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Power BI - The self service BI Lifecycle in the cloud

With the new Power BI Preview Microsoft brings more Self-service BI functionality to the users. In this session we will look from a different perspective to the offering: What about Governance, Application LifeCycle, Enterprise Integration? We will review what is currently possible in the preview for sharong querys, integrating the cloud offering with your enterprise data sources, monitoring datasources and gateways and what is possible to use it on Windows Mobile devices.

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Power BI - The self service BI Lifecycle in the cloud

  1. 1. Power BI - The self service BI Lifecycle in the cloud Oliver Engels & Tillmann Eitelberg
  2. 2. Say Thank you to Volunteers: §  They spend their FREE time to give you this event. (This group started working on 1st of July of 2013) §  Because they are crazy. §  Because they want YOU to learn from the BEST IN THE WORLD. §  If you see a guy with “STAFF” on their back – buy them a beer/wine, they deserve it.
  3. 3. Paulo Matos:
  4. 4. Vitor Pombeiro:
  5. 5. Murilo Miranda:
  6. 6. André Batista:
  7. 7. Quilson Antunes:
  8. 8. Paulo Borges:
  9. 9. 3 Sponsor Sessions at 14:45 §  Don’t miss them, they might be getting distributing some awesome prizes! §  Rumos – SQL Server Certifications §  BI4ALL - “Long term relationships” (J) §  CrossJoin - Operational Business Intelligence Solution.
  10. 10. Presenter Team Tillmann Eitelberg Mastermind Minion SQL Server MVP PASS Regional Mentor Germany Oliver Engels Marketing Minion SQL Server MVP PASS Regional Mentor Germany
  11. 11. Our Sponsors:
  12. 12. Event Organizers: TUGA  Associação para a Promoção do Conhecimento
  13. 13. Take away’s §  Microsoft’s concept and strategy behind Power BI §  Understanding of the Power BI landscape and the possibilities for Self-Service BI §  Identify any risks and what’s missing 13
  14. 14. Agenda §  Problem §  Protagonists of BI §  Self-Service BI Workflow §  Self-Service BI Lifecycle §  Résumé 14
  15. 15. Problem
  16. 16. Problem
  17. 17. create clean publish analyze transform curate govern secure Information Worker Enable any user to find reliable, trusted information needed to do their job IT Pro Surface all information as a service to the organization, while maintaining the right level of control Data Analyst Democratize the broad adoption of advanced analytics to empower businesses discover recommend operationalize Developer Immediate access to the data and services they need to build new services and applications
  18. 18. The protagonists of BI 12.04.14 |18 | Information Worker Data Steward IT - Professional ! Portocheese Portuguese 0110110110!
  19. 19. Self-Service BI Workflow 12.04.14 |19 | Discovery Load Transform Mash Up Analyze Visualize Publish Reuse
  20. 20. 12.04.14 |20 | I need to load data from our ERP, combine it with competitor information and visualize it! Until tomorrow! No chance! I need a requirement spec first and then maybe in 3-4 weeks you can get a draft!
  21. 21. Power BI12.04.14 |21 | BEE-DO! I don’t need my IT-Pro I have Power BI
  22. 22. DEMO Discover > Load > Analyze > Visualize
  23. 23. What you saw §  Discovery, Load, Transform, Mashup of data made easy with Power Query §  Analysis and Visualization: a quick win with Power View §  Publishing in seconds with Power BI Portal on SharePoint 365 and Power BI App 12.04.14 |23 |
  24. 24. MS Self-Service BI Lifecycle Personal Team Enterprise Share Migrate
  25. 25. Power BI12.04.14 |25 | In my Data Steward Role I can share and monitor queries and analysis with the Power BI Data Management Portal
  26. 26. DEMO Publish > Reuse
  27. 27. What you saw §  Reuse queries with Share in Power Query §  Manage data sources in the Data Management Portal 12.04.14 |27 |
  28. 28. MS Self-Service BI Lifecycle Share Personal Team Enterprise Migrate
  29. 29. Power BI 12.04.14 |29 | I am lost!
  30. 30. MS Self-Service BI Lifecycle §  The missing bit: No possibility to scale Power Query! No migration to SSIS like with Power Pivot and Tabular §  The chain is broken §  No possibility to use enterprise data and SSIS in Power BI, really? 12.04.14 |30 |
  31. 31. Power BI12.04.14 |31 | Don’t cry my IT Pro. Ever heard of the Power BI Gateways and SISS Data Streaming Destination?
  32. 32. DEMO SSIS – Streaming Destination & Power BI Gateway
  33. 33. Demo 12.04.14 |33 | CountryMaster Windows Azure Datamarket MDS ERP (SQL) Merge Data Streaming Destination Gateway Power Query ODATA Linked Server
  34. 34. What you saw §  SSIS Package using Enterprise Level Workflows to load data, use masterdata and publish it by the SSIS data streaming destination §  Using Data Management Gateways to connect to on prem Enterprise data §  Reuse it via the Power BI Portal 12.04.14 |34 |
  35. 35. Résumé §  Data Quality, Compliance, Profiling, Data lineage and broader usability on prem should be the next steps here §  There is a gap in the landscape if you need to go from Team to Enterprise, no migration possible §  An “M” to SSIS Scripter or an “M” source in SSIS would close this. This is not easy! §  But: Wait again!!!! We have something for you 12.04.14 |35 |
  36. 36. World premiere in Lisbon! !
  37. 37. DEMO Power Query Data Source
  38. 38. SSIS Refresh Excel Task §  Excel Workbooks with Power Query Sheets can be refreshed and loaded into data flows §  Refreshing Power Query workbooks §  What is is NOT: §  “M” interpreting component! §  Downside: §  Needs Excel installed §  No crosscheck on data security !
  39. 39. Pretty cool, dude! SSIS Refresh Excel Task §  Refresh single or all tables §  Set timer for refreshing time §  Create backup before refresh §  Combining Self-Service and SSIS
  40. 40. DEMO SSIS Refresh Excel Task
  41. 41. Résumé II §  Power BI will help to reduce the backlog of development in BI §  Power BI will enable Information Worker to do much more and faster, which will result in more time for analysis §  Power BI introduces Data Steward capabilities, which will help to manage all these new analysis and data source IWs will create. There is still a lot missing, but a start 12.04.14 |41 |
  42. 42. Thank you! 12.04.14 |42 | For having two German Power BI Geeks here in lovely Lisboa! Hope to see you all soon again! Maybe download the SSIS component from Codeplex and have fun!
  43. 43. Ressources §  Power BI: §  Power Query Free Download (without O365 integration): §  With: §  “M” Documentation: explorer-formulas-HA104003958.aspx#_Toc354841487 §  Data Explorer / Power BI Blog: §  Power Query Online Help: HA104003813.aspx §  Data Publishing Desitination: § 43
  44. 44. Thank you!