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  1. 1. GO MOBILE !Köln | Sept 2012
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSo Mobile Landscapeo Performance Barometero Case Studieso Go Mobile ! 2 SOURCE:
  4. 4. Mobile is not about Phones Mobile is the new PCSOURCE: Asymco 4
  5. 5. SOURCE: KPCB• There is a disproportion between viewership & ad spend• Money follows the eyeballs 5
  6. 6. SOURCE: Cisco• Tablets alone will consume as much traffic in 2016 as all existing mobile devices today• Smartphones will be the most prominent mobile device 6
  8. 8. • The zanox Mobile Performance Barometer is based on: o Transactions from January – July 2012 o Sampling based on 2000+ advertisers o Based on millions of transactions SOURCE: 8
  9. 9. GLOBALCOUNTRY PERFORMANCE SOURCE: • UK & Scandinavia have the highest percentage mobile traffic • Fastest growing countries are NL & Scandinavia 9
  10. 10. GLOBALM-COMMERCE DEVICE PERFORMANCE iPad SOURCE: • iPad is king ! It generates more revenue than both the iPhone and Android combined • Android experiences largest increase in comm/transaction YoY 10
  11. 11. GLOBALM-COMMERCE DEVICE PERFORMANCE iPad • iPad is king ! It generates more revenue than both the iPhone and Android combined • Android experiences largest increase in comm/transaction YoY 11
  12. 12. GLOBALM-COMMERCE DEVICE PERFORMANCE iPad iPhone SOURCE: • Over 53% of all mobile transactions come from the iPad • iPad generated more revenue than the iPhone in July 2011 but it took another four to have more transactions • Android surpassed iPhone in transactions & revenue in March 12
  13. 13. GLOBALINDUSTRY PERFORMANCE SOURCE: • Financial Services has the largest growth in H1 • Retail & Shopping is far and away the largest mobile industry by revenue 13
  14. 14. GLOBALMULTI-CHANNEL PERFORMANCE SOURCE: • iPad out-performs even e-commerce in revenue per transaction • Average m-commerce (smartphone + tablet) revenue per transaction is just below e-commerce 14
  15. 15. GLOBALM-COMMERCE DEVICE PERFORMANCE SOURCE: • Germany, France & Italy are ‘iOS countries’ with 75% of their traffic • Spain & Poland lead Europe in Android transactions over 60% 15
  18. 18. DATING Claim: o Transactions on mobile devices need to be kept simple o Payment walls are a major barrier on mobile devices Facts: o Users spend more time on mobile devices (8+ min/session) o 3.3x more mobile revenue in 2012 o Gap between mobile leads & sales reduced by 23%
  19. 19. TRAVEL Claim: o People use their mobile device when they have an immediate need Facts: o Most mobile transaction happen in less than 8 min compared to 42+ min on desktops o Publishers earn on average 42% more commissions per transactions than on e-commerce o Travel Industry skews heavily towards iOS devices
  20. 20. MOBILE SOLUTION For Publishers: o Access to all mobile advertisers via a single AdCode o Creative optimization give the highest CTRs for both app and mobile sites o Dedicated editor team keeps offers fresh and up-to-date For Advertisers: o Reconnect users with previous or local offers via retargeting and geotargeting o Custom high performing mobile landing pages with high quality traffic
  22. 22. MOBILE SURVEYGLOBAL Mobile Site 15% Neither Tracking 44% 52% Both No Tracking 25% 48% Mobile App 16% SOURCE: • A survey of our Top 200 Advertisers showed the majority (56%) are mobile • Only 52% of the Advertisers with mobile websites implement tracking 22
  23. 23. TRACKING THREATOPPORTUNITY COST OF DOING MOBILE POORLYThe destruction of value when advertisers fail to:• Embrace mobile thus giving users a bad user experience or• Track it correctly effectively stealing traffic from their partners Loss in Publisher commissions in August: 128k EUR Estimated loss of commissions in 2012: 1.7 Million EUR Revenue not attributed to the correct channel: 23 Million EUR
  24. 24. HOW NOT TO DO MOBILEAKA THE OPPORTUNITY COST OF ADVERTISERS FOR DOING MOBILE POORLYeCommerce ≠ mCommerceo Making your m-commerce site the little version of e-commerceo Assuming a mobile user is the same as desktop usero Repurposing your e-commerce creatives for mobileMobile Basicso ‘Wait and see’ how mobile plays itself outo Place additional barriers during a mobile transactiono Mobile websites vs AppsPoor Metrics & KPIso Failing to recognize/realize your mobile traffic sourceso Not embracing social and local with your mobile solution
  25. 25. TIPS FOR PUBLISHERSKnowledgeo Understand what the advertiser means when they have a mobile offer.o Be mindful of user base and their deviceso Mobile loves local and socialTechnologyo Create mobile optimized landing pageso Responsive web design give superior mobile experiences across all deviceso Primary source of mobile innovation is on the publisher side. Embrace new mobile technologies: HTML5, CSS3, apps, m-commerce … 25
  26. 26. THANK YOUTill Goehre Chris LoonanSenior Director Product & Innovation Director of the Mobile/Social 26