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  1. 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products ?
  2. 2. The title of the trailerOur final title for thetrailer ended up being‘Twisted’The original title for the trailerwas ‘Creeping into my soul’After feedback public feedbackwe changed the title to ‘Twisteddue to the pictures, storylineand the idea of the trailer notcorrelating together.We added the title to the endof the trailer because wewere following the same ideaas the trailer ‘The Roommate’As a group we decided on using the textand the red background because wethink it went well with our idea and thebackground brought the sense of evil andblood, which goes with the last shot ofFaye putting a knife to Amy’s neck.
  3. 3. The Setting/LocationOur first setting was inschool. The areas in theschool we recorded inwas our commonroom, the girls toilet andoutside of our commonroomThen we located to asetting outside. We wentto a local cafe.We chose those settingbecause it correlatedwith our film. It is ateenage based film sowe thought it would besuitable for us to do mostshots in our college.
  4. 4. Costumes and PropsWe didnt actually havemany props but we hada phone, knife and acouple pictures.We decided to get theknife and the pictureslater on in the making ofour teaser trailer. Weincluded that to add amore sinister feel to ourtrailer.We used the phone toemphasise Amysobsession overRhiannah. It was used tobuild up a form oftension within the teasertrailer.
  5. 5. Camerawork With ourcamerawork, every shot had aspecific purpose.For example toshow Amysobsession, Amyacting weird or toshow how thestoryline buildsup.We tried to follow TheRoomates trailer sowe decided to includethe shot in the libraryof Amys eye showingthrough the books. Wereally liked that shotbecause it portrayedhow Amys personalityis supposed to be.Most of our shots were twoshots because most of ourteaser trailer includeddialogue, we also included alot of shot reverse shotsthrough our camera work toshow the characters duringtheir dialogue too.
  6. 6. Editing to create the ‘3 partstructure’We edited our teaser trailer to create the 3 part structure byshowing the storyline build up. The first part of the teasertrailer is just mirroring Amys weird habbits such as some ofthe things she says and the way she acts. For example theway she stares at Rhiannah as they take the photo etc.Then the second part of our trailer is edited to show Amyactually acting different/ill. This part is structured to build upthe suspense within the trailer. The final part of thestructure of the teaser trailer is to show Amy actuallyattacking Faye. We decided to have the peak of our teasertrailer at the end to leave the audience confused andhopefully wanting more. Allowing them to ask questions onwhether the whole situation with Amy, Faye and Rhiannahgets resolved or not.
  7. 7. CaptionsWith our captions weused the blackbackground and thered text because itwent with our title.With have eachword reflectingbecause it wentwith the conceptof our teasertrailer ofeverything beingtwistedOur captionscontinuouslyappear throughoutthe trailer becauseagain was trying toshow that we werefollowing TheRoomates trailer.The captions are included toexplain the story line aswell, we used this idea to followthe conventions of thriller filmssuch as Saw, The Roomate(which we was following) andmany othersWe used the colour red forthe captions to insinuatethat there will possibly begore and blood involved inthe film allowing there tobe space for the audienceimagination to createscenes
  8. 8. Genre and how the trailer suggestsit• Our genre of our trailer is thriller. The trailer suggests that through the title firstly.Thrillers normally have a very twisted plot whether it being about stalkers or serialkillers. The fact that we named the trailer Twisted shows that we have actuallythought about how thrillers are presented so instead of being specific about whatour trailer is about we generalised it in a sense. Also the trailer used captions toexplain the plot likewise to most thriller movies. The red background and blac.ktext within it shows that there is likely to be blood and suspense just like othertrailers. Mainly our trailers plot suggests the genre is thriller because we believethat the trailer hopefully leaves people a bit uneasy from seeing Amy loosingsanity in the toilet, showing her weird and possessive obsession over Rhiannahand more just like a thriller film/trailer is supposed to
  9. 9. How key character traits suggests it• We showed our key characters firstly through theamount of time they had on screen. We think we showedthe fact that Rhiannah and Amy were key charactersbecause of the storyline was based around them mainlyand they were shown constantly throughout the trailer.Also we showed that the were main characters throughone being good and bad. In most thrillers there isnormally either a good/innocent character and avillian/bad character. We represented Rhiannah as theinnocent and good character clearly through herconstantly being nice to Amy and staying with her seenas she was the new girl. And we mirrored Amy to be thebad character through showing her attackingFaye, showing her acting abnormal and through her
  10. 10. Special EffectsWithin the trailer we used quite a variety of special effects such as turning shotsblack and white, fades in and out we edited the sound to have Amys voice echoand repeat after a specific word and many more. We decided on these specialeffects because again we viewed and analysed The Roomate trailer anddiscussed what we think would look good in our trailer. Attempting to keep itoriginal to us but obvious that we have grasped our idea from another trailer.
  11. 11. Length of trailerThe length of our trailer was hard to get exactlylike the actual length of a teaser trailer but wemanaged to do it in the end. We had to do a lot ofediting in order for it to be one minute and themfew seconds. We struggled to cut out all theseconds in shots that werent needed but we finallymanaged to do it. The captions helped because itexplained the storyline so if it became confusingwe were able to add a caption to help explainwhats going on.
  12. 12. MagazineThe magazine followed Empires conventions in avariety of ways. For example Empire magazinealways has the image covering the magazine title.With the image we used for our cover we wereable to follow that convention. Also with theplacing of where the trailer title is also followsEmpires conventions. So we think we made itobvious that we analysed how Empires layout isand how it correlated with what we were aiming todo. This enabled us to make the final decision thatwe were going to use Empire magazine for ourMagazine cover. Also we thin that our magazinecover shows the conventions of a thriller alsobecause we have kept the same text as the text inthe trailer, keeping continuity. Also the image ofRhiannah, Faye and Amy shows that theressomething not right with these three girls creatingan uneasy feel due to Amys facial expression.
  13. 13. PosterWe analysed a lot of film posters beforemaking our own poster and copied thestructure of the conventions. We decided toplace the names of people acting above theirpicture and we did this because this is how wehad seen it structured out in majority of posterswe looked at. Also this allowed us to add thetitle, release date and web link for the film atthe bottom of the image. We ended up with thisas our final image as our poster because thatis how we had seen it structured therefore wethink that we followed the conventions properlyand exhibited them well. Also we think ourposter follows the conventions of a thriller filmposter by having the dark red the ofbackground and also the way we have kept thecontinuity between colours enabling people tosee that the magazine cover and film postercorrelate.