Interesting Places in Finland


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Interesting Places in Finland

  1. 1. Interesting Places in Finland Oriveden Keskuskoulu Class 6b
  2. 2. Ahvenanmaa - Aland Finnish Archipelago
  3. 3. General facts• Autonomous county in Finland• About 28 000 people• Governmental center in Mariehamn• 91,2 % Swedish, 5,0 % Finnish and 3,8 % other languagesNature• Abundant coniferous forest• Groves and meadows are typical
  4. 4. Teemu Selänne Jari Kurri Finnish Ice Hockey Museum The Finnish hockey hall of fame is one of the six museums in the world that have specialized in the history of the ice hockey. Mikael Granlund S.koivu Lehtinen jaPeltonen
  5. 5. The history of the Finnish ice hockey from the end of the 1920s up to today is introduced in the permanent exhibition of the museum.The best-known exhibitionobjects are the Finnishchampions trophy, the CanadaTrophy and the worldChampions Trophy from 1995.
  6. 6. s Halti is the highest fell in Finland, at 1,324 meters above sea level, and thus the highest point in the country.
  7. 7. Halti fell is located in themunicipality of Enontekiö inthe province of Lappland atthe border between Finlandand Norway. Halti is a beautiful fell in the Lappland.
  8. 8. HEUREKAFinnish Science CenterIt was built 1988Opening ceremony 28.4.1989
  9. 9. EXHIBITIONS- Heureka classics- Main exhibition- Coin’s path- Sciene park- Stone park BASKETBALL RATS- Science change’s the world- Murder in Heureka They are trained to put the ball into basket. Then their trainer give them- Science with planets reward.- Intelligent traffic
  10. 10. KORKEASAARIThe Zoo is on a rocky island in front of Helsinki.
  11. 11. Zoo AnimalsZoo animals from Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, South Americaand North America
  12. 12. • Lapland is the lapland northernmost region in Finland. • Lapland in Finland, Russia, Swedish and Norway. • Lapland is the largest county in Finland. • Lapland is beautiful area.Country: FinlandCapital: RovaniemiArea: 98,984 square kmPopulation: 184,000
  13. 13. Lapland´s animalsreindeer Siberian jay rabbitNorway lemming wolf
  14. 14. Linnanmäki – Amusement park• Linnanmäki is an • Linnanmäki´s oldest rides are amusement park in Helsinki. the rollercoaster and ferris wheel.• Linnanmäki was founded 1950. • They were built in 1951• Linnanmäki has two • Linnanmäki has today 40 rides. restaurants
  15. 15. SEA LIFE in LinnanmäkiSEA LIFE is the life under water park.SEA LIFE was founded in Linnanmäki in 2002.There are SEA LIFE exhibitions in Finland, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Belgium, USA, France, Italy, Holland, Denmark and Portugal.
  16. 16. Moomin WorldMoomin World is a popular tourist attraction in south-westFinland. In the year of 2006 there were 281 402 visitors.
  17. 17. • Moomin World was founded in1993• Moomin World´s sights are Moomin House, Emma Theatre and Nyyti Path• In Moomin World you can see people who live in Moominvalley.• Moomin World is in Naantali, on the island of Kailo and you can go there on a 250 meters long pontoon bridge from Naantali´s old town.
  18. 18. SANTA PARKLocation: Finland,Rovaniemi, Arctic CircleSanta Claus’s home caveBuilt inside a rockOpened 28.11.1998 Santa Claus and elfs Santa Claus gives presents to kind kids at Christmas Elfs watch who is kind and who isn’t ... and then he tells that to Santa Claus Santa Claus lives in Santa Park
  19. 19. Santa Park- In Santa Park you can see Santa Claus and cookie grandma and elfs- Place fits adults and children- You can find out about Lapland’s culture Ice gallery - There are scuptures made of ice - Ice princess shows ice scuptures
  20. 20. Finnish Sauna For Finnish people the sauna is a place to relax in with friends and family. It’s a place for physical and mental relaxation. Finns think of saunas not as a luxury, but as a necessity.
  21. 21. Different kinds of saunasSmoke sauna- Is one of the first forms of sauna- No chimney Electric stove sauna - Nowadays the most common sauna type - The stones are heated up and kept on temperature using elementsContinuous fire sauna- It’s a relatively recent invention- Stones are placed in a compartment directly above the firebox.
  22. 22. Suomenlinna Finnish Fortress Basic information: •Consists of eight islands •Area: 2,10 square miles •Population: 798•Suomenlinna is situated in frontof Helsinki.•Its construction started in 1748.
  23. 23. • Its cultural value, is highly significant.• Its a strong part of Helsinki’s identity.• Suomenlinna is one of Finland’s most popular tourist destinations• Each year there are hundreds of thousands visitors to the island. • Finnish Fortress hosts many conserts and cultural events. • On the islands there are a wide range of cafes and restaurants.
  24. 24. Särkänniemi - Amusement ParkHistory• Troika was the first ride on Särkänniemi• Särkänniemi was opened 1975• Särkänniemi have today 35 rides
  25. 25. Yyteri Beach • You can play many games in Yyteri • Including: golf, horse riding, beach volleyballand surfing• About 6 kilometers long• It is a good swimming place
  26. 26. Yyteri is located in Sea Pori, FinlandYyteri spa• There is a pool for kids, a 17 meters long pool, a water slide, a cold pool and a outdoor pool