Contemporary Chic


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Art Deco Earrings. Discover the beauty and glamour of art deco jewelry.

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Contemporary Chic

  1. 1. ==== ====Looking For Art Deco Style Drop Earrings? Check these out: ====As Ferris Bueller famously said in the movie of the same name, life moves fast. These days,Ferris proclamation certainly rings true. Life in this millennium moves faster than ever. We movelike robots, getting up in the morning before the sun rises to fit in a quick workout at the gym, thenmoving on to the office to get a full days work in. Maybe well squeeze in a lunch date, or run to aPilates class when we get a second. After that, its the long commute home, or the quick drive tothe grocery store to pick up dinner. Were dropping the kids off at ballet and picking them up atsoccer; were running to catch a movie with our spouses and grabbing dinner with the girls. Nomatter what you do for work, chances are, your life is passing you by. Its moving too fast, and youcant seem to catch your breath. Our technological advances only exacerbate societys freneticpace, as smart phones proliferate our pockets, beeping and buzzing all day long. Our calendarsare set, and our phones are constantly reminding us weve got places to be. Because were sooverwhelmed, weve begun to rely almost completely on technology to remind us of our priorarrangements, of the things weve agreed to do and the people weve planned to see.Feeling overwhelmed? Youre not the only one taking deep breaths in traffic and hoping that adaily bout of meditation will help get your life back on track. But what if the answer was simplerthan we realize? What if all it took to get back on track was to step away from the computers, fromthe cell phones, from the iPads and iPods. What if the answer lay in our ability to unplug andunwind? What if it was as simple as buying a new watch? It sounds crazy, doesnt it? Buyingsomething else? Whats that going to do, besides bring the economy up a little bit and add to ourcredit card bill? Think of it this way - a watch is your first step towards simplification. Its the firststep towards getting yourself back. Were all able to step back if were willing. We simply need totake the plunge.Day one of watch wearing, and you realize you dont necessarily need to pull out your phone tocheck the time. Youve got a watch on your wrist to accomplish that task. So your phone stays inyour pocket, on silent - without the buzzing, the reminders, the annoyances of technology putting abug in your ear. Less time with the phone means more time for yourself. Those emails can gounanswered. The world isnt going to stop if you dont check your text messages - and thatdoctors appointment? You can remember it, even without your smart phone reminding you of thedate. Your own mind is better than you remember.So, ready to take the plunge? The Pulsar Womens Two-Tone Stainless Steel Watch is a greatbuy thats chic and stylish, and wont break the bank. Blending timeless fashion and modern style,this functional timepiece exhibits a bold, funky style reminiscent of Art Deco architecture. With asilver tone stainless steel case that features gold tone accents encompassing the dial, this is agreat watch that is sure to set your style apart from the rest. The diamond-shaped white dial onthis watch features gold-tone hands and hour makers, and operates via Japanese quartzmovement, ensuring that your watch will stand the test of time. This mixed metal piece is perfect
  2. 2. for the trendsetters, as mixed metals are a great trend right now, both on the runway and on thestreet.Love solid gold? Youre going to love the Pulsar Womens Brushed and Polished Gold-ToneStainless Steel watch. A beautiful, shiny, sparkling piece, this classic watch is at once timelessand trendy. A stainless steel case covered in gold encompasses a white dial, and a wavy braceletadds a sophisticated touch to even the most boring of outfits. The dial features gold-tone handsand hour markers, and operates via Japanese quartz movement. The waved links in the braceletset this style apart from the others, mimicking the waters of the ocean, in constant flux. Thisbeautiful timepiece also comes in stainless steel and silver, so whatever your penchant, theres aPulsar for you.Looking for a great timepiece thats both functional and stylish? Hoping it wont break the bank?Pulsar watches are a great way to get a contemporary chic look without splurging and spendingyour entire paycheck in one month. These beautiful watches do double duty, offering bothbeautiful form and impeccable function. Get the most out of your purchase with a Pulsar watchthats sure to turn heads.Andy Wilburn is a freelance writer who writes about jewelry including Pulsar watches.Article Source: ====Looking For Art Deco Style Drop Earrings? Check these out: ====