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Different kinds of houses around the world


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Different kinds of houses around the world

  1. 1. Different Kindsof Houses Around the World By: Florence, Milda, Atikah
  2. 2. Igloo0Igloo is a house made by ice block.0We could find Igloos in the Antarctica..0It’s not too big, not too small. Its enough for human to come in.0Its pretty hard to make this type of house because we have to collect the ice block from the surrounding.0It has no doors and windows. But there’s a hole for people to come in.
  3. 3. Bungalow{ A bungalow typically is a detached house.{ Usually, Bungalow is small. Its only about 1000 square feet of interior floor space.{ It has a low-pitched roof, broad eaves and strong horizontal orientation.{ It has three bedrooms.{ A bungalow has a side porch that can serve as an outdoor room.
  4. 4. Yurt3 Yurt could be found in Gobi Dessert in North Asia.3 Mongolia people lives in yurt.2 The Mongolia people made yurt from leather to protect them from cold and hot air.2 Yurt is made up from bamboo/wood.2 The shape of yurt is like a cake.
  5. 5. Bolon House1 Bolon house is a traditional house of Indonesia.1 Bolon house could be found in North Sumatera.1 Batak people lives in Bolon House.1 The roof of Bolon House has a triangular shape.1 Usually Bolon house has a space in the bottom of the house to put their animals, like cows.
  6. 6. Castle{ Castle is one of the biggest kind of houses.{ It was one huge building or two towers that were connected.{ A castle usually owned by rich people, like a kingdom.{ It is made up from bricks.{ Usually, we could find castles in a monarch country.
  7. 7. Pictures…
  8. 8. Our Opinions..{ Atikah: From all of the information above, I prefer to live in a bungalow, because it is not too small and not too big.{ Florence: I will also prefer to live in bungalow because it is cozy.{ Milda: I prefer to live in a yurt because its more on nature.