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Olivomio* presentation tijd voor eten 1v2


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Hallo Rinse en Peter,

Hierbij alvast een voorafje voor 15 / 16 mei?

Voorbeeld van samenwerking van stichting Tijd voor Eten en bedrijfsleven aan gezamenlijk doel. Gezond en lekker Eten & drinken op scholen.

Groetjes, hartelijk, Doris

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Olivomio* presentation tijd voor eten 1v2

  1. 1. Olivomio
  2. 2. a healthy food initiative• high quality• lower than retail priced• small family farm producedOrganic olive oilsOrganic olive oil productswith large part of profits going to non-profitprograms educating Dutch children onhealthy & sustainable eating habits
  3. 3. Olivomio website
  4. 4. products• organic olive oils from Europe• mild for baking• well priced for cooking• yummy for tasting cold (salads/dips)• pastes /pesto/olives/sauces/veggies• organic cosmetics• hand cream• body oil• soapolive wood products•olive farm holidays
  5. 5. customers are“members” with the right to:• shop at a reduced price• Free shipping if ordered via web• Pick-up at distribution points• Free tastingsmembers can be end-consumers,offices, restaurant owners … etc,
  6. 6. member aquisitionsocial networking…facebook communitytasting evenings amongst friends….distribution a la “Tupperware”local markets
  7. 7. member communication•newsletter & own recipes• quarterly tastings in larger cities• annual new harvest olive oil sampling• 25% of profits to initiative “TijdvoorEten”
  8. 8. partners – olive oilSommarivaAgrestis &ZambujeraMediterraneoRanieriHigh priceIntense/StrongSmooth/MildLow price
  9. 9. timeline• February – May 2012 – selection suppliers/portfolio• June 2012 – tasting evenings (invite per mail/facebook)• July 2012 – first order based on tastings• August 2012 – product arrives• September 2012 :•first deliveries & launch website/shop• Stands on Zuidermarkt&Kijk op West /Amsterdam• new round of tastings
  10. 10. sponsoring food education:”tijdvooreten”•financieel: sponsoring met 25% van inkomstenOlivomio•Olivomioproducten for initiatieve• Co-promotie op•website• tastings•markten•beursen•alleanderepers