in Streamlining Back-end Processes


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iModules Encompass platform has the power to streamline a number of back-end processes. By using the functionality of roles, iModules Summer Sizzler User Conference, July 2010

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  • Segment volunteer data by interest in order to communicate with them effectively to move them to higher levels of engagement.Find a way to encourage volunteering and collecting volunteer informationEliminate the multitude of volunteer forms and surveysNo staff person
  • Not all are engagedNot all can step forward when we need them to step forwardHow do we track? How do we maintain? How do we train? How do we improve? How do we grow this base?
  • Marrying Jenzebar with iModulesAlign our coding functionsUse each system for the power it providesJenzebar for integrating giving information and contact informationiModules for communications, event managementShared coding allows us to integrate the two systems more easily
  • Streamlining the data processRole-based volunteer formInterest based for user, triggers different rolesCollects data management
  • Improving our WorkflowOnce roles are assigned, we push role-based e-mail marketing to our alumni
  • Improving our ability to communicate and the ability of our volunteers to participateHelp us push relevant information to the volunteers of interest
  • Career Advancement Volunteer NewsAdmissions Volunteer NewsAlumni Board News
  • Pull from what already existsTap into Volunteer Resource GuidesPosting volunteer opportunities as events are also news stories
  • The Role Encompass Plays in Streamlining Back-end Processes

    1. 1. The Role Encompass Playsin Streamlining Back-endProcesses to IncreaseEngagementTimothy State ’93Associate V.P. for Alumni ProgramsWill Pittinos ’06Web Content Manager
    2. 2. Project Overview Streamline paper process Capture data more effectively Improve workflow Improve ability to communicate to volunteers Improve ability of volunteers to participate
    3. 3. 1,500 Volunteer to 0 Staff ChallengeAdmissionsCareerEvents
    4. 4. Encompassing the Bigger ChallengeAdmissions• Student Callers• College FairsCareer• Mentors• Mock Interviews• SpeedNetworkingEvents• Reunions• EventHosts/Sponsors• RegionalVolunteers
    5. 5. The SolutionContact and GivingInformationInterest CodesCommunications andEvent ManagementInterest Codes
    6. 6. Data Collection•Multi-tab form.•Log-in required.
    7. 7. Defining RolesInterest-based focusareas.Checkbox drives a role.
    8. 8. Specific OpportunitiesSpecific opportunitiesappear based on theinterests checked onthe previous tab.Future tabs appear tocollect the informationwe need, based on thespecific opportunitiesthat are selected.Appear forCareer, but notAdmissions
    9. 9. Pre-Populated Information
    10. 10. News and Event Categories
    11. 11. Pushing Out Relevant News•Intro from staff withan overview of theprogram.•News storiesrelating to the areaof focus.•Volunteeropportunities postedas events can alsobe listed•Cross-promoteother programs in
    12. 12. Training Better Volunteers
    13. 13. Developing Content Pull information from Training Guides Ask Volunteers to write about their experiences Posting a volunteer opportunity as an event is also anews story Share relevant information about your institution Admissions volunteers like to know how manyapplications, and how that compares Reunion volunteers want to know about menus Career Advancement volunteers need reminders what it’slike to be a jobless 21-year-old and where they aredevelopmentally
    14. 14. Volunteer Donation Participation0%10%20%30%40%50%60%Admissions Career Event20092010
    15. 15. Volunteer Donation Totals$-$100,000$200,000$300,000$400,000$500,000$600,000$700,000$800,000$900,000$1,000,000Admissions Career Event20092010
    16. 16. Thank You!Questions?