Oklahoma Professor gets shot in the foot
          after winning the BIG Lotto Prize
                 three times in a row...
They Would Have Killed Me If I Didn’t
                           Tell Them My Lottery Secret…

What in the world should I ...
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Naitonal Lottery How to win?


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Naitonal Lottery

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Naitonal Lottery How to win?

  1. 1. Oklahoma Professor gets shot in the foot after winning the BIG Lotto Prize three times in a row! "They Kept Asking Me: "How The Heck Did You Do It? What’s Your Secret For Winning The Lottery? Tell Us Or We’ll Kill You…" …I Managed To Escape But I Got Shot In The Left Foot Here is the robot portrait of one of the aggressors. it’s the same picture that was presented to the police. They were never apprehended... Everything happened so quickly … I was walking out in the parking site of the mall when suddenly I was attacked by two masked guys. it’s a very strange sensation to know that you have a gun at your head. At first I didn’t know what they wanted from me. I told them to search my pockets and to take all the money. But they wanted something else … THEY WANTED THE SECRET that made me win the lottery three times in a row and a few times before. '
  2. 2. They Would Have Killed Me If I Didn’t Tell Them My Lottery Secret… What in the world should I tell them … and how can I tell them how I win the lottery with a gun pointed at my head. I clacked, and I swear to God that I acted purely on my instincts. I stumbled and told them that I need at least a half an hour, a pen, a sheet of paper and some silence so I can teach them how to win the lottery consistently . In that moment they decided to put me into their car and kidnapped me. God DOES exist, and exactly in that moment an ambulance came into the parking lot with its lights flashing. The bandits thought it was the police and wanted to hide. It was the moment when I ran...and I ran very fast although I am 42 years old. Bang!!! A firearm knocked in my ears … I felt the bullet in my left foot but I still was able to run. I finally managed to get in the street and ask for help. The rest is history … Although cracking the lottery code has changed my life … nothing else matters when you have a gun pointed to your head and you realise that in the next minute you might be dead. All you think about is your wife and children … I Decided To Thank GOD For Saving Me By Donating A Lot Of Money To Charity After this experience I realised that life is by far the most precious thing we have … and money should never be put in first place … although it is good to have it. At that moment (two years ago), I had already won around $3,500,000 total. All this money was made by winning the lottery five times in two short months. The last three times, I won in a row, and I was on the front page of all the local news papers. This “ fame” surely almost got me killed. I donated $ 1 million to a foundation that finances libraries in third world countries. As I am a professor, I know how important it i s to have a proper education. This way those people at least will have hope. I swore in front of GOD and kept my promise. Can Anyone Win The Lottery? ...Or How Did I Manage To "Kill" The Lottery 5 Out Of 10 Times? Well … if I would have been asked this question ten years ago, I would have said that “ NO! It’ s impossible to win so often” … but after I spent eight years in developing a system that is guaranteed to win 5 out of 10 times … now my answer will be: “ YES, anyone can win the lottery if you know how to play”. You see … I’ m a mathematics professor, and I’ ve been passionate about figures since I was young. I admit … I also like to have money, tons of it, because I was raised in a poor family and never got the chance to drive a sporty car or to live in a fancy house until I won the lottery. These two characteristics combined (loving money and mathematics) have transformed me into an addicted lotto player. Read the full story here...