Evaluation of chapters cd cover


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Evaluation of chapters cd cover

  1. 1. Evaluation of CD cover for The chapters
  2. 2. Imagery that I took as options for my cover picture... I did not use these images in the end as I did not feel they were strong enough to be on the front of a CD cover
  3. 3. One of the reasons I have I feel this image is strong for aI have used a simple font used this image on the back CD cover as it in unusual andon the back of the image as it fades out well leaving therefore stands out fromso that it is easy to room to place the text next to others. The dark colouringunderstand and read. it. scheme makes it bold. I have chosen to The font fits in with the image well and I have placed a barcode colour my font white shows the band name clearly. It also here to finalise the so it stands out boldly shows how I have used editing skills album back and give it against the black and my understanding of technology. a professional look. background.
  4. 4. Before I edited the image Here I have enhanced the colour giving it more of a vintage and aged look. I have re-coloured the image, lowered the brightness and enhanced the contrast making the imaged darker and more unusual. After I edited the imageTo make the text follow the lines of thehand and wrap around the grooves, I putthe image into Serif draw plus and usedthe font draw tool. In order to do this I hadto draw a line following the ones in theimage and then insert text on top of it.
  5. 5. Before I edited the image Here I have used similar editing techniques to the ones on the front, making the image stand out and making it bold. After I edited the imageI particularly like this image for a back coveras the black in the picture is very drasticand fades out quickly so the righting standsout well.
  6. 6. This is a strong album cover and represents a pop rock band well.In the images I have positioned the lighting carefully making it capture main features of the model with out the background being shown. I particularly like the hand that stands out on the front cover and how the font fits into the image so well.