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Christmas Menus from Different R.E.L.L.E. Countries - Comenius Project


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Christmas Menus from Different R.E.L.L.E. Countries - Comenius Project

  1. 1. English Christmas Dinner Starter Soup or Smoked Salmon Main Meal Turkey and cranberry sauce Sprouts, Carrots, and peas Stuffing Gravy Roast potatoes and parsnips Dessert Christmas pudding and custard/cream Trifle Mince pies Cheese and biscuits Traditional Drinks Champagne By Lynda, Sara and Victoria – Year 6
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  7. 7. 25 th December 2009 Little rotisserie, Petole, Canapè, Olive, Pieces of toast Italian Hors-d’oeuvre Cured raw beef with sliver of parmesan and e rocket Cocktail of shrimps in pink sauce ******** Tortellini in chicken broth Lasagne ********* Veal roast-beef with potatoes and salad Fried artichokes, Barbecued Mushrooms cardoncelli, Fried Lampascioni Barbecued Courgettes and Aubergines Assortment of Cheese Cottage cheese with marmalade ******* Salad fruit Dried fruit: walnuts, almonds, chestnuts and hazelnuts Dried figs with almonds ********* Panettone, Traditional cakes Italian sparkling wine Coffee espresso  
  8. 8. 1. Kutia 2. Carp in gelly 3. greek fish 4. Pickled Herring 5. Herring in cream 6. vegetable Salad 7. Pierogi with Potato Filling 8. Pierogi 9. Borsch 10. Uszka 11. Noodle with poppy seed 12. Dried Fruit Compot Natalie Szwarc kl. Vb Source: 1
  9. 9. Potrawy wigilijne w Polsce – Christams Eve dishes in Poland Barszcz czerwony-red borsch Zupa grzybowa-muschroom soup 2
  10. 10. Kapusta z grzybami-cabbage with muschrooms Karp w szarym sosie- Carp in grey sauce Kutia –kutia 3
  11. 11. makowiec – poppy-seed cake pierniczki kruche – crusty gingerbread 4
  12. 12. Pstr g w migdałach – trout in almonds Sernik –cheese-cake 5
  13. 13. CEIA DE NATAL Christmas “CEIA” - Time: Depois da missa do Galo After the midnight mass Cerca da 1h da manhã Around 1 o´clock in the morning  Sopa - Soup,  Pão com chouriço - Bread baked with chorizo  Queijos - Cheese,  Carnes fritas - Fried meat,  Rabanadas - Strips,  Filhós - Donut,  Azevias - Flounder,  Rice pudding,  Sonhos de abóbora - Pumpkin dreams,  Bolo Rei - King cake.
  14. 14. Jantar de Natal – Christmas Dinner “Consoada” Horário: 20 horas – Time: 8 pm Main course:  Couves cozidas com bacalhau e ovos, tudo bem regado com azeite.  Cabbage cooked with cod and eggsall washed down with olive oil.  Fatias de lombo com amêijoas ou porco frito com laranja.  Loin slices with clams or fried pork with orange.  Alhada de cação, a canja de galinha, as migas de bacalhau e os enchidos de carne  “Alhada” dogfish, chicken soup, the mashed cod and sausage meat Deserts:  Arroz doce - sweet rice  Filhós, sonhos e borrachões - Fritters, “dreams” and borrachões  Fatias douradas  Lampreia de ovos - lamprey eggs
  15. 15.  Pão de rala - bread thin  Nógados - nougats  Fritos de abóbora - fried pumpkin  Pastéis de grão - bean pies UM SANTO NATAL! A HOLY CHRISTMAS!
  16. 16. Feliz Natal Merry Christmas Buon Natale Ementa Tradicional Alentejana - Portugal Menu Traditional Alentejo Jantar de Natal Christmas Dinner Mutlu Noeller Crãciun Fericit Wesolych Swiat Hyvaa joulua EB1/ JI Bairro Novo Agrupamento de Escolas de Campo Maior, Dezembro de 2009, Sala 5 Class 5 Horário: Entre as 19 horas e as 20 horas Time: Between 7 and 8 pm Prato de Peixe: Dish Fish: - Bacalhau Cozido -Boiled codfish (cooked) (Acompanhamento: Couves, batatas, cenouras e ovos cozidos) (With: cabbage, potatoes, carrots and boiled eggs) - Fruta Variada - Varied Fruit - Arroz Doce - Sweet Rice
  17. 17. Ementa de Natal Alentejana Almoço de Natal - 25 de Dezembro Prato Principal Bacalhau cozido, com batatas cozidas e couves Alhada de Cação Sobremesa Fatias de ovo Azevias Arroz doce Christmas Menu from Alentejo Christmas Lunch – 25 December Main Course Boiled Codfish with boiled potatoes and cabbage. Garlic stew of ictiol shark Deserts “Sonhos” Slices of bread soaked in egg and fried Azevias Sweet rice
  18. 18. Traditional Scottish Christmas Menu Starters Melon Prawn cocktail Scotch broth Main Course Turkey or ham Sausages wrapped in bacon Sage and onion stuffing Roast potatoes Mashed potatoes Turnips Carrots Brussel sprouts Cranberry sauce Gravy Pudding Christmas pudding with brandy butter Trifle Mince pies