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ZESTIMATE For My House Performed By Humans | Not Zillow. . .


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ZESTIMATE For My House Performed By Humans | Not Zillow

If you are thinking in selling your home in Maryland, DC or Virginia.. I hope you can use these tips coming from my experience in selling homes from over 22 years in real estate will assist you in making the right decision.

To begin with, you need an accurate value of your home
Your decision to sell or not to sell may lie on how much you will net from teh sale of your home....shouldn't you seek for teh most accurate home value instead of going to Zillow and getting a Zestimate that maybe off as much as 20%? .

The Internet has truly leveled the playing field for private home sellers. It's never been easier to find a buyer for your house.
Deciding to sell your home can be confusing, stressful and depressing all at about the same time. Selling it on your own you can double that anxiety unless you have a plan. Help ease some of those reactions by doing your homework before you make that life altering decision to move.

These tips are here to help you in the process in selling your home.
I have spent over 22 years in the real estate industry and for a great deal of that time I helped people sell their own homes. I'm a broker and owner for my own company. Of course I'm hoping that you will see the value of my services should you want to explore the use of a professional to help you sell.

Funny thing about real estate, it's the most expensive investment many people will ever make in a lifetime and everyone thinks they're an expert in the field because they own a home. This over confidence has humbled many potential for sale by owners. .and possibly cost them thousands of dollars.

Most people these days would like to at least try and save the high real estate fees associated with selling through a realtor. In fact nearly 25% of home sellers try to sell privately at least for a couple weeks. The sad fact that only 16% of FSBO's are successful. .the other 84% are forced in accepting their mistakes and call for help
When selling on your own
You need professional counsel on the legalities of your sale from a professional . You also need to have your home looking top notch and staged so it appeals to the masses. You can find information online for excellent ideas on improving your homes appearance and you will net more profit from the sale as a result. Again after speaking to your lawyer and mortgage lender for legal and mortgage details, everything else can virtually be found on the Internet to make your sale easy.

Let's talk about marketing your home and attracting buyers. You can go cheap on this
Is the key in being successful or a failure.
Depending on the value of your home and assuming you've set your price you'll need to decide on who would be your target market. If you're selling an average size, affordable family home..then your marketing should match that . .if you re sel

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ZESTIMATE For My House Performed By Humans | Not Zillow. . .