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The Growth of CSR and the Impact of Social Media


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The Growth of CSR and the Impact of Social Media

  2. 2. It is how companies manage their businessWhat is processes to produce an CSR? overall positive impact on society.Image by HowardLake (flickr)
  3. 3. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the companys actions andencourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, and allother members of the public sphere who may be considered as stakeholders. Are companies responsible for their societal impacts? Image by mugley (flickr)
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  5. 5. The Idea of a StakeholderStakeholder: A party that can affect or be affectedby the actions of the business as a whole. Thosegroups without whose support the organizationwould cease to exist. Image by 10ch (flickr)
  6. 6. Social Media’s ImpactA Reputation Institute 2011 survey found that acompany’s CSR programme (in its broadest sense),can be responsible for more than 40% of acompany’s reputation.Image by Thos003 (flickr)
  7. 7. FactorsInfluencing Change Image by Anonymous9000 (flickr)
  8. 8. Social media can be a doubled edged sword. Image byAlbion Europe ApS (flickr)
  9. 9. Image by oskay (flickr) Image by mdanys (flickr)
  10. 10. Transparency “We do business with people we like and trust.”  Social media now provides greater transparency with how companies behave – both good and bad. For businesses, it is no Now how they act, how longer as simple as they engage with theirhaving the best product communities plays an or best price.  even greater role.  Image by planetc1 (flickr)
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  12. 12. What is the most effective way to reach out to an audience? Image by stuartpilbrow (flickr)
  13. 13. Image by Dell’s Official Flickr Page (flickr)
  14. 14. Examples: My Starbucks Idea Image by bfishadow (flickr)
  15. 15. Pepsi Refresh Image by cambodia4kidsorg (flickr)
  16. 16. In ConclusionSocial Media has changed theface of Corporate SocialResponsibility.Transparency has become keyto CSR marketing strategies.Companies must now focuson their stakeholders andfinding ways to engage themin conversations and withtheir products. Image by Sean MacEntee (flickr)
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