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E Book Excerptf


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Explore the Humorous Side of Life with “Close Your Eyes the Future Has Just Begun” A Collection of Aphorisms and Cartoons

Can people handle the truth or will it be too painful? When faced with the easy or hard decision, do people take the easy way out even though it doesn’t give them their desired result? Aleksandar Krzavac releases his new book, “Close Your Eyes the Future Has Just Begun”.

Are you the individual who always see the bright side of every challenge? Are you the person who is seen as the one who always makes lemonade out of lemons? For the individual who likes to think and live outside of the box, Aleksandar Krzavac has just the e-book for you, “Close Your Eyes the Future Has Just Begun” which is humorous and contains cartoons.

Krzavac says he wrote “Close Your Eyes the Future Has Just Begun” to challenge people to think out of everyday convenient life. However, result is achieved even if readers had great fun. Some of the aphorisms contained in the book are: “Survival skills have nothing to do with morals. Force is a side effect of ruling. Fight for the future, do not adopt it.” “Close Your Eyes the Future Has Just Begun” contains 401 aphorisms and approximately 77 cartoons.

“Close Your Eyes the Future Has Just Begun” addresses almost all issues people are annoyed with, no matter what their economic status, education level or race. Sub-genre but not sub-culture, that keeps our eyes wide open revealing the extent of self-delusion in everyday life we are exposed to. Author Krzavac states, “Once you read this e-book, the reader will figure out what the side effect of sex is, what real engine of revolution could be and even why communism failed or the real reason we vote for democracy.

In “Close Your Eyes the Future Has Just Begun”, each single aphorism or cartoon is a world unto itself. It will literally draw the reader in and expand their thinking about the circumstances and world around them. Readers are encouraged to face the truth, no matter how painful it can be.

For an interview or for more information, please contact Aleksandar Krzavac by phone at 00-381-644482728 or via email at

About Aleksandar Krzavac

Aleksandar Krzavac was born in 1959 in Belgrade, the former Yugoslavian capital, where he spent his teenage years and his thirties in what is referred to in the West as a Communist dictatorship. Holder of a University degree in economics, e-book author Aleksandar Krzavac does not object to wasting his time writing aphorisms and drawing cartoons.

Krzavac has published his aphorisms and cartoons in highly regarded Belgrade newspapers and magazines and a selection of Krzavac\'s cartoons are published on the Aydin Dogan Vakfi website. Aphorisms of Aleksandar Krzavac have appeared in the New York Times bestselling author James Geary\'s website at

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E Book Excerptf

  1. 1. If the Internet had been in ancient Greece, then Plato would have been ablogger.We don’t mind braindrain. Frankly, we don’t even need brains.Aphorism is a piece of wisdom that we desperately do not need at all.Aphorism is like a pill – unpleasantly bitter at first with a positive effectlater.When life is a lottery, poverty is a dominant destiny.If he had not started writing petitions, he would never have discoveredhis talent for writing.
  2. 2. The truth is revoked again by superior goals.Once upon a time there were West, East, North and South. Today, thereis only the West and the rest.Upon arrest, the writer figured out the point of the proverb – silence isgolden.A writer is still at large. Police cannot understand what his metaphorsstand for.How do I find a doormat for cleaning sullied honor?History is written in blood. Only signatures are in ink.
  3. 3. Negotiations are a matter of democracy; therefore, humans must talk todevils.History is made by the lives of ordinary people and signatures ofselected ones.If the devil wins the next election, travel to the Hell will be visa free.Ordinary people still don’t know how important they are to leaders.The issue of occupation or liberation usually depends on the point ofview.Globalism is the worldwide revenge of capitalists.
  4. 4. Serious problems will occur at the point when riot police become classaware.No problem…Government supplies of tear gas are enough to make thewhole nation cry.The lack of heating gas doesn’t annoy the Government…there is enoughtear gas.Angels fight devils, due to collecting tolls on the highway to the Hell.Visas for Hell are available…hurry up.Visas for Hell are free of charge.
  5. 5. It seems the devil issues visas for both Heaven and Hell.People like to live “united,” no matter whether it is the Soviet orEuropean Union.As oil prices get closer to the maximum, human lives` prices get closerto the minimum.It doesn’t necessarily mean if one saves his life, that he saves his soultoo.The State definition of a baby – a newborn taxpayer.Politicians do not fight for higher birthrates, but for new taxpayers.
  6. 6. Oil prices have just reached their maximum…human morale is close toits minimum.If size mattered, dinosaurs would rule the world.In God we trust. The CEO we respect.Statistics – He has £10,000,000 worth of island, I have £2 worth ofsocks…each of us has £5,000,001 worth of assets.For man-eating tribes men-eating abolishment is great progress.If the leader is immortal, people’s mortality is usually very high.
  7. 7. I think, therefore I am an anachronism.Ouch, I really hope I won’t be run over by the wheel of progress.It’s not called a crisis here; it’s called the economic cycle.Our politicians are very hygienic; they substituted brainwashing formoney laundering.Upon the advice of my lawyer I stopped writing aphorisms.Don’t build prisons; close the borders.
  8. 8. You do not need to stand on your head to get a different view of world.A snail has complained that his freedom of movement is limited.We live virtually but die for real.Morals make saints; breaking morals makes human beings.Morality is a barrier between men and women.They lift their foreheads so high in order not to see what’s happening onthe ground.
  9. 9. Eternal vigilance leads to permanent insomnia.Heaven and Hell have been united; they are now a border-free zone.Even the dead are unequal; some are in mausoleums.The cult of personality has nothing to do with culture.Not everything is black, the firefly said while looking at another firefly’sass.They say, “You are on the right path.” I think I am at a crossroads.The revolution that eats its children starves to death.
  10. 10. The truth wanted...dead or alive. Better dead.The king has just signed his donor card...his followers have a chance tobecome part of the royal family.Make physical love, spiritual will come as a consequence of the former.Kingdoms are conquered by force…women by love.Gods are immortal, until they meet Goddesses.However, nail-polish drying time is a state of emergency for women.Women we respect. In sex we believe.
  11. 11. EPILOGUE“Perfect society” is, probably, something that every aphorist is most afraidof. Born in 1959, in Belgrade, the former Yugoslavian capital, at that pointa communist state, I spent my teenage and thirties’ years in something thatis called in the big West – a Communist Dictatorship.(Un)fortunately, transition to democracy did not leave aphorists without ajob. Old themes were substituted with newones. Every ism desperatelyneeds its critics, even globalism.Democracy, according to Greek origin, means people rule. Since people arenot experienced as rulers, as a first-timer they make mistakes in thebusiness of ruling. In fact, they are still learning to rule. An aphorist’sassignment is to help people to make as fewmistakes as possible in thetricky job of “people ruling.”I guess that is what democracy really stands for. Namely, people need real,not virtual, democracy. This is only the beginning. For sure, people willlearn to rule by the end of this millennium.Entering “Perfect society” will force many writers to change their career,since perfection cannot be criticized. Judging to this reality, we still havemany years ahead to achieve PERFECTION.