Recipes from Turkey


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Recipes from Turkey

  1. 1. Breakfast
  2. 2. <ul><li>A typical Turkish breakfast consists of cheese ( beyaz peynir , kaşar etc.), butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, reçel (jam/marmalade; a preserve of whole fruits) and honey usually consumed on top of kaymak . Sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage), pastırma , börek , simit , poğaça and even soups can be taken as a morning meal in TurkeyInvariably, black tea is served at breakfast. The Turkish word for breakfast, kahvaltı , means &quot;before coffee&quot; ( kahve , 'coffee'; altı , 'under') </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>Eggplant (Turkish: patlıcan) has a special place in the Turkish cuisine. It is combined with minced meat in karnıyarık .. In a large number of mezes , side-dishes, and main courses -such as şakşuka , patlıcan salatası (&quot;eggplant salad&quot;, an eggplant purée/dip), patlıcan dolma (&quot;filled eggplant&quot;), hünkâr beğendi (eggplant purée prepared with cheese and traditionally served with lamb stew), imam bayildi , and musakka - eggplant is the major element </li></ul>
  4. 4. Soup <ul><li>A Turkish meal usually starts with a thin soup ( çorba ). Soups are usually named after their main ingredient, the most common types being lentil , yoghurt, or wheat (often mashed) called lentil Soup and tarhana Soup . İşkembe soup and paça Soup , although the latter also used to be consumed as a nutritious winter meal. Before the popularisation of the typical Turkish breakfast, soup was the default morning meal for some people. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Soup Soup made with tarhana Tripe soup Lentil
  6. 6. Pastries Turkish cuisine has a range of savoury and sweet pastries. Dough based specialities form an integral part of traditional Turkish cuisine. The combination of domed metal sac and oklahu/oklava (the Turkish rod-style rolling pin) enabled the invention of the layered dough style used in börek (especially in su böreği , or 'water pastry' , a salty baklava-like pastry with cheese filling), güllaç and baklava . ]
  7. 7. Pastries Sigara börek is generally prepared with different kinds of cheese. Börek is the general name for salty pastries made with yufka (phyllo dough), which consists of very thin layers of dough. Su böreği , made with boiled yufka / phyllo layers, cheese and parsley, is the most frequently eaten. Çiğ börek (also known as Tatar böreği ) is fried and stuffed with minced meat.
  8. 8. Pastries Kol böreği is another well-known type of börek that takes its name from its shape, as do fincan (coffee cup), muska (talisman), Gül böreği (rose) or Sigara böreği (cigarette). Other traditional Turkish böreks include Poğaça is the label name for dough based salty pastries. Likewise çörek is another label name used for both sweet and salty pastries.
  9. 9. Pastries Tableside preparation of gözleme in a restaurant near Antalya Gözleme is a food typical in rural areas, made of lavash bread or phyllo dough folded around a variety of fillings such as spinach, cheese and parsley, minced meat or potatoes and cooked on a large griddle (traditionally sac ).
  10. 10. Pastries Lahmacun ready to be served. Lahmacun (meaning dough with meat in Arabic) is a thin flatbread covered with a layer of spiced minced meat, tomato, pepper, onion or garlic.
  11. 11. Pilaf and pasta Mantı with yoghurt and garlic, spiced with red pepper powder and melted butter. Pilaf : steamed rice dish often with meat, shellfish, or vegetables in a seasoned broth
  12. 12. Dolma and sarma Dolma is a verbal noun of the Turkish verb dolmak 'to be stuffed(or filled)', and means simply 'stuffed thing'. Dolma has a special place in Turkish cuisine. It can be eaten either as a meze or a main dish. It can be cooked either as a vegetable dish or meat dish. If a meat mixture is put in, it is usually served hot with yoghurt and spices such as oregano and red pepper powder with oil. Sarma. Turkish style yaprak sarma .
  13. 13. Meat and Fish <ul><li>Turkey is surrounded by seas which contain a large variety of fish. Fish are grilled, fried or cooked slowly by the buğulama (poaching) method. Buğulama is fish with lemon and parsley, covered while cooking so that it will be cooked with steam. In the Black Sea region, fish are usually fried with thick corn flour). Fish is also cooked in salt or in dough in In Istanbul 's Eminönü and other coastal districts, grilled fish served in bread with tomatoes, herbs and onion is a popular fast food. In the inner parts of Turkey, trout alabalık is common as it is the main type of freshwater fish. Popular seafood mezes include stuffed mussels, fried mussels and fried kalamar with tarator sauce. </li></ul><ul><li>Popular sea fishes in Turkey include: anchovy hamsi , bonito palamut , gilt-head bream çupra or çipura , sea bass levrek , turbot kalkan , red pandora mercan , tırança , istavrit and white grouper lagos </li></ul>
  14. 14. Fish L evrek H amsi
  15. 15. Kebabs Tandır kebabı * meat roasted in an oven in the ground. Adana kebap is served especially around Adana Iskender kebab served in Bursa
  16. 16. Kebabs Şiş Kebap ( şiş , pronounced &quot;shish&quot;, means &quot;skewer&quot; in Turkish) consists of marinated chicken or lamb meat. Meat on skewers are grilled over an open fire. Although many kinds of meat is consumed, lamb from milk-fed lambs is especially favored ] Döner meat is being sliced
  17. 17. Desserts <ul><li>Although carrying the label &quot;kadayıf&quot;, ekmek kadayıfı is totally different from &quot;tel kadayıf&quot; (see [1] ). Künefe and ekmek kadayıfı are rich in syrup and butter, and are usually served with kaymak (clotted/scrambled butter). Künefe contains wire kadayıf with a layer of melted cheese in between and it is served hot with pistachio or walnut. </li></ul><ul><li>Kadaif ('Kadayıf') is a common Turkish dessert that employs shredded yufka. There are different types of kadaif : tel (wire) or Burma (wring) kadayıf, both of which can be prepared with either walnut or pistachio. </li></ul>K ünefe
  18. 18. Desserts Among milk-based desserts, the most popular ones are muhallebi , su muhallebisi , sütlaç (rice pudding), keşkül , kazandibi (meaning the bottom of &quot;kazan&quot; because of its burnt surface), and tavuk göğsü (a sweet, gelatinous, milk pudding dessert quite similar to kazandibi, to which very thinly peeled chicken breast is added to give a chewy texture Helva (halva): un helvası (flour helva is usually cooked after someone has died), irmik helvası (cooked with semolina and pine nuts), , tahin helvası (crushed sesame seeds), , pişmaniye (floss halva). sütlaç helva
  19. 19. Desserts güllaç Güllaç is a &quot;Ramadan&quot; dessert which consists of very thin large dough layers put in the milk and rose water, served with pomegranate seeds and walnut. The story tells that in the cuisines of the Palace, those extra thin dough layers were prepared with &quot;prayers&quot; as it was believed that if one did not pray while opening phyllo dough, it would never be possible to obtain such thin layers. Aşure can be described as a sweet soup containing boiled beans, wheat and dried fruits. Sometimes cinnamon and rose water is added when being served. According to legend, it was first cooked on Noah's Ark and contained seven different ingredients in one dish. All the Anatolian peoples have cooked and are still cooking aşure especially during the month of Muharrem. Aşure
  20. 20. Desserts Baklava is prepared on large trays and cut into a variety of shapes A display of Turkish delight in Istanbul One of the world-renowned desserts of Turkish cuisine is baklava . Baklava is made either with pistachio or walnut.. Other popular desserts include; Revani (with semolina and starch), şekerpare , kalburabasma , dilber dudağı , vezir parmağı , kemalpaşa , tulumba , zerde , höşmerim , irmik tatlısı/peltesi , lokma
  21. 21. <ul><li>Lokum ( Turkish delight ), which was eaten for digestion after meals and called &quot;rahat hulkum&quot; in the Ottoman era, is another well-known sweet/candy with a range of varieties. </li></ul>Desserts There are also several types of ice creams based salep powder or Cornstarch with Rose water such as Dondurma (Turkish gum ice cream), dried fruit ice cream, ice cream rose petals.
  22. 22. <ul><li>And Turkish coffee </li></ul>