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North Florida AMSNWA Social Media Boot Camp November 8, 2012


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Social Media Boot Camp details how to use social media profiles to build your career. Digital technology is digitizing our reputations and Tiffany provides step-by-step instruction on how to build a strong digital profile.

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North Florida AMSNWA Social Media Boot Camp November 8, 2012

  1. 1. @tiffany_sunday NFL AMS / NWA Social Media Boot Camp Presented by Tiffany Sunday, Emerging Tech Strategist Questions? Use #WXBootCamp
  2. 2. @tiffany_sunday Building Your Personal Brand Questions? Use #WXBootCamp
  3. 3. @tiffany_sunday Brand Development 1. Internet Real Estate – How to Secure Your Name in Cyberspace • Purchase your domain name – for Broadcast Students important to secure your name on the Internet •, • Secure your name on key social media profiles 2. Word Press Website 1. Use your name 2. Virtual business card and resume 3. Tech skills are important and a working knowledge of WP is a benefit 3. Google Alerts • How to use Google Alerts to monitor and grow engagement • Any mentions from publications or bloggers follow up with the person 4. Find one or two platforms that match your personality • Twitter / Facebook / Instgram • Focus on the platforms where you feel naturally engaged #WXBootCamp
  4. 4. @tiffany_sunday Growing Your Brand on Social Media 1. Engagement and Content Curation • Think through the eyes of your followers and fans • Ask yourself the following questions: • Is this post informative • Am I connecting with my followers • Would I share this information? • Photos 2. Valuing of Social Media Profiles • Intangible Assets – Personal Brand • IP / Who Owns the Content • Employment Contracts • Agents – before you hire an agent, make sure the person understands contract law as it relates to IP / Social Media #WXBootCamp
  5. 5. @tiffany_Sunday Protecting Your Social Media Profiles 1. Google Alerts – Use Google Alerts to stay abreast of mentions 2. Stay informed about changes made to your profile settings, especially Facebook 3. Posting of Personal Information and Location • Consider checking in Facebook and FourSquare before you leave • Do not post pictures of your home address, license plate or car 4. Spam and Hackers 1. Check source before you click “like” and “share” 2. In doubt, verify the link, photo or person on Google 3. Beware of free Starbuck’s, if it looks too good to be truth it is 5. Passwords 1. Minimum 14 plus characters 2. Different email accounts and passwords for banking and SM 3. Change passwords on key platforms every three months 1. Make changes immediately if the platform has been hacked even if your account was not involved #WXBootCamp
  6. 6. @tiffany_Sunday LinkedIn – More Than A Resume Placeholder #WXBootCamp
  7. 7. @tiffany_sunday Career Strategies 1. Why LinkedIn Is Important for Building Your Personal Brand 2. Creating an Effective Profile • Summary – Show Your Personality • Experience – Beyond the Job Description • Recommendations – College Professors / Work • Endorsements 3. Building Your Professional Network • Groups - NWA 4. Data Mining • Profile Organizer #WXBootCamp
  8. 8. @tiffany_sunday Social Media Ranking #WXBootCamp
  9. 9. @tiffany_sunday What Is Your Social Media Ranking? 1. Social Media Profile Ranking Platforms • Klout • Information delays • Kred • Community interaction rather number of followers • Pulls data from Twitter • RebelMouse • Similar to Pinterest • Compiles photos and information from the web 2. Understanding The Different Rankings Platforms 3. Using Kred’s Community Data to Determine Areas of Influence #WXBootCamp
  10. 10. @tiffany_sunday Super Storm Sandy Observations 1. Develop key lists on Twitter before sever weather events, during Sandy the volume of tweets was overwhelming and difficult to find accurate information 2. Facebook had more fake photos and false information than what appeared in Twitter feeds 3. Inconsistent reporting across all broadcast networks 4. Make sure you have alternative platforms to post and find data when Twitter is overloaded 5. Google+ postings were more technical, Twitter had important government updates (if you knew where to look) and Facebook was everything else 6. Wait before posting photos that are difficult to verify – especially swimming sharks or shelf clouds #WXBootCamp
  11. 11. @tiffany_sunday Questions? How to Connect With Tiffany – @tiffany_sunday 1088194722/posts #WXBootCamp