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Insurance co. in pak


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Insurance co. in pak

  1. 1. Assignment Of Principles of InsuranceTopic: Insurance Companies in PakistanSubmitted to: Sir Umar DrazPrepared by: Name Abdul Mannan Gill Roll No 16 Course BS Acc. & Finance 6th Department of CommerceBAHAUDDIN ZAKAZIYA UNIVERSITY MULTAN
  2. 2. Insurance companies working in Pakistan1 1 ACE Insurance Ltd. 2 Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd. 3 Agro Gen. Ins. Co. Ltd. 4 Alfalah Insurance Company Ltd. 5 Alpha Insurance Co. Ltd. 6 American Life Insurance Co.(Pak.) Ltd. 7 Asia Insurance Co. Ltd. 8 Askari Gen. Ins. Co. Ltd. 9 Atlas Insurance Limited, 10 Capital Insurance Co. Ltd. 11 Central Insurance Co. Ltd. 12 Century Insurance Co. Ltd. 13 Cooperative Ins. Society of Pak. Ltd. 14 Crescent Star Ins. Co. Ltd. 15 East West Insurance Co. Ltd. 16 East West Life Assurance Company Ltd. 17 EFU General Ins. Ltd. 18 EFU Life Assurance Limited 19 Excel Insurance Co. Ltd. 20 Habib Insurance. Co. Ltd.1
  3. 3. 21 IGI Insurance Limited 22 New Hampshire Ins. Co. 23 New Jubilee Ins. Co. Ltd. 24 New Jubilee Life Insurance Company Ltd. 25 Pakistan Gen. Ins. Co. Ltd. 26 PICIC Insurance Limited 27 Premier Insurance Limited 28 Reliance Insurance Co. Ltd. 29 Saudi Pak Insurance Company Ltd 30 Security Gen. Insc. Co. Ltd. 31 Shaheen Ins. Co. Ltd. 32 Silver Star Ins. Co. Ltd. 33 Trakker Direct Insurance Limited 34 UBL Insurers Limited 35 United Ins. Co. of Pak. Ltd. 36 Universal Ins. Co. Ltd. The State Life Insurance2The Life Insurance Business in Pakistan was nationalized during March 1972. InitiallyLife Insurance business of 32 Insurance Companies was merged and placed under threeBeema Units named “A”, “B” and “C” Beema Units. However, later these Beema Unitswere merged and effective November 1, 1972 the Management of the Life InsuranceBusiness was consolidated and entrusted to the State Life Insurance Corporation ofPakistan.2
  4. 4. State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is headed by a Chairman and assisted by theExecutive Directors appointed by Federal Government. Up to July 2000 the Corporationwas run by Board of Directors constituted under Life Insurance (Nationalization) Order1972. In July 2000, under Insurance Ordinance 2000, the Federal Governmentreconstituted the Board of Directors of State Life which runs the affair of thisCorporation.The basic structure of the Corporation consists of Four Regional Offices, Twenty-SixZonal Offices, a few Sub-Zonal Offices, 111 Sector Offices, and a network of 461 AreaOffices across the country for Individual Life Insurance; Four Zonal Offices and 6 SectorOffices with 20 Sector Heads for Group & Pension are involved in the Marketing of LifeInsurance Plans policies and products offered by State Life and a Principal Office. TheZonal Offices deal exclusively with Sales and Marketing. Underwriting of Life InsurancePolicies and the Policyholder’s Services. Regional Offices, each headed by a RegionalChief, supervise business activities of the Zones functioning under them. The PrincipalOffice, based at Karachi, is responsible for corporate activities such as investment, realestate, actuarial, overseas operations, etc.Major AchievementsThe major function of the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is to carry outLife Insurance Business; however, it is also involved in the other related businessactivities such as investment of policyholders’ fund in Government securities, Stockmarket, Real Estate etc. The major achievements of State Life are as under: i. On the commencement of the operations, the Corporation took a very important step by effecting reduction up to 33% in the premiums on the past and potential Life Policies for the benefit of the Policyholders. ii. State Life is profitable organization and it paid Rs.1.729 billion as dividend to the Government of Pakistan since its inception in 1972. iii. State Life has played very vital role in the economy by providing employment to the people of the country as permanent employees and as part of its marketing force and by investing the huge funds in different sectors of the economy. The Investment Portfolio of State Life as at 31.12.2005 stands at Rs.124.983 billions. iv. Investment portfolio also includes investment in Real Estate which stands at a book value of Rs.2.309 billion as at 31.12.2005 whereas it fair value is around Rs.17.625 billion in the same period. v. The Paid up Capital increased from Rs.10 million in 1972 to Rs.900 million. vi. The Premium income increased from Rs.0.317 billion in 1972 to 13.820 billion in 2005. Similarly Investment income including rental income increased from Rs.0.81 billion in 1972 to 13.106 billion in 2005.vii. vii. Total statutory fund of State Life stands at Rs.122.775 billion in 2005 as against Rs.1.494 billion in 1972.viii. State Life is smoothly striving towards its objective of making life insurance available to large section of the society by extending it to common man. As at
  5. 5. December, 2005 the total number of policies inforce under individual life were 2.044 million and number of lives covered under group life insurance were 3.731 million. The ACE Group of Companies3is one of the worlds leading global commercial property and casualty insurance andreinsurance organizations. ACE has operations in more than 50 countries and conductsbusiness with clients from over 140 countries.ACE serves the property and casualty insurance needs of businesses of all sizes in abroad range of industries. We also provide specialized insurance products—such aspersonal accident, supplemental health and life insurance—to individuals in selectcountries. Our reinsurance operations include both property and casualty and lifecompanies.We take on the responsibility of risk so that our clients can take on the responsibility ofmaking things happen. We call this insuring progress.With a product offering as diverse as our customer base, we pride ourselves on our abilityto meet our clients’ needs. We create and stand by our insurance, reinsurance andfinancial solutions for businesses and consumers around the world.Products and ServicesProperty & CasualtyOne of the world’s truly global providers of commercial property and casualty insuranceand reinsurance, ACE puts an international network of underwriting, claims and riskcontrol professionals to work to help businesses of all kinds reduce risk and mitigate loss.Whether your business involves pipelines in Alaska, marine cargo in Hong Kong orwineries in France, ACE can tailor insurance coverage to meet your needs.In addition, ACE offers reliable advice on a variety of protection and hazard topics,including process management, unusual hazards identification and expected losscalculations, and tailored engineering services, all backed by a strong capital base thatallows us to cover major exposures.Accident & HealthACE works closely with organizations in more than 40 countries—including employers,affinity groups, financial institutions, utilities and vacation travel providers—to deliverinnovative insurance products to their employees, members and customers.3
  6. 6. Through core products such as personal accident insurance, supplemental healthinsurance, travel insurance, and creditor insurance, our accident and health team providesadded peace of mind to policyholders and helps strengthen the relationship between clientorganizations and their constituents.Our A&H products are offered by a network of local nationals who specialize in A&Hmarketing and underwriting, and who are thoroughly familiar with insurancerequirements and customs in their respective markets.LifeACE sells its life products through a variety of distribution channels including agents,independent brokers, banks and telemarketing centers. A team of dedicated professionalsunderwrites risks, provides high-quality customer service and develops new products tomeet the changing needs of customers in these dynamic markets.In Asia, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East, ACE helps individuals and familiesplan for the unexpected through a range of personal life insurance products, includingwhole and term life. Other products such as endowment and unit-linked policies are usedto provide funds for retirement or help pay for children’s education.ReinsuranceA leader in the reinsurance industry, ACE offers coverage for an impressive array ofbusiness lines, including accident and health, casualty and liability, marine, surety,property and more. Adamjee Insurance Company Limited4Adamjee Insurance Company Limited (AICL) was incorporated as a public limitedcompany on September 28, 1960 and is listed on Karachi and Lahore stock exchanges ofthe country. The company is also registered with the Central Depository Company ofPakistan Limited (CDC). AICL is involved in General Insurance business.The company started with a paid up capital of Rs. 2.5 million which has grownphenomenally to the current paid up capital of Rs. 1.022 billion which is the highestamongst all the general insurance companies. AICL enjoys a competitive edge in theinsurance industry due its strong asset base, paid up capital, huge reserves, balancedportfolio mix, steady growth in gross premium and continuous increase in share price atthe stock market.Diversified portfolio of businessAICL broadly is involved in underwriting the following classes of businesses: • Fire and Property4
  7. 7. • Marine, Aviation and Hull • Motor • Miscellaneous businessUnderlying these businesses a large variety of coverage is offered to the clients to fulfilltheir needs. AICL believes in customer satisfaction by providing quality in service andproducts and maximum benefits to its client. This is the reason why the company has adiversified portfolio of clients belonging to all categories. Most of the banks are insuredby the company. AICL insures petrochemical and complex industrial risks of very highvalue. The company has a major market share of engineering business in Pakistan. Itprovides Insurance protection to most of the private sector telecommunication industries.The company insures most of the textile mills, sugar mills and cement factories of thecountry. AICL pioneered the coverage of energy risks in Pakistan. Foreign concernsentering Pakistan to execute construction, erection or infrastructure development projectsare insured by AICL. The company is the principal insurer in Pakistan for Kidnap &Ransom, Professional Indemnity, Product Liability and other specialized lines. IGI Insurance Limited5IGI Insurance Limited (formerly known as International General Insurance Company ofPakistan Limited) was incorporated in 1953, with Syed Maratib Ali as the first Chairman.IGI, a part of the Packages Group, was listed on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchangesin December 1987.IGI underwrites all types of property and casualty insurance: fire, marine, motor, travel,health, home and miscellaneous. Since 1953, IGI is providing comprehensive riskmanagement facilities to a number of distinguished local and multinational businessconcerns through a network of branches in Pakistan.Our covenant with the customers has always been to provide the best risk managementservices in Pakistan. Thus we have achieved through a total commitment to customersatisfaction, a highly professional attitude towards underwriting risk and prudentmanagement practices. By developing a long-term relationship with our clients, in the lastfour decades, we have strived to create value for our customers and shareholders alikeOver the last 50-years IGI has established a sound business footing in the non-lifeinsurance sector in Pakistan on the bases of well-governed operations founded on thehighest ethical and moral practices. Today IGI is one of the leading quoted insurancecompanies of Pakistan with an asset base of over 4 billion rupees and offices in Karachi,Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot, Multan, Gujranwala and Faisalabad, serving a large numberof prestigious local and multinational clients throughout Pakistan.The Company has been awarded “AA” (Double A) Insurer Financial Strength (IFS)Rating with a Positive Outlook by Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (Private) Limited(PACRA), which denotes a very strong capacity to meet policyholders and contract5
  8. 8. obligations. Amongst Pakistans insurance companies, IGI has one of the HIGHESTSolvency Margins.IGI Insurance Limited has re-insurance agreements with the most prestigious and world-renowned re-insurers such as Swiss Re and Sumitomo Re. The Company is referencedfor its good standing and reputation by domestic as well as international reinsurers.During the year 2001 (in July 2001) the Company achieved another milestone byobtaining ISO 9002 certification from SGS Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. IGI Insurance was theFIRST general insurance Company in Pakistan, which had achieved this certification forits entire operations.In 2003, the Company reaffirmed its commitment to quality by successfully shifting tothe new ISO 9001:2000 standard and certified by the certification body – SGS Malaysia.In line with the Company’s growth strategy, it has acquired the Pakistan operations ofRoyal and Sun Alliance Plc. U.K. As a result of this transfer, IGI has positioned itselfamongst the top five insurance companies operating in Pakistan. IGI Insurance Limited isnow a global network partner of Royal and Sun Alliance Plc U.K EFU general insurance ltd6 • The Company was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on September 2, 1932 and is engaged in general insurance business comprising of fire, marine, motor and engineering etc. • The shares of the company are quoted on Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges of Pakistan. • The Principal place of business is located at EFU House, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan with over 60 branches throughout the country. • EFU is one of the few Pakistani organizations run totally by professional management and highly motivated field force. • Policies accepted by all financial institutions in the country. • Insurer Financial Strength Rating: AA Stable Outlook (Rating Agency: JCR-VIS). • Client-base comprises of many leading business houses and multinational companies. • Another unique feature of EFU is a voluntary review mechanism by professionals of international repute. The independent reviews by these professionals enable the company to keep abreast of international changes in the industry as well as ensure that management adopts the best international practices. • Another pillar of EFUs strength is its very close and long-term (over 50 years) relationship with its main reinsurer, ‘Munich Re’, one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world.6
  9. 9. • EFU gave the emerging insurance industry the leadership, the manpower and the drive needed to grow in a situation where at one time, three-fourths of insurance was held by foreign companies. The Pakistan Life and General Insurance Company. 7Two months after the Independence of Pakistan, in October 1947 a group of wellrenowned and highly motivated Muslim League party members established The PakistanLife and General Insurance Company. The organization was the first insurance com pany tobe incorporated in Pakistan.In 1972, the Government of Pakistan nationalized various financial sectors including LifeInsurance; thus the life sector was separated from The Pakistan Life and GeneralInsurance Company. The conglomerate’s name was thus changed to The PakistanGeneral Insurance Company LtdIn 1988, the majority shares of The Pakistan General Insurance Co. Ltd were bought byMr. Ch. Zahoor Ahmad. Mr. Ahmad, with an experience of over 39 years in the sector,has been a pioneer in the development of the Pakistani insurance industry. He currentlyholds the designation of the chief executive officer. The Insurance ‘Guru’ has alsoworked in the senior management of various insurance companies and the insuranceassociation of PakistanIn 1992, the Government of Pakistan reopened the life insurance business to the privatesector organizations and EFU Life Assurance Ltd was incorporated in November 1992 asthe first private sector life insurance company. In early 1993, EFU Life commencedwriting group life insurance business and by March 1994, the company began writing itsindividual life business.EFU Life is managed by a team of professionals with extensive life insurance experiencein the United Kingdom. This has helped the Company establish a professional cultureunique amongst life insurance business in Pakistan.The Company has a growing branch network of over 100 branches through out thecountry with employee strength of over 2,200 personnel in its sales force and around 150personnel at its main offices in Karachi and Lahore. The company employs 4 full timeactuaries and also has an active involvement of one of the leading actuarial firms in thecountry.EFU Life is the first life insurance company in Pakistan to be awarded the ISO9001:2000 certification, and also the only life insurance company to have an "InsurerFinancial Strength" rating which is currently AA-, Outlook:Stable, by JCR-VIS, anaffiliate of Japan Credit Rating agency.7
  10. 10. Today, EFU Life continues to be the largest private sector life insurance company inPakistan. In 2007, EFU Life’s premium income was Rs. 4.8 billion. The Company enjoysa market share of over 64% of the private sector life premium income (excluding singlepremium).EFU Life has a comprehensive range of products which has been developed afterextensive research of financial services in western countries such as the United Kingdom.These products are designed to meet the varying needs of EFU Life’s clients and offer thebest in financial services.EFU Life is the pioneer in introducing the following products and features in Pakistan Unit-linked products Critical illness products Education planning product Inflation protection benefit Pension Plans Islamic Fund ProductsEFU Life’s product range is the most competitive in the market in terms of value formoney. The Company continuously reviews its product range to ensure that it remains atthe leading edge. Habib Insurance8Habib Insurance was established in 1942 in Bombay, India with a paid-up share capital ofRs.2.5 million. After independence, Habib Insurance Company moved to Pakistan andthen become a more prominent name in the insurance industry. In 1972, the group had toface a major debacle; the Government of Pakistan nationalized the life insurance businessof Habib Insurance. Later in 1974, the renowned Habib Bank was also nationalized.Even with this major setback, the group had stayed focused in general insurance business.Today by the Grace of Almighty Allah, Habib Insurance is among the top 10 generalinsurance companies in Pakistan.Habib Insurance is known as one of the best-managed companies in Pakistan. Due to itsprudent underwriting policy, Habib Insurance has always ostensibly rendered profile witha consistent increase in bottom-line. A measure of the company’s performance can be8
  11. 11. gauged from the fact that it has paid back to its shareholders cash dividends and bonusshares in excess of two hundred times their original investment.Habib Insurance also has reinsurance arrangements with leading reinsurance companiesof the world including Hanover Re - Germany, Mitsui Sumitomo - Ireland, Toa Re -Japan, Korean Re - South Korea, Labuan Re - Malaysia etc.The Karachi Stock Exchange in 1981 instituted an award for the top 25 companies listed.Habib Insurance has been eulogized for its outstanding performance and has won thisaward eleven times, for nine consecutive years from 1981-1989, then in 1993 and in1997.ProductsAs always, The Company is geared to play a dynamic role in the rapidly changingindustrial and financial environment in Pakistan. In addition to the Fire, Marine, Motor,Engineering, Medical and Miscellaneous Insurance Products, The Company Is ActivelyExploring Possibilities of new products and markets.Fire InsuranceFire Insurance covers the risk of insurance interest against the perils of fire damage andadditional perils such as:• Riot & Strike• Malicious Damage• Atmospheric Disturbance: Loss or Damage by Natural Cause such as Hail, Snow, Rain,Flood• Explosion: Loss or Damage• Impact Damage• Aircraft Damage: Loss or Damage caused by Aircraft and other Ariel devices.• Earthquake Fire and Shock• BurglaryMarine InsurancesMarine Insurance covers the risk of the insured, against the peril of loss during the transitof goods by:• Sea / Air• Truck / Trailer / RailMotor & Misc. InsuranceRisks covered under this head are as follows:• Comprehensive Motor Insurance• Machinery Breakdown Insurance• Personal Accident• Public Liability• Banker’s Blanket• Medical Insurance
  12. 12. New Jubilee Insurance Co. Ltd. 9Established in 1953, NJI is one of the brightest and most reputable names inthe insurance sector. Sustained growth over half a century has secured NJI a placeamong the “Big Three” Pakistani insurance in terms of gross direct premium andfinancial base. NJI is listed on the Karachi & Lahore Stock Exchanges. Majorshareholders include Aga Khan Fund for Economics Development and Hashoo Group.NJI, with its Head Office in Karachi, has an extensive and dynamic branch network in allmajor cities and towns of Pakistan that guarantees prompt service at the customer’sdoorstep.The company prides itself in its long-standing reinsurance arrangements and relationshipwith international renowned reinsurers such as Swiss Re, Munich Re, Lloyds, HannoverRe and Mitsui Smitomo Re. The company is also supported by internationally acclaimedreinsurance brokers including AON Group, Willis, Marsh and UIB.In 2003, NJI became the first Pakistani insurance company to acquire a foreign companywhen it took over the Pakistan operations of Commercial General Union. Together withAKFED, NJI also acquired majority control of CU Life Assurance Company of PakistanLtd.At NJI, diversity is maintained through underwriting all classes of general insuranceincluding fire, marine, motor, engineering, health and general accidents. NJI not onlyoffers wide risk coverage, but also provides related risk management services deliveredby highly qualified and experienced risk managers. NJI has developed unique andinnovative insurance solutions to meet the growing consumer financing trends ofeconomy. From auto financing to personal loans, mortgages to plastic cards, and tradefinance to capital investment finance, NJI has the customized solutions to secure entireoperations. Product range and transactions of all financial institutions.As pioneers in Group Health Insurance, NJI continues to develop new, flexible andcustomized plans to suit the diverse need of our many blue chip Pakistani companies andmultinational clients.With a broad spectrum of services available, NJI’s client-base comprises prominentnational and multinational corporations operating in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Textile,Cement, Services (Hospital & Hotels), Oil & Energy, Manufacturing, FMCG,Engineering, Banking and Financial sectors.NJI’s business philosophy can be summed up as Customer Protection, CustomerSatisfaction and Customer Trust. This is acquired largely by ability to handle claimseffectively. The customer focus and pro-active management approach in all areas ofbusiness, allow NJI to underwrite and handle claims in an expeditious and efficientmanner.9
  13. 13. The true test of soundness of insurance converge is the duration of client relationships.This is proven by the fact that many clients have been with us for over 40 years. Clientsare satisfied knowing that NJI is their best security The Pakistan Life and General Insurance Company10Two months after the Independence of Pakistan, in October 1947 a group of wellrenowned and highly motivated Muslim League party members established The PakistanLife and General Insurance Company. The organization was the first insurance companyto be incorporated in Pakistan.In 1972, the Government of Pakistan nationalized various financial sectors including LifeInsurance; thus the life sector was separated from The Pakistan Life and GeneralInsurance Company. The conglomerate’s name was thus changed to The PakistanGeneral Insurance Company Ltd.In 1988, the majority shares of The Pakistan General Insurance Co. Ltd were bought byMr. Ch. Zahoor Ahmad. Mr. Ahmad, with an experience of over 39 years in the sector,has been a pioneer in the development of the Pakistani insurance industry. He currentlyholds the designation of the chief executive officer. The Insurance ‘Guru’ has alsoworked in the senior management of various insurance companies and the insuranceassociation of PakistanThe organization, under the leadership of Mr. Ahmad, has gone through various phases ofdevelopment which includes setting up of a nation wide branch network, businessdevelopment with world class reinsurers, electronic branch linkage, and introduction ofsophisticated IT insurance software and so on.In 1995 the shares of The Pakistan General Insurance Co. Ltd were formally floated onstock exchange. Currently the organization is enlisted on all the Stock Exchanges ofPakistan and providing cover to the great nation of Pakistan in all general classes ofinsurance. SILVER STAR INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED 11A public limited Company, listed in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges,was incorporated on May 3rd, 1984 under the repealed Companies Act, 1913 and thebusiness commencement certificate was issued on September 2, 1984. It is classified as adomestic general insurance company under Insurance Ordinance 2000.Silver StarInsurance Company Limited (SSICL) has based on countrywide branch networkcontaining twenty-five branches in the major cities of Pakistan up till 30th June 2005.10
  14. 14. The Company is engaged in providing General Insurance Services, the major lines ofbusiness are: 1. Fire 2. Marine 3. Motor 4. Miscellaneous 5. crop 6. live stock insuranceThe present Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Sadiq is the pioneer of the Company. Hemade the fortification of the Company deep along with the tremendous team efforts of thedirectors and employees of the Company. Chaudhry Muhammad Sadiq is the beacon inthe field of general insurance. He is ex-reinsurance advisor to United Nations, formerDeputy Managing Director to Pakistan Insurance Corporation and National Co-insuranceScheme, former General Manager to National Reinsurance Company, Sudan, IslamicInsurance Company, Sudan and Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company, SaudiArabia; and former Consultant to Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Arabia and theinsurance sector of Dallah Al-Barka Group, Saudi Arabia. He is still making his valuablecontributions along with the Chief Executive & Managing Director Mr. ZahirMuhammad Sadiq and other Directors and employees for the prosperity of theOrganization. Inshallah we will be the benchmark in the general insurance sector in nearfuture. SAUDI PAK INSURANCE Co. Ltd.12Duly authorized by SECP the Company has started its operations from 14th April, 2005and since then it has managed to emerge as one of the successful companies of theinsurance industry. Fortunately to its credit, it has a strong financial backing of the wellknown and highly reputed “Saudi Pak Group” which is based in Islamabad and is a jointventure of 50%-50% partnership between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Capital Insurance Company Limited 13is a Public Limited Company registered with the Insurance Division of Securities andExchange Commission of Pakistan to carry business of Non-life insurance. Incorporationof Company was with an intention to provide adequate and first class insurance coverageto all associated risks of the sponsoring business community.Company is owned by the leading Manufacturers, Exporters and Businessmen of SialkotCity, which is known for the export of billions of rupees. There is hardly any reasonablename of the business community, who is not a Director or shareholder of this company.12
  15. 15. And Shareholders of our Company are also trustees of Sialkot Dry Port Trust.They haverecently undertaken huge project of Sialkot Airport sanctioned by the Government ofPakistan and which will be completed with their own sources. Capital InsuranceCompany Limited started its operations in July 1998.The present paid up Capital of thecompany is Rs. 92.44 million which is going to be enhanced to Rs.120 million shortly.The management of the company is in the hands of qualified, competent, dedicated andexperienced professionals well known in the insurance and business circles of Pakistan.Presently the company is transacting in all segments of insurance like Fire and AlliedPerils, Motors, Import Export, Home Insurance, Engineering and MachineryBreakdown etc. we have plans to launch our new products covering health and travelsoon.On top of it all Capital Insurance Company Limited is the only organization registeredfrom Sialkot sponsored by the Business Community and the Trustees of Sialkot Dry PortTrust. It may be noted that the Sponsors of Capital Insurance Company Limitedcontribute around 60% Export of Sialkot Region.To secure its assets and risk, the Reinsurance coverage has been arranged by the FirstClass Reinsurance Brokers of the world