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Pomodoro in real life


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My Barcamp Ghent (19/12/09) talk on the Pomodoro Technique.

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Pomodoro in real life

  1. Pomodoro in real life Barcamp Ghent – 19/12/2009 – By @tijs
  2. I am Tijs Vrolix @tijs on Twitter Blog at (bits.) Work for NOCUS, Pixelpanic, MetaTale and this new thing called Super Mega Hyper.
  3. Pomodoro is another answer to the multitasking problem. Check my singletasking presentations on Slideshare or try if you haven’t done so already for additional time management tips.
  4. Founded by Francesco Cirillo (1992) Find a way to get rid of distractions and interruptions caused by low levels of concentration and motivation.
  5. Dare yourself Can you? Would you be able to? Pomodoro is all about self observation. ca n you h a n dle th e tr u th?
  6. Remember: time is your ally, not your ennemy
  7. 25 5 Work for 25 minutes. Take a 5 minute break.
  8. 25 5 Long enough to do things. Short enough to resist being distracted.
  9. After 4 pomodoros, take a longer break.
  10. Pomodoro has to ring. It can never be interrupted.
  11. Five steps Planning (in the morning) Tracking (the pomodoro’s) Recording, processing and visualizing (at the end of the day) th is is w h ere th e se lf ob se r v ati on pa rt re a ll y h a pp en s
  12. Johan Stam on Flickr It takes 7 to 20 days to master the technique.
  13. Interruptions are (extremely) evil. Interruption is productivity’s biggest enemy, wrote Jason Fried. It certainly also is Pomodoro’s.
  14. Internal Social networks, food/drinks, ... Often related to a lack of concentration. Record your interruption and add whatever you feel is urgent to your to do inbox.
  15. External Phone calls, colleagues, questions, ... Protect the pomodoro: inform, negociate and reschedule (true emergencies really are rare). The headphones rule: wear your headphones during the pomodoro, take them off during the break.
  16. Tiny tasks You cannot break the pomodoro. Combine tasks when they’re really small ones. Otherwise take time to review and repeat when you’ve got a only a few minutes left.
  17. Breaks make the pomodoro more effective.
  18. Breaks are an essential part of the pomodoro. Although in many (corporate) environments there’s a sort of aversion to breaks. Make them longer when you feel that’s beneficial for your concentration/motivation (don’t fool yourself though).
  19. Tools Pick your favorite. Get yourself a mechanic timer or download one of the many desktop/mobile apps.
  20. Find out more at Download the free ebook or buy the Pomodoro Kit.
  21. Pomodoro in real life Barcamp Ghent – 19/12/2009 – By @tijs