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iChange Project

  1. 1. Table of Content Introduction to AIESEC. Introduction to “iChange”. “iChange” Model “iChange”2012-2013 Timeline. Team Structure Job DescriptionContact:Nguyen Bien Minh Tu – “iChange” ProjectEmail:tu.nguyenbienminh@aiesec.netPhone: +84 (0) 166 341 2280
  2. 2. AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-driven youth run organization and aninternational platform for young people to discover and develop their potentialwhile making positive impact on the society.AIESEC currently have 60.000 active members in 107 countries and more than1700 universities. Every year, AIESEC delivered an internship opportunity for morethan 10.000 students worldwide .Originated from the idea that Vietnamese students haven’t had many chances todiscover and develop their potentials for future use, AIESEC FTU HCMC introducesthe “iChange” Project.The “iChange” Project, with the participation of international students comingfrom over 15 countries and regions in the world, is expected to createopportunities for high school students to exchange culture and knowledge withforeign friends, to develop their soft skills and to become a global citizen wholater on, create positive impact on the society.Project Duration: 1st June – 1st January, 1stFeb – 30th JuneTarget Audience: High school students from16-17 years oldMission: Provide students a chance to developtheir potentials and to change themselves in abetter way.
  3. 3. Global Citizen ModelGlobal Citizens is the application of the concept of citizenship to a global level.Global Citizens have knowledge about current world, energetic, creative andhighly adaptable to new working and living environment.According to AIESEC, there are 5competencies for students to develop tobecome a global citizen . They are:Global mindset, Entrepreneur outlook,Emotional Intelligence, ProductiveLearning and Social ResponsibilityiChange expects to create opportunitiesfor high school students to complete 5Global Competencies aboveiChange 2012-2013Mission: First launched in 2012, “iChange” aims to develop 2 out of 5competencies which are: Global Mindset and Social Responsibility.To achieve such mission, Global Citizen conducts a program with 3 steps, eachstep will create a certain change on students, from attitude to knowledge and lastbut not least, action.
  4. 4. Step 1: iSee ( Global Village )Objectives Key Activities Attendances+ Initiate Students’ passion + Global Village + 450 studentsabout “Global Mindset”. + 3 Schools+ Initiate Students’ + 18 internationalawareness for global social studentsissuesStep 2: iLearn ( Global Competencies Workshops ) Objectives Key Activities Attendances+ Provide students knowledge +”Global Mindset” + 480 studentsand skills to develop “Global Workshops + 15 internationalMindset Competencies students+ Raise Students’ awareness +”Social Responsibility”about global issues WorkshopsStep 3: iDo ( Camp )Objectives Key Activities Attendances+ Provide Students a chance + Mini Camp + 560 Studentswork in a global environment schools+ Create an opportunity for + 20 internationalstudents to raise their voice + Summer Camp studentsabout global issues
  5. 5. Project Leader OC Event +OC ER + X Promo OC Event +OC ER + X Promo OC Event +OC ER + X Promo
  6. 6. OC External Relation and Exchange:ER+X TRAINING RECIEVED:X:+ Build TN Proposal, Project Proposal. + Project Understanding Training - PL+ Build and Update Interns Database + Sales Training - Fundraising Team+ Raise/Attract-Set interview/Match + My aiesec.net and intern servicingInterns training - PL+ Conduct Introduction/Farewell for + Event Management training - PLinterns+ Ensure Effective Communication SKILL LEARNED:between interns and Vietnamesemembers + Customer focus, teamwork,+ Support OC EP when working with negotiation.interns + Event organizing, Proposal planning,+ Manage Performance for Interns Beraucratic understanding, CultureER: conflict understanding.+ Contact/Set meeting with Schools * Leadersship+ Contact/Set meeting with LearningPartner+ Ensure communication between OCEvents and Schools/LP ( regularlyupdate info for both sides)+ Follow up and manage partnershipwith Schools/LPsMeasure of Success+ No.of interns matched+ Service/Intergration delivered tointerns (evaluation form)+ No.of schools/LP partnership+ Percentage of participation in event
  7. 7. OC Events and Promotions:EVENT + PROMOTION TRAINING RECIEVED:EVENT+ Build framework + revise content for + Project Understanding Training - PL3 main events: seminars/global village + Event Management training - PLand camp + IT Training - PL + HFC member+ Build detailed content for events + Finance + Logistics and Delegationswith interns training - PL + COP member+ Build Budget Plan for each event+ Conduct and manage events SKILL LEARNED:PROMOTION+ Conduct Training Skills for interns + Creativity, communication,+ Design all materials including teamworkposters, clips for events + Event organizing, Event planning,+ Design and ensure Communication Designing, Promotion/understanding ,Flow inside the team Culture conflict understanding.+ Conduct internal bondings * Leadership.Measure of Success+ Evaluation of attendances of events(4/5)+ Intern understanding about Project+ Effective communication inside theteam