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6. Specific Questionnaire


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Eduard Till's specific answers for MCP in AIESEC Romania application.

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6. Specific Questionnaire

  1. 1. 1. Who are you? Why are you standing for MCP of AIESEC in Romania for 2013 Last year I was in front of the national plenary, screaming out loud my dreams– 2014? for AIESEC in Romania. Twice. And I was not selected. Twice. Now I am here again.There are no failures. Just experiences and your reaction to them. I am standing for MCP of AIESEC in Romania because I am aware of the potential ofVarious tests and the people that I’ve worked with define me as a person with a strong AIESEC Romania, the enthusiasm and passion of its members and the importance ofsense of direction, that no matter what happens, will not give up until the end result bringing focus and continuity from one term to another.was reached. We were always labeled as the big elephant in Europe, with a lot of members withWhen I started my AIESEC experience, while the chair of our firs LTS told me that strong know how, but few results on ELD realizations. This should change!! And itpeople like me will do great things for the organization, others said that I will not even started already. Every year we expect the people to bring new, innovative ideas that willbe a member in the next two weeks. I wanted to do something different and someone, totally revolutionize the way we do things, growing the results and reducing thein an international conference said that we, as AIESECers, should take all the workload. I say it’s time to realize that everything we need, we already have it. We haveopportunities that we can get. So I did. I applied for almost all the opportunities that I all the resource needed, all the right strategies. It’s time to put them in practice.could get in every given point of my AIESEC experience. I am Eduard Till, MC VP TM&LCD of AIESEC in Slovakia, former LCP of AIESEC inOne of my first goals was to be a trainer, so I applied as the coordinator of the Local Craiova, current MCP applicant for AIESEC in Romania.Trainers’ Team in Craiova. I was not selected, but I became a trainer, being one of thefirst trainers in AIESEC Craiova to facilitate at international conferences like Planet and 2. How will you, as MCP 2013 – 2014 of AIESEC in Romania, work togetherHighway in Slovakia or ITTTs in Bulgaria. Because of this, my chairing experiences were with the LCPs/MC/BOA Corporate to fulfill the full potential of thein Serbia at their National Planning Meeting and Vienna at the Local Induction organization.Conference with a plenary of people coming from all over the world. Before seeing how we can work to fulfill the potential of the organization, the questionI applied as Vice President Talent Management of my LC, but I was not selected, being arises: What is the potential of AIESEC in Romania?given the chance to step out of my comfort zone as VP Outgoing Exchange. I took thearea having absolutely no functional knowledge and just a few people working along As I mentioned in my previous answer, AIESEC in Romania has ame. I doubled the realizations, created a team and won the X+L award twice on that great potential, given by its membership and the knowledge of What is theterm. Because of that moment of courage, I’ve worked for AIESEC in Romania as its members. These two factors can be channeled to bring an potential ofNational Support Team on OGX and one year later I became the President of AIESEC impact to our stakeholders, from students to companies, fromCraiova. members to alumni. Everybody is expecting a country with AIESEC inAs President, I choose to select a team of challengers, being aware of the risk that it 1,400 members to make its processes efficient and start Romania? showing results. Now!implies. My personality was easily transmitted to them, and I am proud to say that I’veled a team with people ready to take risks and to stand for what they believed in. This is Last year the shift of mindset was created. The country knows that the way to bring anwhy, for the first time, AIESEC in Romania had 4 applicants from Craiova in the MC and impact is throughout our international programs. I’ve spent my last year in a countryin the moment that they were not selected they persevered. Because of this, out of 7 where 1 member delivers 1.4 ELD programs. Following that percentage, Romania canpeople that I’ve led, one is LCP and 5 of us are MC VP abroad. deliver 1950 experiences to our stakeholders. How?
  2. 2. I come from a generation of LCPs that worked together and can be referred to as a team. I know how important is for the LCPs to understand the direction of the country and take ownership on the plan and its delivery. Personally, I will work with the LCPs during the National Planning, using them strategically to create the focuses. Starting with the Vision, all the way to the support strategies, they should be involved in every step, being ready to downscale them to the LC level. Communication is important. Throughout weekly mails, monthly newsletters and common Skypes, the communication channel will be kept open. Open communication and transparency can also be done through periodical sessions of feedback for the MCP and MC team. LCPs Access to a professional working style, by having an external coach that can teach them how to think professionally, how to behave and act and offer them an external perspective. Higher involvement of RoST, by restructuring it to have a team chair and be based on creation and implementation of initiatives. The RoST members should be responsible of different initiatives and have the job to downscale them to the rest of the LCPs. LC Focuses – Facilitating the process that will lead to the understanding their own market and the products that best suit to it so that the LCPs can use the correct strategies that will bring more results. Last, giving them a good example to follow, in terms of responsibility, delivery on promises, values and principles and striving for the goals. Creating an MC team by building the common plan, working rules and setting the right expectations from each other. Team time is important so allocating the proper time to know each other on a personal level Ensure a continuous growth of the country, across generations, by capitalizing on receiving a qualitative and complete transition from the current MC and ensuring an equally qualitative transition for the next MC team. Ensuring continuity by making sure that the MC team and further on the entire country see the essence of what is good from the current term and keep it, and achieve progress without reshaping structures and models completely, but by building upon the current frameworks. MC Focus on planning and doing things ahead of time to ensure the LCs have everything they need in order to perform and further on, establish concretely which are the LC services promised by the MC and making sure they are fulfilled. Personal and professional development of every MC member, by having an external coach for the MC team and also coaching from BOA for each MC member and coaching meeting (once per week) with each MC member to ensure their development is proper. Planning starting from core areas, development of back office and front office strategies in order to support core products and ensure cross-functional cooperation of the MC team. Furthermore, on the same note, focus on fast prototyping and “projectizing” our activities. Creating a Supervisory Group with members of BoA Corporate and BoA Alumni, that will keep the MC accountable, based on their results and will track the implementation of the feedback received from the external bodies. BoA Involve the BoA in giving recommendations and sharing their know-how in terms of corporate strategies that can be applied to AIESEC as well (hypershift).Corporate Approaching BoA with a specific problem or idea, so that members of the BoA can recommend you other companies or people that could help. Having subcommittees within BoA, with a BoA chair and having one MC member responsible of each subcommittee. Making BoA meeting more efficient and with a frequency of one per quarter.
  3. 3. 3. What is the culture that you forecast for Generation 13/14 and give bringing performance and results for the countries that they are part of,concrete actions in order to push the country forward in terms of especially in CEE.performance? If you analyze the direction in which the international association is headed, youWe can push AIESEC Romania towards performance if we as 13/14 generation can see a lot of things like fast prototyping and working with a projectwill foster these two important characteristics: sense of purpose and unity. framework for our national drivers that our country was implementing, months before AIESEC International. I see our generation having a sense of purpose by understanding our role in the current external environment, Considering the context of AIESEC in Romania, the educational system is a low Sense of who we are as an organization and what we stand for. I qualitative one, making the students search for the development opportunities purpose would like to see members striving to offer one life changing that AIESEC has to offer. Adding the large span of foreign languages known and experience instead of perceiving it as one exchange number. I the desire of going abroad in a country close to Romania, our members can be a would like to see living the AIESEC Way in their everyday life. serious competition to development and educational internships, having the added value of bringing a contribution also for the LC that they are headed. Demonstrate unity in terms of collaborations and working together as one entity, striving for the same goal. I picture The classical strategies in which AIESEC in Romania partners with other CEE AIESEC Romania in RYLF 2013, the final milestone, with countries and the constant promotion of international leadership positions are Unity strong GN culture, productive LC to LC collaborations, the most effective ones. members taking advantage of the entire AIESEC network and Additional strategies can be convincing our healthy competition between the LCs. AIESEC in Romania is an members to take internships before the EBAs I mentioned along the application form, I truly believe in the power of experience, using the GCDP incoming important pipeline forexample, and this will be demonstrated also in the actions of my MC. Explaining program to generate GCDP outgoing, highly prepared MC,the purpose of this year and uniting the country to achieve the plan will be main pushing members to participate and NST and EB members,focuses for me and my MC. facilitate at international conferences, using the MC members abroad to realize but also of GCDP EPs4. What do you think is the role of AIESEC in Romania in CEE and how would exchange partnerships that will boost the and GIP EPs on theyou like to drive growth based on that? realizations for both countries and creating Educational sub-pool.For years now, we are talking about AIESEC in Romania as being the big CEEDership opportunities in key strategicelephant in Europe, having a lot of members that are appreciated for their moments.knowledge and good case practices that they can implement. This explains thelarge numbers of Romanians that are present in MCs, NSTs and EBs abroad,
  4. 4. 5. Based on the current state of AIESEC in Ireland and the way of working commission, putting the country more on the map that it already is.implemented in the term 2012 - 2013, propose 3 main directions of working As a strategy to cover the debt to AIESEC International, Ireland must focus onwith Ireland as official extension which you think will bring performance and both GIP programs. Considering the context presented above and this focus,benefits for both entities. Ireland need support with the pipeline for the national teams, know-how andAIESEC Ireland situation is a complicated one, due to the debt to AIESEC Good Case Practices that showcase the impact of AIESEC.International and the cultural factors in the country. Since the re-opening, a All in all, the 3 main directions that AIESEC in Romania and AIESEC in Irelandplan of retribution was made, so that they can pay everything back. Still, AIESEC must cooperate in, being mutually beneficial, are:Ireland cannot accomplish the plan alone, the help of the network beingneeded. Benefits for Benefits for Direction AIESEC in Romania AIESEC in IrelandBecause of their educational system, being a volunteer doesn’t bring the same Exchange partnership TN Realization TN realizationadded value to a student as in Romania. The number of students clubs is big, Creating a partnership on EP Realization EP realizationAIESEC being considered one as well. The students’ focus is finishing the incoming and outgoing for Shorter Matching Shorter Matchinguniversity with good grades and the time spent in AIESEC, especially in a country GCDP and a preferential time timehaving the previous presented issues, can sometimes be an obstacle to that. partnership for GIP. Simple operations Simple operation Google Ireland must be one Income sourceOn the other side, because of their educational system, their students are of the targeted companies.prepared and can be a serious competition to other EPs on the internal GIP Membership development International Know-Howmarket. On the operational level, the MC is servicing all the LCs in a great Because of the membership experience for MC and NSTmajority of processes. pipeline, members from members positions covered The company market is highly developed, Romania can apply in NST or HR on Recruitment Debt to AIESEC thus the potential of signing and realizing MC of AIESEC in Ireland. GCPs on promotion International CEEDership opportunities and Talent Planning GIP internships, with pricings that are higher between the countries can be than in Romania. Because the issues that got developed. Qualitative educational Ireland closed as an AIESEC country, some of ER portfolio partnership More partners in More partners in the system the TN takers and financial supporters have Companies from the NGP of NGP NGP a bad image about our organization and each country can endorse Higher Income Higher Income Company market highly serious efforts were made in order to solve AIESEC as a strong partner developed this issue. for the other country. Ireland, president of the Another thing to mention is that this year, European Commission Ireland will be president of the European