Developments affecting corporate social media strategy


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Developments affecting corporate social media strategy as shared by Tiffany St James, Chair of 3rd Digital Media Seminar, Barcelona, June 2011

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Developments affecting corporate social media strategy

  1. 1. Digital: • strategy • training programmes • social engagement • amplificationWe help large organisations with their digital and social competence
  2. 2. What developments may affect ourfuture social engagement strategyTiffany St JamesEvent ChairBarcelona: 3rd Digital Media SeminarJune 2011
  3. 3. Hello! • Twitter @tiffanystjames • Linked In, Skype, Facebook, FourSquare etc
  4. 4. The landscape in 2007 2007: Sizes based on membership of a community
  5. 5. The landscape in 2010 2010: Sizes based on social activity in a community
  6. 6. From this…Infographics are critical to effective modern digital communication
  7. 7. …To thisInfographics are critical to effective modern digital communication
  8. 8. How we now target consumers What people do online, not what postcode or demographic is playing an increasingly larger role in consumer targeting
  9. 9. Trust in communications Social recommendations are now in our top 10 trusted sources
  10. 10. Social recommendationFacebook “Like” worth $137- Emarketer July 2010 Whilst there is 14% trust in advertising messages Peer to peer recommendation is at 78%
  11. 11. Social graph discussions at #SMWF“If you want a job in Silicon Valley today youcan forget it if your Klout rank is below 50.” Thomas Power, Chairman, Ecademy“Developers are more concerned with theirsocial graph ranking than any other form ofrecommendation” Azeem Azir, Founder, Peer Index Social reputation will play an increasingly heavier role in talent recruitment, influencer engagement and product development
  12. 12. Smart Mobs: Democracy in action?
  13. 13. Power to the lobby Lobbyists will amplify and satirise misconduct or injustice
  14. 14. Trafigura,Twitter & The Guardian Super injunctions and gagging orders have soft walls on social spaces: expect this arena to evolve
  15. 15. Showing solidarity - #IAmSpartucus Social communities will rally against what it sees as injustice
  16. 16. You will be exposed for not living your brand Live your brand, and ensure your employees do - or you can be exposed socially, digitally and offline
  17. 17. What can we learn from WikiLeaks? In crisis comms scenarios: Get your facts straight and out first, take responsibility, tell people what your are doing, do it
  18. 18. 1206701: Lifetime PageviewsPower of the individual 3129: Total Posts 7641: Total Comments Engage with your key influencers, learn from bloggers
  19. 19. Gen Y and their approach Gen Y are organising the social web in a way that works for them
  20. 20. Talent and corporate reputation Our brand and digital corporate identity are affected by how our staff feel about working for us
  21. 21. Social For Good
  22. 22. Monitoring and outreach has grown up If you do one thing: listen to what your audiences are saying
  23. 23. Data is the new gold Location data and its applications
  24. 24. Incentivising realworld interaction in gaming Chromaroma : play while you travel Retail establishments reward FourSquare Mayor’s and Transport for London encourages travel to less busy stations
  25. 25. The rise of apps Source: Peter Hoey 81 million smartphones sold world-wide in the third quarter 2010
  26. 26. ROI of Point of Sale is here Digital Out Of Home Media Age, gender, race recognition Real time Automated tailored adverts Metrics for clients Display media has become digital, automated and interactive raising many new opportunities for retailers to optimise comms
  27. 27. Augmented reality is here Enhancing our experience of the physical world has never been easier
  28. 28. What does this mean for us?1 Listen, monitor and gain insights2 Get involved in the digital world around you3 Embrace openess and transparency4 Engage don’t broadcast5 Be flexible enough to adapt
  29. 29. Digital: • strategy • training programmes • social engagement • amplificationWe help large organisations with their digital and social competence