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Tips For Closing A Sale


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Tips For Closing A Sale

  1. 1. Tips for Closing a Sale…. 1. Close with a strong positive mental attitude. Assume your customer is going to buy and never doubt his intentions to do so. 2. By the same token, you want to relax your customer by letting him/her feel it doesn't matter to you whether he buys or not. "Everyone likes to buy... nobody likes to be sold." Create a "buying atmosphere." 3. Never pressure your customer with direct questions like, "Do you want it?" 4. To be successful in closing, you must have the will to win. Selling is a win-win situation or a lose-lose situation. 5. Always remember, "One more reason to buy." 6. Continually reassure your customer that he is making the right decision by purchasing. 7. In every presentation, always ask for the sale by asking the close question. 8. After giving each "one more reason to buy," always ask for the sale by asking the close question again. 9. It is important that there not be a distinction between the demonstration and the close. They should flow smoothly from one to the other. 10. RELAX--At this point in your demonstration, you can make your customer uptight or relax him, depending on what your attitude and feelings are. If you relax, he will relax. This helps establish trust and confidence. 11. Be sure to use third person testimonials. 12. Don't make your offer too wordy and confusing--remember, "a confused prospect never buys." Make the close as simple as possible. Go low and slow. And if you need more motivation….check out this link, but make sure your speakers are on low and no one hears it.