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Syracuse catering


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Tiffany's Catering Company is the best off-premise caterer whose expertise is in breakfasts, picnics / barbecues, clambakes, pig roasts, hor d'oeuvres, buffets, cold lunches, stations, cocktail parties, dinners, and formal parties /events. Our competitive pricing includes excellent food and great service. Our experience and capability is your assurance of a successful party. We are established, professionally licensed, and insured. Tiffany's Catering is the largest in Central New York and there is a reason for it. We have been in the business since 1983 and can supply a list of respectable references. We are small enough to give you personalized service yet large enough to fulfill all your needs. Tiffany's is experienced in handling large events plus we hire only the finest chefs and culinary graduates in Central NY.

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Syracuse catering

  1. 1. Mailing Address: Phone Number: mail:Tiffany’s Catering Company 315.476.7630 tiffanys@tiffanyscatering.com101 Oak StreetSyracuse, NY 13203Tiffanys Catering Company is thebest off-premise caterer whoseexpertise is in breakfasts, picnicsbarbecues, clambakes, pig roasts, hordoeuvres, buffets, cold lunches,stations, cocktail parties, dinners,and formal parties /events. Ourcompetitive pricing includes excellentfood and great service. Ourexperience and capability is yourassurance of a successful party. Weare established, professionallylicensed, and insured. TiffanysCatering is the largest in Central NewYork and there is a reason for it. Wehave been in the business since 1983and can supply a list of respectablereferences. We are small enough togive you personalized service yetlarge enough to fulfill all your needs.Tiffanys is experienced in handlinglarge events plus we hire only thefinest chefs and culinary graduates inCentral NY.We are flexible and can designwhatever menu you would like andwill change our menus and pricing tosuit your needs. Tiffanys also offersadditional services for all of yourparty needs.An enjoyable time plus good food andservice for all involved is of greatimportance to Tiffanys Catering.Each event is assigned a freeProfessional Party Coordinator whowill follow your event from the timeit is booked through its conclusionand give your party the personalattention necessary to help make itan absolute success. Please see ourFrequently Asked Questions for someof the most common things you maywant to know.Tiffanys Catering Company is now aselect caterer at Arrowhead Lodge ofOneida Shores County Park.
  2. 2. Mailing Address: Phone Number: mail:Tiffany’s Catering Company 315.476.7630 tiffanys@tiffanyscatering.com101 Oak StreetSyracuse, NY 13203Call a Catering Servicefor That ImportantEventWhenever there is an occasion suchas a birthday party, wedding, or asimple get together; one thing isdefinitely for sure, you should alwayssee to it that you are able to providedelicious food for your guests andthat there should be more thanenough so that they wont be leftstarving during the event. Consideryourself lucky and gifted if youhappen to know how to cook andcome up with a good presentation.However, not everyone canaccomplish this challenging taskwhich is why you need to hire aprofessional catering service.Understand that this industry is verycompetitive these days which is whyyou should not rush when looking forone. Taking your time will also allowyou to find the perfect caterer whoseservices will be able to meet yourspecifications.The first thing you need to do first isto research on your various optionsbefore you decide to hire anyone.You can do your research on theinternet and even ask your relativesand close friends for suggestions.Once you have found a caterer, seeto it that you are able to take a lookat their menu. Doing so will enableyou to determine what food theyoffer and if they will be able to meetyour specifications. You will also beable to tell how much you will bespending for their overall services.Make sure that you inform themwhat the event is going to be so thatthey will be able to tailor everythingaround it.However, the best thing for you to dofirst is to set a budget so that you willbe able to base your decision on thisfactor. Doing so will also allow you tonarrow down your choices easily. Youshould also see to it how theprofessionals will charge you so thatyou will know how to pay them. Keepin mind that they often charge youfor every person who will be fed orfor the total cost of their menu.Although they might charge you acertain amount, there is still an openwindow for negotiations. Keep inmind that you should always do yourbest to negotiate so that you will be
  3. 3. Mailing Address: Phone Number: mail:Tiffany’s Catering Company 315.476.7630 tiffanys@tiffanyscatering.com101 Oak StreetSyracuse, NY 13203able to reach an agreement that willkeep the both of you happy andsatisfied. Bear in mind that there area lot of caterers who havespecializations. Just do your part sothat you will be able to make adecision that will keep you and yourguests happy and well fed.How to Run a CateringBusinessAs a caterer, you are aware that inorder to ensure that your businessruns smoothly, you need to passsome requirements first. In additionto that, you need to ensure that yourcatering business is up to par or evenbetter than the rest since this is anextremely competitive industry. Younever get to have the pleasure ofbreaks because there are people andevents that will require your serviceswhich is why you also need to makesure that they are able to get a holdof your contact information. Inaddition to that, you have areputation to uphold which is whyyou need to ensure that everythinggoes according to plan, and is spicand span from head to toe.You will be able to accomplish all ofthese by making sure that the foodyou prepare is always fresh and wellcooked. You will be able to loseclients easily if they start having anupset stomach after they have tastedwhat you have to offer. Make surethat you offer them the best becausenothing can destroy your business asfast as bad PR combined with word ofmouth. Remember, your clients are abig component in the success orfailure of your establishment which iswhy it is important that you keepthem happy and satisfied at all times.Aside from the food you provide,make sure you also have a great teambehind you. You will need cooks,bakers, waiters, and the like in yourteam due to the fact that you will notbe able to accomplish everything onyour own. It will also help you a greatdeal to hire a secretary who will beable to organize all of yourengagements systematically andremind you in case you forgetsomething. Having a great team is anasset because these professional menand women will be able to come up
  4. 4. Mailing Address: Phone Number: mail:Tiffany’s Catering Company 315.476.7630 tiffanys@tiffanyscatering.com101 Oak StreetSyracuse, NY 13203with a set up that will keep yourclientele happy.Aside from all of these, you alwaysneed to make sure that everything isclean; from your tables, chairs, food,set up, and the like. Your clients willdefinitely appreciate this as opposedto serving them their food on dirtyplates. You will be able to ensure thateverything is clean as long as youclean up after yourself. Once youhave accomplished all of these, yourlist of clientele will keep on growingbecause they will get word of yourservices among the sea of availablecaterers.Tips and Tricks to GetTop-Notch CateringSpecial events such as weddings,birthdays, and anniversaries willnever be complete without the rightcatering service. Good food is not justfor a great gastronomical experience.It also allows people to interact welland survive the party with acontented feeling. This post offers afew tips on getting top-notchcaterers.What are the steps in looking for areliable catering company?a. Ask your family members or friendsin case that they have possiblereferrals. Keep in mind that it isbetter to employ the businessthathave served the ones you know in thepast in order to get a primary accountof their service quality.b. For probable catering services inyour neighborhood, you may also surfthe World Wide Web. You can checkout their packages, get hold of theircontact details, and analyze theirprices via their respective websites.d. Since special events usually involvelots of expenses, make it a point thatyou have set a reasonable spendingbudget for the caterers beforehand.How can you establish thereputability of the caterer?a. Find out how long they have beenproviding catering services. The oneswho have at least two years ofexperience are better options.b. Check out the kind of foodthatthey usually serve. They should be
  5. 5. Mailing Address: Phone Number: mail:Tiffany’s Catering Company 315.476.7630 tiffanys@tiffanyscatering.com101 Oak StreetSyracuse, NY 13203able to provide you with a wide arrayof choices.c. Ask whether they can set anappointment for food tasting. Thisallows you to carefully select themenu options that suit yourpreferences.d. Request for contact details of theirprevious clients to get referrals andcomments about the way they serveevents.How can you book their services?a. After your taste tests, figure outthe kind of meal combinations thatyou want and ask them to provideyou with a price quote. See to it thatyou present them with the number ofpeople who will be present in yourevent.b. In case you have guests withspecial diet preferences, let thecaterers know about this ahead oftime so that special plates may beprepared for them.c. A meal package frequently includesa service crew to make the eventmore organized. Usually, waiters andfood servers are sent. Ask whetheryou still need to pay an extra amountfor the salary of their staff.d. Find out whether tables, chairs,utensils, plates, bowls, and servingdishes are already part of the paidpackage.e. Ask for a price breakdown andreceipt before sealing the deal.Take all the time you need inchoosing your caterers. Keep in mindthat meals can make or break yourparty. Follow the guidelines listedabove to help you out.