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Listening Tools


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Listening Tools for Google Squared2012 - Top 100 grads on Google Secondment Programme. Shared as part of a facilitated debate with Facebook, Twitter and G+

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  • Great stuff, and may I suggest that anyone looking to hone in on conversations, curate content and/or topic-tag for reach needs to use the brand new social media tool, for brand monitoring, listening, topic smart-tagging, and content curation (with proper referencing of original content creators): RiteTag is a tool for finding the 'rite' tags for many social networks based on your query. We also provide stats and examples of recent updates with each tag suggested, so people can learn about the types of content that tends to go with a tag.

    Some tools do tag illustration. Also, they do the job just with Twitter; already has 10 social neworks (with topic-tagging) integrated, and will expand to more than 20 - which people can search on simultaneously. RiteTag - to find the rite tags, per network (they vary per network) and learn about tags as well. Its not about SEO, but SSO: social sharing optimization: optimizing social media updates to be seen by those not following you by name, but following and searching for your tagged topics. And absolutely nothing out there does what does for this, not for one network, let alone the ten that we already have integrated.
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Listening Tools

  1. 1. Google #Squared2012 @TiffanyStJamesThursday 22 March 2012
  2. 2. Hello! Tiffany St James Social Media Strategist @TiffanyStJames
  3. 3. The Brief• By the end of the afternoon• Effective listening• Gain insight• Develop or amplifying a social footprint• Yours• Your agency• A clients business
  4. 4. Criteria• Use a platform• A tool or a few tools• Create social media listening dashboard• To give you the insight you need• To develop the social footprint
  5. 5. Intelligent listening Gatorade Mission Control, Dell Command Center, Nokia Agora Social Visualizer, @TiffanyStJames Dominos Super Bowl Pizza War Room
  6. 6. Business Use of Social Media • HR • PR • Direct Sales • Customer Service • Business Intelligence @thebrandbuilder states only 5 uses of social media: HR, PR, Direct Sales, Customer Service and @TiffanyStJames Business Intelligence
  7. 7. Uses • Amplify campaigns • Business intelligence • Monitor discussions • Monitor industry environment • Real-time conversation • Reputation Management • Social Customer Service • Seed content • Track brand engagement Track, monitor, analyse, amplify, engage, seed content and protect reputation @TiffanyStJames
  8. 8. Questions to ask yourself?1. Why am I listening?2. What am I listening for?3. What platforms am I listening on?4. What tools should I use?5. What will I do with what I hear? @TiffanyStJames
  9. 9. What are you listening for?Campaigns – Quantitative measures – Qualitative measures – Risk managementInsight and engagement – Identify rumours, misunderstandings, misinformation – Audience insight – Evidence of behaviour change – Identify key influencers and critics – Help identify gaps or opportunities for new services or sales oppsMedia monitoring – Risk management – identify issues and be able to respond quickly – Discover signs of lobbying from groups or individuals – Gauge reaction and interest in other related media coverage @TiffanyStJames
  10. 10. The result of listening Blogs Attention News Insight Forums Influence Sentiment Listen Online Analytics Directs strategy @TiffanyStJames
  11. 11. Objectives What are you trying to achieve? Business Vision Personal Mission Systematic Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-frame Be REALLY clear on your objectives before you start Make them SMART @TiffanyStJames
  12. 12. Technology Off the shelf • Monitoring • Engaging • Workflow • Dashboards Self-build • APIs and dashboards • Linguistics • Root-cause analysis • Fire Hose peaks Moore’s law and open innovation: new tools will develop and evolve. Continuous optimisation @TiffanyStJames
  13. 13. Reporting Objectives • Why are you listening? • What are you going to do with what you hear? Planning • Insights to action • Listening and Engagement plans Output • Roles • Format • Frequency How are you going to action the insights you gain: this will determine how you report and optimise @TiffanyStJames
  14. 14. ROI • Different people need different metrics • All endeavour is measurable • Ensure you are measuring against the objectives set • Business environment metrics The value of endeavours can be calculated, you need good metrics in place in other parts of the business @TiffanyStJames
  15. 15. Listeningfor insight
  16. 16. Active listening process• I am listening to understand positive press• I am going to engage with influential individuals• Monitoring vs analysis• Set objectives• Define keywords• Tools and frequency• Listening plan• Reporting, analysis, optimisation @TiffanyStJames
  17. 17. Blog searching Uses: - Discover blogs by topic / author - Track published posts and run archive searches - Get an indication of blog popularity Tip: - Search both posts and blogs as results can vary @TiffanyStJames
  18. 18. Google Tools @TiffanyStJames
  19. 19. Real time Twitter tools Uses: -Great for Twitter hashtags -Can identify influencers (basic level) -Ranks content in order of popularity which is useful Tip: -Make the most of the keywords featured in the bottom left corner @TiffanyStJames
  20. 20. Advanced Twitter @TiffanyStJames
  21. 21. @TiffanyStJames
  22. 22. Listorious @TiffanyStJames
  23. 23. Stealth! – Search Twitter BIOs on Google• intitle:”marketing* on twitter” OR intext:”bio * marketing” @TiffanyStJames
  24. 24. Snapshot tools Uses: - General / day-to-day - Audit stage - Activity monitoring / buzz Tip: - Make these the tools the foundation of your listening efforts
  25. 25. Netvibes @TiffanyStJames
  26. 26. iGoogle Dashboard
  27. 27. Hootsuite @TiffanyStJames
  28. 28. Hootsuite
  29. 29. Hootsuite @TiffanyStJames
  30. 30. Exercise
  31. 31. The Brief• By the end of the afternoon• Effective listening• Gain insight• Develop or amplifying a social footprint• Yours• Your agency• A clients business @TiffanyStJames
  32. 32. Process• Choose a social footprint• Use some of the tools and methods• Listen and gain insight• Choose one insight, a few insights• Use the insight to develop the footprint
  33. 33. Listening and Engagement PlanObjective – Key Audience Platforms + Activity Timings MeasurementSMART ToolsTo listen to Squared 2012 Twitter Set up a columns 3 times a day Klout rankings#Squared2012 participants who for Hoot suite Volumedaily to are using #Squared2012understand the #Squared2012 on Shift over time of Twitterlevel of use of twitter individuals participantssocial medialistening tools of and revue theirSquared2012 presencesparticipants @TiffanyStJames
  34. 34. Resources
  35. 35. Resources you like @TiffanyStJames
  36. 36. Listening tools – – – – – – – – – – @TiffanyStJames
  37. 37. Further Resources• Book Recommendations – Social Media ROI - Olivier Blanchard – Creative Mischief - Dave Trott – Grouped - Paul Adams• List of social media stats resources:• Global Web Index Light:• Global Web Index on Slideshare:• IBM guidelines• Link to Mashable How Tos• Twitter etiquette• People to follow on G+: – Beth Foster – Vic Gundotra• Blogs: @TiffanyStJames
  38. 38. Thank you, let’s keep talking Tiffany St James @TiffanyStJames
  39. 39. Digital: • strategy • training programmes • social engagement • amplification