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bank of america short sales real estate agents


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bank of america short sales real estate agents

  1. 1. What you should do first before a short sale with Bank of America? Considering a short sale in Maryland with Bnak of America? -- Before proceeding with this idea, you should know about the steps you must take first. .
  2. 2. Have you tried a loan modification? Have you contacted your lender? What are your lenders policies? Is the difficult situation you currently in just temporary? Have you consider renting your house? What about a loan workout? Do you understand what a deed in lieu of a foreclosure is?
  3. 3. There are many steps you must take before you venture in a short sale. The most important one is to be fully aware of all your options at any given moment. Call 301-246-0001 for a FREE Consultation With A Bank Of America Short Sales Specialist