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Audience feedback


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Audience feedback

  1. 1. Audience feedback By Marissa Whyte
  2. 2. Who is my target audience? • Teenagers:13-18 Young adults:18-25
  3. 3. Who did I ask? • For my questionnaire to be successful I asked 2 people in my target audience age group that was teenagers and young adults. Also I asked 1 person outside of my target audience age group who is part of my secondary target audience. • I decided to make both primary and secondary target audiences take part in my questionnaire so that I am able to see whether or not the campaign that I did for my artist Tiggs was relatable and also conventional.
  4. 4. I used Survey Monkey to make my questionnaire more accessible for my target audience. For my survey I made sure that the questions I asked would not produce open/close answers, as that would not be feedback I could class as helping me better my product.
  5. 5. Q1. A link to my video plus an easy question was the first thing I did to start of the survey. The answers that I got from those who took part in the survey were all relatable. Only one of the three got the genre right. The others did not get it right but from the answers that were given such as “Hip Hop” and “Rap” both have conventions that are seen in Grime videos. Others point of view show that my music video is stereotypical in some way.
  6. 6. Q2. This question was to see what I could change to my music video for it to be more entertaining and relatable for both audiences, instead of just my target audience. The feedback I got from this question showed me that my target audience would like more clips added to make it more relevant and enjoyable for them to watch.
  7. 7. Q3. In each music video in this genre there usually is no message as I wanted my artist to stand out, I had a message in the video which was to show that she is different from others in this genre. All answers from my target and secondary audience showed me that the message that in the video was seen and people from different age groups could see this.
  8. 8. Q4. As my music video is “Grime” it is in the urban genre and videos that share the same conventions as mine would play on these channels. The feedback that I got from my audience shows that they understand what music channels promote videos like mine and would not be seen on channels such as “MTV Hits”, “kerrang” and “The Vault”.
  9. 9. Q5. For this question I carried on from q1 and 4 to see what both audiences think the stereotypes from my genre are. Answers from them showed me that my artist does fit the “Grime” genre stereotypes but also links to the stereotypes that revolve around Hip Hop.
  10. 10. Q6. I provided those that took part in the survey a link to my digipak this included my magazine advert as well. One of the audience members did not find my digipak interesting and would not buy it. The other two would purchase it, the answers given to me for this question were short and simple. For Q7 I incorporated Q6 but added more specific detail to the question so that I am able to change things that were not interesting.
  11. 11. Q7. As I said in Q6 when looking at the feedback from one member of my audience this question made sure that I knew exactly what would make my digipak more relevant and interesting, for members of my audience to go out and purchase it. The answers given to me showed that my colour scheme was something that needed to change as this member did not find it conventional for a “Hip Hop” artist to have. Also another member made a point of having more images as the title of the album is “Me, myself and Tiggs” but there was only one person on the magazine ad.
  12. 12. Evaluation • Everything that was brought up in the survey relating to my music video and digipak will not help me make my product better. From the survey I have understood that throughout the campaign I made for my artist “Tiggs” has been successful. As all members of the audience were able to acknowledge her as being different but also urban. Also it showed that I followed conventions from “Grime” and “Hip Hop” and people are able to see this. All feedback that I have received from this survey has shown me that I followed conventions and that my campaign needs altering but it is recognised as being part of an urban genre.