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Julian: Science Friday- Electric Cars


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Students were given an assignment to listen to a Sci Fri episode and create a presentation around the subject

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Julian: Science Friday- Electric Cars

  1. 1. The New Electric Car Will the new green machine defeat the unclean? Presenting the Chevy Volt
  2. 2. The Chevy Volt - The new Chevy volt is the car sensation sweeping the nation. ‘j*'* ‘C ‘» I g V/ . I J 7' —¢. we L‘ . ,— ' I I’ 1"
  3. 3. Features s How is the Volt powered? The volt is powered mostly by battery. However, if you run out of battery, the "”vo| t has a small gas engine that kicks in while you’re driving. You recharge your volt by plugging it in overnight and it recharges the battery.
  4. 4. Features 4* Why have a Gas Engine? Its purpose is to power and recharge your car whentyou run out of battery power. Also the "’’gas engine recharges the battery while you are driving. Another reason why is so that if a lot of people buy the volt GM and Chevy don’t all of the money there making of off oil.
  5. 5. Pros and Cons s Pros The Chevy volt is a lot cheaper than other regular electric cars. It is emissions free. Also, / . if you run out of battery power while driving, the cars small gas will recharge the battery while you are driving. ‘ Cons The Chevy Volt takes about 6 hours to recharge its battery. Also, you only get 40 miles to the battery.
  6. 6. Why is the Volt not a Hybnd? * The Volt is not considered a hybrid because its gas engine is used fora different purpose. In most electric . »/cars, the gas engine only kicks in when it is not good for the battery to be used. For example, when the car is going up hill. The Volts gas engine however, only kicks in when the battery is completely dead.
  7. 7. History of electric cars at GM, General motors introduced their first '“_, '_‘ electric car in T996. It was called the if v* EVT. It ran off of rechargeable batteries that you could recharge in your house. It was a"‘coo| ” easy to use car that was “good for the environment. But, General Motors only leased the EVl s to customers. And, in l999 they took them all back. No one knew exactly why, but a lot of people believe GM recalled the EVl because it was too good of a product. They were afraid the Evl significantly reduce gas sales.
  8. 8. History of electric cars at GM 8 years after GM takes back the EVl they finally introduce The Chevy Volt at the 2007 Detroit car show. The T”/ Volt is expected to be available to customers in 2010.
  9. 9. Other Electric cars it Tesla Roadster The Tesla Roadster will be the first ever / /all electric sports car. Apparently it can go from O to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. Also, it will be able to travel 245 miles on one battery. ,
  10. 10. Other Electric cars at The Venturi Fetish The Venturi Fetish is mostly on electric sports car. ltgoes from O to 60 in under 5 9’/ seconds and gets 250 km to the battery. The battery is rechargeable in only one hour . ; ; 3~*‘’’'’ . "‘j‘ ‘Q