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Web design trends for 2010


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Can't wait for 2010? Here's a number of web design trends to prepare yourself already. Presentation for Boondoggle & Rabobank Corporate Communications.

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Web design trends for 2010

  1. 2010 corporate Webdesign trends
  2. Tijs Vrolix @tijs on Twitter
  3. So how did we get here? By Detlef C on Flickr
  4. A brief history of the internet in 10 simple slides.
  5. Arpanet
  6. Dial up modem
  7. Early experiments
  8. Browser wars
  9. Ecommerce
  10. Bubble
  11. Search
  12. Content management
  13. Social
  14. Mobile
  15. faster connections hardware shareable search technology design trends increasing screen estate mind widgets, mobile, ... though social end of the desktop monopoly
  16. And how do we proceed? By Simon-K on Flickr
  17. 5 do’s & dont’s for 2010
  18. ob v io us let’s run through the don’ts first
  19. Forget about smiling business people ..
  20. Puzzles ..
  21. Globes ..
  22. Gears ..
  23. Light bulbs ..
  24. and the typical corporate website template, for that matter
  25. 20092010
  26. simplicity subtle gradients shadow to emboss (letterpress) desktop-like user interfaces clean illustrations one page websites minimalism
  27. Clean illustrations
  28. Minimalistic
  29. Less is more
  30. Clean illustrations
  31. Letterpress
  32. Desktop like user interfaces
  33. Modal windows
  34. invisible complexity transparency typography (text replacement) javascript libraries experimental html5/css3
  35. Transparency
  36. Text replacement
  38. Advanced javascript
  39. big type headers footers images call to action everything
  40. Type
  41. Headers are the new splash page
  42. Headers are the new bio
  43. Huge photo
  44. Call to action
  45. a!y dark grunge sketch & hand drawn typography wood magazine layout retro horizontal website think outside the browser
  46. Dark
  47. Grunge
  48. Collage
  49. Magazine
  50. Typography
  51. Wood
  52. Horizontal site
  53. Outside the browser
  54. Outside the browser
  55. bigger picture every page is your homepage social chunks websites are/become part of SN’s think outside the desktop
  56. Social chunks
  57. Large footers
  58. Every page footer is your homepage
  59. webdesign in 2010 is all about .. simplicity invisible complexity big & bold art & creativity the bigger picture
  60. Inspired by Benjamin Moore Cedar Green 2034-40 and Mark Chamberlain
  61. Tijs Vrolix @tijs on Twitter