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Friend Raising for Dollars - heds - june 2011 - 6-9-11


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Friend-raising for Dollars explores how you can use data to drive alumni programming strategies. Presentation to Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium, June 2011

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Friend Raising for Dollars - heds - june 2011 - 6-9-11

  1. 1. +Timothy State „93Associate V.P. of Alumni Programsstate@lakeforest.eduFriend-Raising forDollarsApplying DevelopmentData to AlumniProgrammingHEDSJune 2011
  2. 2. +Where Focus your Energy? Converting Non-Donors toDonors 1976 Graduate 250 Solicitations over 35years. What makes the difference insolicitation 251?
  3. 3. +Lake Forest: Focus on DonorsMoving existingdonors up in dollarvalueShifting irregulardonor to an annualdonor
  4. 4. +What We‟ll Cover Applying existing development data to alumniprogramming Alumni Attitudinal Survey Campaign Data Screening How that helps drive strategy Talking points to actual programming Advice on guiding alumni programs data review
  5. 5. +Lake Forest CollegeThe CollegeTraditional 4-year national liberal artscollege1,400 students > 1,700 Students30 miles north of ChicagoOur Alumni13,000 Forester solicitable alumni6,000 alumni, parents and friends inChicagolandTop 5 markets 500 to 800 alumniTop 20 markets over 100 alumni1997 – Beginning of Alumni ProgramCompleting $100 Million Campaign –1 year early
  6. 6. +About Me10 Years ConsumerMarketing ExperienceMarketing PlanningAdvertisingPublic RelationsSpecial EventsRetail Real Estate industry
  7. 7. +Market Research is not Academic ResearchWe are looking for trends, no absolutes.
  8. 8. +Data MiningNot Just for Donors AnymoreApplying research and data screening tomore than just major donors
  9. 9. +Donors Like to Know… Organizations they give to have a need for themoney Organizations make good use of their money When donating, it is an organization they arepassionate about assisting
  10. 10. +Attitudinal Survey Themes General lack of awareness and understanding of theCollege‟s financial status 1/3 of our alumni have no opinion as to whether ornot the College is manage well Our alumni believe they receive adequatecorrespondence from us; but feel uninformed aboutimportant matters
  11. 11. +Forester PrideStrongly/Agree, 95.50%Neither AgreeorDisagree, 2.30%SomewhatDisagree, 0.90%StronglyDisagree, 0.30%DontKnow, 1.10%Alumni believe Lake Forest College is aQuality Educational Institution
  12. 12. +Program Implications Draw out pride vs. convince of pride Messaging Integrate e-mail and web communications Incorporate giving messages to volunteers Reinforce the importance of giving Event Programming Talking Points
  13. 13. +We have ducks. And they fly.But how do we know where they fly?
  14. 14. +Campaign Data Screening 17,127 Records screened by GG&A Includes Alumni, Non-Grad Alumni, Parents, Friends Assigned a “geocode” and appended with census block andtract information Enhanced with Claritas PRIZM Lifestage Segments 16,631 (97.1%) of records matched GG&A enhanced with “Prospect Profile” and “ProspectExplorer” Provided Annual Giving, Major Gift, and Planned GivingCodes, PRIZM Segments
  15. 15. +Potential indicated by AG Code$-$200,000$400,000$600,000$800,000$1,000,000$1,200,000$1,400,000Potential
  16. 16. +Program to the alumni most likely to give50% of our alumni give to charity andwe know where they live.
  17. 17. +Lifestage SegmentationYounger YearsSingles & Couples <45No ChildrenY1 – MidlifeSuccessY2 – YoungAchieversY3 – StrivingSinglesFamily LifeWith Children25-54F1 – AccumulatedWealthF2 – YoungAccumulatorsF3 – MainstreamFamiliesF4 – SustainingFamiliesMature YearsSingles & Couples >45ChildlessM1 – AffluentEmpty NestersM2 – ConservativeClassicsM3 – CautiousCouplesM4 – SustainingSeniors
  18. 18. +Defining a Primary Market738551022430PrimarySecondaryTertiary
  19. 19. +Draw the right crowdHow do we know if we are drawing the 50% who giveto charity?
  20. 20. +Relative Draw Index RDI is a percent divided by a percent to give you aratio. 1.0 is even. Below 1.0 is under-drawing. Above1.0 is over-drawing. Group of 100 at homecoming, 20% yellow Population of 1,000, 30% yellow Divide 20% by 30% = 0.66, or underdraw
  21. 21. +Homecoming Registration RDI00. Y2 Y3 F1 F2 F3 F4 M1 M2 M3 M42003-05
  22. 22. +Focus on Relevance
  23. 23. + Data-DrivenHomecomingFamily CarnivalKid-friendly menus“Bring the entire family”Hand Sanitizer
  24. 24. +Data-Drive Homecoming
  25. 25. + Use Data to Fine TuneEmotional EngagementLoad with the right ammunition
  26. 26. +Regional Event Attendance and GivingYear Alumni Attend ParticipationOverallParticipation2006 3.3% 47.6% 26.7%2007 2.8% 54.2% 24.2%2008 5.9% 57.6% 29.5%2009 7.9% 51.9% 30.0%
  27. 27. +Average Gift of Event Attendees# of Events Attended Over a5-Year PeriodAverage 2007 Gift fordonations <$4,999.991 Event $1082 Events $1263 Events $1454 Events $1675 Events $275Benchmark for Total Alumni Total Average Gift ~ $252.99
  28. 28. +Event Frequency vs. Gift Frequency# of Events No Gifts 1-3 Gifts 4 Gifts 5 Gifts1 Event 6.89% 57.57% 13.24% 22.30%2 Events 6.33% 50.63% 18.67% 24.37%3 Events 8.51% 45.39% 15.60% 30.50%4 Events 6.25% 39.58% 16.67% 37.50%5 Events 7.41% 25.93% 14.81% 51.85%6 Events 0.00% 31.82 9.09% 59.09%
  29. 29. +New MessagingThe room is filled with donors.Reinforce their gift makes good things happen.
  30. 30. +When ducks fly, pull the trigger
  31. 31. +Total Volunteer AF Giving$-$50,000$100,000$150,000$200,000$250,000$300,000$350,000$400,000$450,000$500,000FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4A&DCACAdmissions
  32. 32. +Homecoming RDI00. Y2 Y3 F1 F2 F3 F4 M1 M2 M3 M42003-05 2007-08
  33. 33. +Homecoming RDI00. Y2 Y3 F1 F2 F3 F4 M1 M2 M3 M42003-05 2007-08 2009-10
  34. 34. +Homecoming Attendance01000200030004000500060002006 2007 2008 2009 2010Attendance
  35. 35. +Managed ProspectHomecoming Registrants1 guestout of 4
  36. 36. +Mom, are we going to Homecoming?
  37. 37. +Homecoming WeekendOur greatest opportunity toreinforce our mission ispossible because of alumnisupport.
  38. 38. +First you engage them.Then you solicit them.Old wives tale
  39. 39. +Assist your Alumni OperationMany Alumni Operations arethinking about data incorrectly
  40. 40. +How do you go aboutapplying metrics? Think about the questions you need answers to Garbage in, Garbage out What do you have to track to get the information you need? What do you have to do to get that information easily? Are you tracking information you don‟t need to track, or youare not using?
  41. 41. +How do you go aboutapplying metrics? Think about where you store data Guests list vs. coded on people‟s records Think about what data you have from your screening What should you import onto your system? Where should your importing it onto your system?
  42. 42. +Review Market research is notacademic research Apply development data toalumni programs Define your market within yourbase Use data to fine tune emotionalengagement Data suggests: Ask for moneyas you engage Assist your alumni operation
  43. 43. +Timothy State „93Associate V.P. of Alumni Programsstate@lakeforest.eduThank You!Questions?