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Famous People from Turkey


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Published in: Education
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Famous People from Turkey

  1. 1. lets meet some famous Turks!!
  2. 4. MANGA is an alternative rock group. Its members are Ferman Akgül,Yağmur Sarıgül,Cem Bahtiyar,Özgür Can Öney,Efe Yılmaz. They will represent Turkey in 2010 Eurovision in Oslo-the capital of Norway-with their English song “We Could Be The Same”. They became a group in 2001. They have many awards. They were the best singers in 2009 MTV Music Awards. Their first composition,Kal Benimle(Stay With Me) was the second in ‘ Sİng Your Song ‘ competition in 2002.
  3. 5. FAZIL SAY
  4. 6. Fazıl SAY is a pianist and a composer. He was born in 14th January in 1970. He finished conservatuar in 1987 and won the German scholarship of DAAD and went to this country. He was the student of David Levine(an American pianist) in Dusseldorf Music High School. Some of his compositions: Prelüdler-1986 İpekyolu-1989 Üç Masal-1992 Caz Fantazileri-1994 Senfoni Konçertant for piano and a big orchestra-1993
  5. 7. Some of his albums: *Wofgang Amadeus Mozart- Warner Music France *Fazıl Say- Troppenote Recordings *George Gershwin- Teldec Classics International *Johann Sebastian Bach, Teldec Classics International *Peter Ilyich Tchaikovski, Teldec Classics International *Franz Liszt
  6. 8. His awards: European Union Piano Competition, 1991 Radio France/Beracasa Vakfi Ödülü, 1995 Paul A. Fish Vakfı Award, 1995 Boston Metamorphosen Orkestrası Vocal Award, 1995 Maurice Clairmont Vakfı Award, 1995 Telerama Award, 1998, 2001 RTL Televison Awards, 1998 Le Monde de la Musique Award, 2000 Diapason d’Or ( Golden Record ) Award, 2000 Classica Awards, 2000 Le Monde Awards, 2000 Avusturya Radio-TV Award, 2001 Deutsche Phono Akademie ECHO Award, 2001
  8. 11. Mehmet OKUR is a professional basketball player. He was born in 1979 in Yalova. He is 2.11 m tall. He started basketball at the age of 14. His career started in Oyak Renault sports club between 1997-2000. Then in Tofaş Sports Club he had many succeeses. Then his NBA career started in Detroit Pistons in 2002.
  9. 12. In his second session he was one of the bests in the team.That season they were the champions.So he became the first Turk who has played in NBA and has won a cup. After the championship,he started to play in Utah Jazz with a high salary for 6 years. He is the first Turk basketballer who played in All-Star and the tenth in Utah Jazz. He has the record of his career with 43 baskets in Indiana Pacers match.
  10. 13. ÖMER SEYFETTiN
  11. 14. Ömer Seyfettin is a famous short story writer. He was born in Gönen in 1884. After military service he settled in Salonika and established the magazine,Genç Kalemler (Young Pencils) He was also an offcier in military. But later he resigned and began to earn money from writing and literature teaching. He was one of the founders of nationalist trend in Turkish literature. He had the principles to write clear and fluent and to write without the Persian and Arabic words.He simplified the Turkish from Arabic and Persian words which are common that time.
  12. 15. He showed the realistic aspect of life and people. His mostly used word is “cancağızım”(my dear) His themes are among daily life events and sometimes Turkish history. In addition to his novels he wrote some supplementary books suc as Ilyada published by the Ministry of National Education Some of his works: İlk Düşen Ak Efruz Bey Yalnız Efe Başını Vermeyen Şehit Bomba Hürriyet Bayrakları Gizli Mabet Yüksek Ökçeler