Lesson 1 genre


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Lesson 1 genre

  1. 1. Section A
  2. 2. Two Sections: Section A – Textual Analysis and Representation in TV Drama (50 Marks) Section B – Institutions and Audiences (50 Marks)
  3. 3.  You will view an unseen 4-5 minute extract from a TV Drama –You will spend 30 minutes of the exam watching and re-watching this clip and making notes. You will then have 45 minutes to answer the question
  4. 4.  We have 5 months to prepare you for your exam. In this time you will be completing lots of tasks and making notes. To ensure that you do not loose any of your work you will be making a new blogspot blog. It MUST be a new one. You cannot use your coursework one. This must remain intact. All teacher powerpoints and resources will be posted on the department VLE
  5. 5. Blog Post Title: GenreTag: Section A, Genre
  6. 6.  TV drama is a broad category that has many different sub genres. They can take many different forms – Single dramas, two- parters, mini-series, serials, series and continuing dramas.
  7. 7.  TV Dramas are an important part of broadcasters programming. Especially for BBC and ITV who advertise this as a key selling point of their channel. TV Drama is a very popular genre of television programming. Dramatic programming is television content that is scripted and (normally) fictional. This excludes, for example, sports, news, reality and game shows, stand-up comedy and variety shows. Also, by convention, the term is not generally usually used for situation comedy. Wikipedia
  8. 8.  You have two minutes to make a list of all of the different genres of television drama that you can think of. You can work in pairs Here are two to get you started Crime, soap
  9. 9.  Misfits Downtown Abbey Casualty The Bill Coronation Street Hollyoaks Neighbours
  10. 10.  Crime Soap Costume Hospital Sci-fi Historical Children’s classic Teen
  11. 11.  Crime- The Bill Similar to soaps that are hospital Soap- Hollyoaks Costume- Down Town abbey Hospital- Holby City Sci-Fi- Heros Historical-Merlin Childrens Classic- Tracy Beaker- This was shown on CBBC which is a childrens a Channel. Teens- Skins- series on Channel 4 tackling problems that are in the teenage community Top Boy- Mini series on Channel 4 Keeping up with the Kardashians
  12. 12.  Definition: Kind or Type – It is a way of classifying media texts using their conventions. TV Drama is a broad genre but it is important that we think about the role genre plays in broadcasters’ and television producers’ thinking as well as audiences’ viewing.
  13. 13.  The Big Bang Theory It is the best show on earth due to the main characters witty sarcasm and knowledge. No
  14. 14. Watch and listen to the following clip with 3extracts from a television drama. Can you identify the genre that you are watching/listening to? What generic conventions did you identify from the genre? List these on your blog. You can embed the clip from youtube to your own blog by stealing the embed code from the VLE.
  15. 15.  Define the television drama genre using the knowledge you have gained in this lesson Add this to the end of your blog. Share some of your definitions with the class