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Synopsis True Story


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Behind the scene of air strikes against
Yugoslavia, top story of the Globe in
Spring 1999 there is an inside drama in
Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).
Small journalist versus CEO, Aleksandar
Alone can not protect employees;
Forthcoming tragedy is on the way -
Sixteen people were killed on
April 23, 1999.

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Synopsis True Story

  1. 1. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE REASON True Story SynopsisBehind the scene of air strikes against Yugoslavia, Top story of the Globe in the spring 1999,there is an inside drama in Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).CEO of RTS makes decisions as ifhe is NATO ally not the head of State Broadcasting Company in charge of company policy andemployees in particular. Life of other employees is only a step on the large scale of hispromotion. Aleksandar, journalist in News Editorial tries to explain CEO that his primary duty isto protect people in company not to sacrifice their lives due to some vague “Superior Goals”.Unfortunately, no use doing it. The Top official is sure of himself; he is even insulted byAleksandar`s warning that RTS headquarters target. Aleksandar is threatened byfiring, arrest etc…On other side there is horrible silence. Colleagues, fearful of losing their jobs, do notsupport Aleksandar. As usual in war times many of them behave in straightforwardmindedway due to fear or gaining points for promotion. Small journalist versus CEO; Aleksandar, alone,can not protect employees; forthcoming tragedy is on the way. Sixteen people, mostly young,were killed on April 23, 1999.Finally, we could ask ourselves “WAS THERE A SINGLE WAY OUT ” or“HAVE WE MADE SUPREME EFFORT TO PREVENT FROM TRAGEDY”.This is the story about people who are ready to do literally anything to keep theirpositions and privileges NO MATTER what price OTHER PEOPLE will pay.