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Well, I'm excited to tell you that registration for the free 2015 Tapping World Summit is officially open. I highly recommend checking out the page below to learn all about it, and about why you need to attend this massive free online event...

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  1. 1. TAPPING CONFERENCE 2015 - 7TH ANNUAL TAPPING WORLD SUMMIT 2015 The 7th annual Tapping solution World Summit starting in this February 23rd , you can spend ten days with world-class experts who are sharing their newest, cutting-edge information on a variety of important topics. I hope you're as excited for the 7th Annual Tapping World Summit 2015 as I am!
  2. 2.  This year, nick have taken it to the next level in delivering the most life-changing content possible for you.  In this busy world, that seems to be speeding up every minute, many people struggle with feelings of overwhelm.   Sadly, when you're in this "state", when you're feeling these feelings, you're actually LESS productive, LESS resourceful, LESS able to deal with the challenges that life brings you.   So step #1 towards getting your life on track is not to find ways to get more done, it's not to push harder and faster, it's to take a moment, pause, breathe and reset your mind, body and spirit.
  3. 3.  Once you do that, and when you use the powerful, brain-resetting technology of EFT Tapping, then everything changes, sometimes in magical ways.   As many wise men have said, if you feel like you don't have time to stop, to breathe, to tap, to meditate, then you're the one that needs it MOST. :) To make this process easy and effortless, I'd like to share a free "Tapping" meditation with you today titled, "From Overwhelm to Calm".
  4. 4.  It's called a tapping meditation because it's a powerful combination of two life changing processes, EFT Tapping, which works with the meridians of the body and the amygdala in the brain to quiet the stress response, to reset the body, mind and spirit, and the ancient and time-tested practice of meditation.  Click here and register your name and good email id to access the event today…  Nick have also included, once again, a daily Tapping Meditation, based on that day's topics. These Tapping Meditations are specifically designed to help you, in a short period of time, assimilate and process the content covered and do tapping to release your blocks.
  5. 5.  To activate your free access and see all the event speaker and topic details, just click on this link here:  Click here and register your name and good email id to access the event today…   Every year, I hear from thousands of people who say that the ten days of the summit completely transformed their lives. I hear that marriages healed, finances improved, pounds dropped, happiness skyrocketed, and much more.
  6. 6.  Be part of that change today...   And make sure to share this with those you love most. This is a fantastic opportunity to passively, supportively, share this incredible tool!   Until next time... Keep Tapping!  Click here and register your name and good email id to access the event today…