enjoy yourself along the way


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enjoy yourself along the way

  1. 1. enjoy yourself on the way Tiffany Lora Mair, MLIS Program Assistant, Capitol Impact, LLC
  2. 2. success can be very simple…given a little strategy, diligence, luck, & a flexible definition of success.
  3. 3. you can get where you want to go∙ stay positive∙ many will tell you how hard it is to get a job∙ choose not to listen
  4. 4. you don’t know how to get there∙ embrace the unpredictability of the future∙ be willing to take many paths to get to where you think you want to go∙ be flexible about where you’re going & the journey’s distance
  5. 5. get prepared∙ dream (important at all times in your journey)∙ find library & otherworldly heroes who have their own quests∙ create short- & long-term goals
  6. 6. get a crew∙ engage your heroes in conversation∙ find friends to create with you (think tanks, events, innovations, presentations, websites)∙ #makeithappen = magically makes enthusiasm
  7. 7. get your head straight∙ the biggest factor in whether or not you get the job you want or not is you∙ that is good news∙ luck likes eager, positive, knowledgeable, & fun people
  8. 8. get to know yourself∙ what do you bring to the table that is unique?∙ find what you have to give & begin to distinguish yourself
  9. 9. how to be: easy steps to stand out∙ show up∙ be open∙ connect with others∙ do something useful or funny or both
  10. 10. reputation matters∙ library land is a very small place & everyone knows your business∙ be positive & decide to stop complaining∙ create solutions∙ offer to help & follow through
  11. 11. you are a librarian, wherever you are, whatever you do.be creative with what that looks like to you….
  12. 12. bring the library outside itself:everyone needs researchers, writers, & information managers
  13. 13. a different route∙ be open to working in non-library settings∙ be willing to work harder to stay connected & in the mix∙ do what it takes to attend conferences, especially if you don’t currently work in a library
  14. 14. along the way∙ stay true to your values & be flexible with everything else∙ be there and know something | Darcy Rezac∙ help one another on your journeys & career paths
  15. 15. hoping you enjoy your way, Tiffany Lora Mair, MLIS @tiffanylora tiffany.mair@gmail.com slides available at infodetective.info