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Art Deco Mania


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Art Deco Earrings. Discover the beauty and glamour of art deco jewelry.

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Art Deco Mania

  1. 1. ==== ====Looking For Art Deco Style Drop Earrings? Check these out: ====Well.... Art Deco mania has hit hard and those of you that have been lucky enough to view the eyecandy at South Beach, Miami know that if we could shrink any of those gorgeous Art Deco hotelsand put them on a fringy black ribbon, we would have a sensational necklace! Oh wait a minute,Lanvin has already done that for their fantastic 2008 fall runway show!Art Deco was a design movement that was a big reaction to the earlier Art Nouveau style whichwas curvy, natural, flowing and floral. Deco reigned from 1925 to 1939 and affected everything inthe visual art world. Think of the old movie theatre interiors with geometric stacked designs, frozenwaterfalls, modernistic shapes. Egyptian, African, Aztec Mexican abstract designs meet MachineAge. I love this wonderful design period that used bright colors, clean lines, and ethnic influences.Art Deco was considered elegant and stylishly modern and architecture wasnt the only place itaffected. Graphic arts (you know those great posters from the 20ies), painting (think cubism) andindustry (aviation, ocean liners, skyscrapers, even radios) were all showing that we had entered anew modern age and it was hip to be square....and rectangular and circular!Art Deco Jewelry said" bye bye "to the vine inspired shapes of the turn of the century and" hellobaby" to the elegant modern look of the Deco period. Rhinestones formed into stacked skyscrapershapes, circles on squares, stainless steel, chevron patterns and sunburst patterns were popularon earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Pins were worn on cloche (helmet shaped) hats, shouldersand belts.Women had just gotten the vote and wanted to show off their new found freedoms so stylesreflected this. Waistlines dropped, hemlines were raised, bathing suits were born, and ropes ofpearls were popular . Young women drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes from long holders, began togo to college, entered the workplace, showed their sexuality, wore makeup, got their hair bobbed,bared their legs, adopted a boyish, androgynous look and danced the night away at Jazz clubs.Red lips, white faces, black rimmed eyes presented a startling new look. Even the older ladiesfollowed the younger gals in this new modern style. This is when the French couture houses ofLanvin, Chanel and Cartier were launched and still have a huge influence in todays styles.Listen to a little Cole Porter, have a scotch and soda, light up a Camel, get a bob haircut and dontforget to check out the Art Deco style at!Visit [] to see some fabulous vintage accessories andjewelry. I am a fashion reporter and love all things fashion. Subscribe to my blog at to hear more about vintage influences.
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Looking For Art Deco Style Drop Earrings? Check these out: ====