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Mobile Giving + Social Pressure = Results


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Lake Forest College used a simplified giving form designed to play well on a mobile device and then brought and iPad to alumni functions. The result was new donors and new dollars through the use of simple social pressure.

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Mobile Giving + Social Pressure = Results

  1. 1. Mobile Giving + Social Pressure = ResultsTimothy State ’93Associate VP for Alumni @timstate
  2. 2. Tools NeededWireless-enabled iPad or Tablet Device
  3. 3. Tools NeededDonors with Credit Cards
  4. 4. Tools NeededMobile-friendly Giving Page
  5. 5. Tools Needed• Not required, but help – Social skills – A touch of alcohol
  6. 6. The iPad and the Gift Officer
  7. 7. Gift Officer Donor iPad
  8. 8. Happy Gift Officer Happy Donor
  9. 9. The iPad at Events
  10. 10. Donor 2Donor 1
  11. 11. Non-DonorDonor
  12. 12. The iPad at Events11 gifts made in the course of 9 innings
  13. 13. The iPad at Events$290 average gift increase from $211
  14. 14. The iPad at Events6 New Donors(50+% of those who made gifts)
  15. 15. The iPad at Events$3,195 Total Dollars ($870 increase)
  16. 16. Key Learnings• Works best with donors under $500• Staff need to be in support of this tactic• Set up a Mobile-friendly giving form (
  17. 17. THANK YOU! No students or donors were harmed in the making of this presentation.Timothy State ’93Associate VP for Alumni @timstate