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Home Selling Tips: How To Hire The Right Agent To Sell Your Home


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Home Selling Tips: How To Hire The Right Agent To Sell Your Home

Hello, my name is Fernando Herboso and as a Real Estate Investor, Broker, Listing Specialist and Owner of a local Real Estate Company, I’m here to tell you today that real estate is going through a major shift on the way people sell homes today.

There’s no such thing as “Luck” in Real Estate anymore.
You sell it high if you’ve prepared well. .
You sell it low, or not sell at all, if you commit the following mistakes:
The year is 2005. That was the last year when anyone could sell their home at any time and make thousands of dollars in profit …in a matter of a few months.

Those were the good old days in real estate. .
Not anymore!
Even though today’s interest rates does make it easier than ever to buy a home, times have changed. The vast majority of the population has little or no credit at all… they may wish they could buy, but renting is their only option until they straighten out their credit.
The few buyers out there, are becoming more and more sophisticated. They’re more careful and discriminating in what they buy . . . and of course they’re also more skeptical.
Today, they have all the information imaginable available by using the Internet
A few years back, Buyers relied on real estate agents for information. . Not anymore.
No question about it, buyers nowadays are smart and have all the information…you can’t put the wool over their eyes…in another words, the “easy sell” days are definitely over.
Trying to Sell a Home Today Using Old Antiquated pre-2005 Marketing Techniques And You Could End up Losing Thousands of Dollars. .
Not to mention the enormous amount of time wasted learning that you’ve made a terrible mistake…as your house sits unsold!
So what are the most common mistakes to avoid?
The MLS is littered with sellers losing money from their precious equity. . I see this every day, they are losing precious time as their houses remain unsold collecting “days on market” to their records. 100, 150, 200 days on the market and not one single offer!
Here are the mistakes you must avoid and refuse to follow their flaw footsteps:

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Home Selling Tips: How To Hire The Right Agent To Sell Your Home

  1. 1. HOMESELLINGTips “Finding The Right Agent is Paramount FOR HOMESELLERS ”
  2. 2. The information delivered by your neighborhood real estate agent in the past is now available on the internet. You no longer need agents for information regarding which homes are for sale or what houses in your neighborhood sell for. You can easily find that information online. Information itself is no longer what you need from your real estate professional. ….but, you still need someone to deliver a thoughtful analysis of this information. .that applies to your case assuring you of maximum results YOUR AGENT MATTERS
  3. 3. YOUR AGENT MATTERS In other words. . . information in a sense Is by itself essentially useless to you. . But, what’s truly important is being able to understand, comprehend, analyze, and use the information for the best possible outcome. And that’s what a real estate professional’s job has become! Theartofbeingwiseisnotknowingwhateverything youmustdobut, knowing..whentoaskforhelp…andstandoutoftheway
  6. 6. YOUR AGENT MATTERS This is why you should hire the best possible Real Estate Agent out there. Avoid emotional hiring. . . Is all business and your decision….. DETERMINES THE OUTCOME As the seller. . .you have to own this decision
  7. 7. EXPOSING THE TRUTH! ABOUT EXPERIENCE OVER 78% of Agents Have LESS THAN 2 SALES PER YEAR! ABOUTTHEPRICE Silence or being unaware hurts the chances of YOU GETTING TOP VALUE ABOUTTHEMARKETINGPLAN Most agents subscribe under the 3 P’s System Put a sign – Put into the MLS – Pray it sells ABOUTTHEIRLISTINGS Tip: Some agents without listings advertise other agent's listings at their own company REAL ESTATE AGENT Top Four Lies Told By Agents Looking to List Your Home HONESTY& COMPASSION - Integrity To Create Trust
  8. 8. Maryland DC & Virginia Thank You Fernando Herboso 301-246-0001