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Social Media and Civic Engagement


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Presentation to the Alumni of HULT Global Masters event: Social Media and Civiv Engagement. May 2011

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Social Media and Civic Engagement

  1. 1. Digital: • strategy • training programmes • social engagement • amplification
  2. 2. Public Participation:digital engagement betweengovernment and citizens19 May 2011Tiffany St James[On Linked In / Twitter / Facebook / Skype / FourSquare / Slideshare]
  3. 3. Hello! • Twitter @tiffanystjames • Linked In, Skype, Facebook, FourSquare etc
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Anyone know this man?
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Then Gatorade built this
  8. 8. So I thought it would be cool to build one..
  9. 9. Factors affecting howgovernment use social media
  10. 10. Understand that trust has changed
  11. 11. Power to the lobby
  12. 12. Fear factor of NOT living the brand
  13. 13. What can we learn from WikiLeaks?
  14. 14. Crisis commsYOU are going to be nakedSo you better be buff!• Have a strategy in place• Get your facts straight and out first• Man up!• Tell people what you are doing about it• Do it
  15. 15. UK Government use of socialmedia
  16. 16. Understand the 7 levels of engagement  Disseminating information  Monitoring  Gaining insight  Responding  Discussing  Consulting Deeper engagement  Collaborating
  17. 17. Understand how to monitor
  18. 18. iGoogle
  19. 19. Rich photography
  20. 20. Podcasts
  21. 21. Departmental You Tube Channel
  22. 22. Multi-way engagement
  23. 23. Campaigns
  24. 24. Collaborative drafting (Copenhagen)
  25. 25. Collaborating
  26. 26. ASBOrometer
  27. 27. Find GPs (or dentists or pharmarcies)
  28. 28. Overseas Government use ofsocial media
  29. 29. Rebuttal
  30. 30. Democracy in action?
  31. 31. Dutch Transplantation Foundation
  32. 32. New Zealand
  33. 33. Current: Public YouTube’sFinance Act 1989 Terms of Use… … Limits on giving by the Crown of G. You understand that when using the guarantees and indemnities YouTube Website, you will be exposed to65ZC Guarantee or indemnity by the User Submissions from a variety of Crown must not be given except sources, and that YouTube is not responsible for the accuracy, usefulness, under statute safety, or intellectual property rights of orExcept as expressly authorised by any relating to such User Submissions. You further understand and acknowledge that Act, it is not lawful for any you may be exposed to User person to give a Submissions that are inaccurate, guarantee or indemnity offensive, indecent, or objectionable, and you agree to waive, and VS on behalf of or in the hereby do waive, any legal name of the Crown. or equitable rights orParts 4 to 6 (comprising sections 33 to 65A) were substituted by new Parts 4 to 6 (comprising sections 33 to 65ZG), as from 25 January 2005, by Public Finance Amendment Act 2004 remedies you have or may (2004 No 113). See sections of that Act as to the transitional provisions. have against YouTube with65ZD Minister may give guarantee or respect thereto, and agree to indemnity if in public interest indemnify and hold(1) The Minister, on behalf of the YouTube, its Crown, may give, in writing, a Owners/Operators, affiliates, guarantee or indemnity to a person, and/or licensors, harmless organisation, or government if it to the fullest extent allowed appears to the Minister to be by law regarding all matters necessary or expedient in the related to your use of the public interest to do so. site.…State ServicesCommission
  34. 34. China now has more netizens than anyother country in the worldGrowing at 6 million users a monthIt overtook the US in 2008.Guangzhou have the edgiest printmedia in China, and cover Hunan, whichhas the most innovative TV stations.China still controls its media moretightly than almost any other importantcountry, including Russia.The web is a freer space, but there arereal, and constant, limits too.They cant use Youtube to upload videocontent.
  35. 35. Map of online communitiesSource:
  36. 36. Thank youTo get these
  37. 37. Digital: • strategy • training programmes • social engagement • amplification