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Mobile Friendly Websites


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This presentation will examine the impact of the growth of mobile/tablet use on web design. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, 2010 mobile data traffic growth rate was higher than anticipated- nearly tripling for the third year in a row. An optimized mobile website for your business is very important. Without a mobile strategy and platform in place for generating and converting mobile customers, you may be leaving leads at the door!

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Mobile Friendly Websites

  2. 2. The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI),predicts global mobile traffic will increase 26-fold between 2010 and 2015.
  3. 3. The average smartphone usagedoubled in 2010 generating 24 timesmore traffic than basic cell phones.
  4. 4. Mobile traffic from tablets is expectedto grow 205-fold, the highest growth rate of any personal device category.
  5. 5. Global trends like a surge in tablet and smartphone purchases and mobile video consumption are driving these traffic increases.
  6. 6. Consumers are connecting, sharing andaccessing the internet from their pockets.
  7. 7. Mobile and tablet usage has impacted web design.More companies are thinking about the mobile device market first and creating mobile friendly websites.
  8. 8. Business owners are changing their web designstrategies and platforms for mobile content first making websites accessible on all devices.
  9. 9. Developers are taking Steve Jobs advice and designing for the mobile community.
  10. 10. Edge is an intuitive tool for creating motion content that runs beautifully on mobile devices and desktop browsers.
  11. 11. Customers are mobile and by 2015 5.6 billiondevices will be connected by mobile networks.
  12. 12. An optimized mobile site that is clean, neat and easy to read is important. This is one of the worst appearing sites period
  13. 13. Mobile friendly websites should be designed keeping the user experience in mind. Delivery is key!
  14. 14. Are you mobile ready? Your customers are already mobile.Test your website with the GoMoMeter.
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