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  1. 1. P E R M A C U L T U R E D E S I G N C E R T I F I C A T E PDC Centro de Permacultura Tierra del Sol O a x a c a , C e n t r a l Va l l e y. M é x i c o PDC" 2nd - 14th March 2014 2nd - 14th March 2014 To secure a spot on the course you will need to pay a deposit. We work strictly on a first come first served basis, as our courses are usually oversubscribed. T Internship pricing / bookings !"#$%#&#'%()#&*+(& )#$,&+()&-#.(',& !+"/0*1&& Discounts H E C O U R We do not offer discounted rates as our courses are designed to be low cost, however as part of our effort to I 2 $ 1,100. usd *$ 980. usd *Early Bird Discount (If paid before Dec. 10th) S E I S L I M Contact support people on lower incomes, we act as a Course Provider for Wethetrees.com a Permaculture Crowdsourcing site where you can create a campaign and raise the additional fees yourself. (You still need to pay the initial deposit to secure a space). T E D T O 5 P E O P Please contact adriana(at) tierradelsol.org.mx for more info/ booking details... L E Tierra del Sol Seeing integration as key to all we do, we draw heavily on the work of Holistic Management® and Keyline Design® as well as other pioneering Regenerative Agriculture, Ecological and Social system designers. is excited to offer a 2 week residential Permaculture Design "I would 100% recommend this course to Certificate course with one of anybody who wants to learn more about Europe’s most active Permaculture! It's delivered in such an Permaculturists. This intensive inspiring and knowledgeable way, that when course will empower you with the you finish the training you can't wait to put it all into practice!" IP_PDC student, Sweden 2013 effective design solutions, skills and approach to create resilient, synergistic systems that are storytelling and hands on practical/ ecologically sound, economically demonstration exercises. We bring profitable and meet your needs. design into the course regularly, this is a design course and our This course has a pre-set curriculum experience shows that students who based on the broad and integrative participate in a single final design at content of Bill Mollison's the end of a course, as is Permaculture: A Designers Manual. “traditional” often fail to fully grasp During the course, we will touch on the design process coherently and every major topic in the book, comprehensively. combining dynamic lecture- This PDC course is facilitated by RICHARD PERKINS and is internationally accredited by the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) Australia (PRI Registered Teacher No. 24) and the Permaculture Association UK. This ensures you are you being trained by a personally vetted field trained professional, actively engaged in design and with recognized teaching skill. Richard has worked in every major climate zone across various countries and is engaged in teaching and design full time. You can progress to a Diploma upon successful completion of a certified PDC training. Centro de Permacultura Tierra del Sol! 1
  2. 2. P E R M A C U L T U R E D E S I G N C E R T I F I C A T E Centro de Permacultura Ti e r r a d e l S o l Oaxaca, Central Valley, Mexico. The course curriculum will cover: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 2! Theory and principles of Permaculture. Methods of design. Digital Design, CAD and GIS systems. Understanding patterns in nature. Water harvesting and management. Keyline Design.® Designing water into landscape. Drought-proofing. Water harvesting and droughtproofing. Trees & their energy transactions. Trees, water and energy cycling. Forest Gardens and Agroforestry Systems. Eco-friendly house placement and design. Energy efficient architecture. Bio Construction. Energy conservation techniques. Earthworks & their use in earth repair. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Soils, Composts, Bio Fertilizers. Soil Microscopy. Soil rehabilitation and erosion control. Organic food production. Regenerative Livestock Management. Holistic Management.® Aquaculture. Ecological pest control. Climatic factors. Strategies for urban and rural settings. Recycling and waste management. Right livelihood. Catastrophe preparedness and prevention. Money and finance. Ethical investment. Bio regional organization. Effective working groups. Community Building. Decision Making. Leadership Development. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Designing for urban and rural situations. Creating a balanced soil food web. Pattern Understanding. Intensive annual and perennial food and animal systems. Orchard and food forest design. System planning + integration. Design for different biospheres: tropics / drylands / cool climates Appropriate technologies for future communities. Strategies for building healthy, resilient communities. You can read a more detailed schedule of our course outline here Centro de Permacultura Tierra del Sol
  3. 3. P E R M A C U L T U R E D E S I G N C E R T I F I C A T E Practical aspects of the courses: ! Compost making. ! Growing under cover. ! Coppicing. ! Compost Tea making. ! Grafting fruit trees. ! Forest Garden planting. ! Soil microscopy. ! Taking/ preparing cuttings. ! Growing Fungi. ! Bio Fertilizer preparations. ! Keyline® Plowing. ! Bio Construction. ! Mulch Systems. ! Pasture Examination. ! Clay oven making. ! Tool use & care. ! Earth Resources Inspections. ! Pond construction. ! Surveying & mapping. ! Tree preparation. ! Preserving food. ! Establishing gardens. ! Tree planting. ! Bread baking. PDC" 2nd - 14th March 2014 Course Tutor Richard Perkins is one of Europe's most active Permaculture professionals, teaching and consulting through every major climate zone on 4 continents. Highly regarded internationally as a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) teacher, Richard is certified by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and the Permaculture Association of Great Britain.   Taking a training with Richard will fast track your Permaculture learning;  many of Richards students from around the world are engaged full time in regenerative systems work, empowering communities and impacting local agricultures via their own properties as well as community resilient developments. Having studied up to MSc level (IESD- Gaia U), Richard holds a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design (UK), HND Organic Crop Production (UK) and has studied extensively in the fields of Ecology, Anthropology and Sociology.  With years of experience in Organic crop production, integrative systems design and community development Richard is currently concentrating on teaching world class trainings from PDC courses to specialist & advanced trainings worldwide.   Integrating   Keyline Design and Holistic Management principles into a cohesive and dynamic design framework, Richards' PDC trainings bring back the Design to Permaculture Design Courses.   Richard   has worked on extensive system design and implementation from  small scale food production through to farm management, agroforestry to edible forest systems, water catchment, treatment and irrigation systems, business design and overhaul, edible landscaping to Keyline design, community building and empowerment, natural building with adobe, cob, straw-bale, timber and bamboo in cool, cold and warm temperate, semi- arid, sub- tropical and wet tropical climates.  Integralpermanence   collaborates with experts around the globe and is available for flexible and dynamic consultancy services.  Richard focus primarily on building soil, and place the highest emphasis on functionally interconnecting biological systems to regenerate ecosystems through profitable business enterprises that maintain very high quality of living.
  4. 4. P E R M A C U L T U R E D E S I G N C E R T I F I C A T E About the site: Tierra del Sol is a dry-climate Permaculture Center located in the central valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico. The project started in 2001 in a 2-hectare rural property with the goal of establishing a sustainable-living site adapted to the drought conditions prevailing in the dry tropics. The focus of the work at Tierra del Sol is to put into practice methods of regenerative agriculture, natural building and ecological restoration, and to offer a meeting point where groups and individuals interested in proposals of self- "Richard displays a !wonderful didactic blend of!charisma,!engagement, team-building, empowerment and humility"... IP_PDC Student, Belgium Mar 2013 reliant and simple lifestyles can share their knowledge and PDC" experiences. We believe that a fertile soil, a healthy ecosystem and the wisdom of the people who work and care for the land are the most valuable asset  of any country. We hope Tierra del Sol will inspire the young, as well as men and women of all ages, to restore and preserve this natural wealth, and will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. 2nd - 14th March 2014 What is Permaculture? Target Audience “Permaculture consciously and intelligently integrates regenerative agricultural ecosystems with socially just environments to produce fulfilling, stable and ethically sound livelihoods through whole systems management. Reflecting natural patterns, flows and relationships, permaculture design functionally interconnects diverse elements in highly cooperative and mutually beneficial arrangements that display robust energy efficiency and abundance of yield. The ethic of reinvesting surplus into natural and social forms of capital promotes care of all beings and the planetary systems.” Richard Perkins This training is aimed to support anyone wishing to better understand how to approach integrated and holistic management of brittle landscapes. This training is especially suited to anyone wishing to actively participate in creating a positive post-carbon future. Permaculture design is a system of assembling conceptual, material, and strategic components in a pattern which functions to benefit life in all its forms. The philosophy behind permaculture is one of working with, rather than against, nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless action; of looking at systems in all their functions, rather than asking only one yield of them; and allowing systems to demonstrate their own evolutions. 4! There is no prerequisite for this training, and it is suited to people with experience in Permaculture and related fields as well as people who are completely new to allowing observable patterns in nature guide our interactions and disturbances on the landscape. The training will involve a dynamic combination of lecture- story telling, group design and practical demonstrations and sample site work. Upon Successful completion of the courses training participants will receive a certificate from Integralpermanence. Centro de Permacultura Tierra del Sol
  5. 5. P E R M A C U L T U R E What can you do to prepare for the internship? We do think it is helpful to start thinking about ecological systems, and permaculture design in advance. Read! Find a book about design, organic gardening, integrated systems, ecology and solution- based exploration of our world's problems, etc. Any of these subjects will provide you with some context prior to the lessons of the course. D E S I G N C E R T I F I C A T E Towel and non toxic toiletries. Sunscreen/ hat/ gloves, etc if you need them. ! Notebook and good pens for taking notes. ! Beginners Mind - be open to learning from everyone present. ! High quality chocolate (optional but appreciated!). ! Laptop/ external hard drive if you like. ! Maybe your favorite coffee. ! A story/ Myth/ legend from your local area... ! ! If you have a specific piece of property or ecological area that you are primarily interested in applying Permaculture principals to, sit and observe it, map it, read What should I bring about it, and talk to others who with me? are working in similar environments. Then, bring that information with you to the Bring what you need to be course. Google Earth locations comfortable. We will provide and clear aerial photographs/ delicious and nutritious food but maps are very useful in larger perhaps bring any special treats designs. We may be able to use it that we may not be able to cater for a design project. Most of all, for. be excited to learn and be ready to soak up the information the ! Work clothes, which you are training and internship has to happy to get dirty. ! Non-work clothes (short sleeves offer! and shorts). ! Flashlight / Head lamp. ! Books- bring a few to show to others. Centro de Permacultura Tierra del Sol! While you're at the course... The daily schedule is intensive, yet dynamic and sense engaging. We will have the middle Sunday off for site visit/relaxation. To receive a PDC certificate you are required to fully participate in the training days, evening sessions are optional but very useful to extend the days learning. Session Name Time Minutes A 09:00 – 10:30 90 Break 10:30 – 11:00 30 B 11:00 – 12:30 90 Lunch 12:30 – 14:00 90 C 14:00 – 15:30 90 Break 15:30 – 16:00 30 D 16:00 – 17:30 90 E Evening Session 5
  6. 6. P E R M A C U L T U R E Why take your PDC with Integralpermanence? Integralpermanence courses are internationally accredited by the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), Australia (PRI Registered Teacher No. 24) and the Permaculture Association UK. This ensures you are you being trained by a personally vetted field trained professional, actively engaged in design and with recognized teaching skill. You can progress to a Diploma upon successful completion of a certified PDC training. D E S I G N C E R T I F I C A T E Works with world-class practioners and teachers, whilst Integralpermanence often run solo trainings we also team up with some of the best in the field for PDC trainings. Past CoTeachers on IP_PDC courses can be seen here. "A deep dynamic well!of!hands!on experience delivered with!the joy and love that the!earth needs now..."! IP_PDC student, Thailand, 2009 Offers a clear and scientific approach to design. Permaculture is a design science; metaphysics is not included in our curriculum, for good reason. Students of all backgrounds and religions are fully welcome and respected. help ourselves. We are constantly actively researching to bring you the cutting edge of regenerative design. As integrationalists our course content is ever being refined and updated for the benefit of all. Supports you after the training with both personal and Permaculture Design and professional experience in further Regenerative Ag are our full studies we can offer advice, time passion We are committed support and recommend further to regenerating soils, farms and learning opportunities for those communities around the globe. wishing to take design further. We run an extensive education We have acted as and consultancy service and have mentors in designed in over a dozen longer term countries on 4 continents in every education major climate zone. Aside from more detailed schedule of our course programs, our busy teaching schedule we outline here notably the 2 yr have consulted for a variety of Teaches principle-based Permaculture Diploma, as well as projects and clients. We invest Permaculture design, so you will run a wide variety of workshops our surplus into understand how to apply design and trainings to students from furthering our to any unique site you study, over 45 countries through all work. For regardless of the climate or climate zones. example in 2013 circumstance. How to approach we have design is key to our trainings, and imported the first Yeomans Plow our experience in every major into Northern Europe and People Care is woven into our climate zone means we can acquired a digital enabled soil courses We live as a learning impart very broad and practical microscopy unit. community during the course knowledge and experience. and we invest time and energy into the People care aspect of our Applies DESIGN to our course courses to make sure you get the format, as designers we just can’t most out of your experience. Brings the DESIGN back into the Permaculture Design Course with multiple design exercises throughout the course. Our experience shows that students engaging in multiple design exercises synthesize the course content much more effectively, and produce more competent and actionable designs. You can read a 6! Centro de Permacultura Tierra del Sol
  7. 7. P E R M A C U L T U R E D E S I G N C E R T I F I C A T E Integralpermanence Integrating   Keyline Design   and   Holistic Management   principles into a cohesive and dynamic design framework, Richards' PDC trainings bring back the Design to Permaculture Design Courses. Included in your course fee: Internet Travel Insurance The course fee is all inclusive of your stay at Tierra del Sol, including food, etc. We carry an extensive set of Digital Resources and an extensive physical library at our local trainings; bring an external 500gb hard drive! The wireless internet access will be on from 1pm to 4pm. This is provided for emails, research, web browsing, and skype (or similar), but it is not to be used for downloading, i.e. movies, music, pictures, and large files (small Word and PDFs are ok). Your course fee also includes links to further resources on all subjects covered in this course, reading lists and digital resources if you bring a portable hard drive as well as ongoing advice and assistance in questions that might arise beyond the course completion. No internet assess will be provided for use in the class room or the eating area. If you´ll be Is recommended that all our international students have comprehensive travel insurance for cancellation, medical expenses, personal accident, personal baggage, money and liability before traveling. Travel insurance is relatively cheap and can be purchased through a number of channels. Please speak with your travel agent for further details. Accommodations LODGEMENT IS INCLUDED in the price of the course. There are Camping facilities, with solar showers and composting toilets. You should bring your camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag). using internet, bring your own laptop. Farm access to an office computer will not be provided unless it is an emergency. Food FOOD IS INCLUDED in the cost of tuition. Meals are fresh and healthy. We offer vegetarian meals and occasional meat meals. We have a cooker during the internship who will be serving 3 meals a day. We ask you to wash your dishes and help cleaning the dinning area after each meal. Please be aware that we provide catering We have shared rooms available for the first 12 persons who book the course!!! of all meals during teaching days. Free days during course are not catered for. Please Note: We are only able to cater for OvoLactoVegetarian options. If you have an alternative diet, you may need to supplement your diet with some of your own food during your stay. Centro de Permacultura Tierra del Sol! 7
  8. 8. P E R M A C U L T U R E D E S I G N C E R T I F I C A T E Permaculture Design Certificate Code of conduct Refund Policy Incoming students should be aware that although Tierra del Sol is still within its development stage, we consider ourselves a serious educational facility and as such we have a few policies in place. These include: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Care of the Earth. Care of People. We expect that all staff, volunteers, guests and students conduct themselves in a cooperative manner and show respect to others. Tierra del Sol is a DRUG and ALCOHOL free zone. We expect everyone to dress modestly. As with most other educational institutions, clothing with foul language or obscene images, tank tops or muscle shirts and mini-skirts are not acceptable. At no stage are guests or students allowed to operate any of the equipment on site unless directed by Tierra del Sol staff. No pets. If you need clarification on any of these policies please do not hesitate to ask. Unless otherwise stated, as long as you notify us at least 25 days prior to the commencement of the course, Tierra del Sol will refund your course fee, less an administration fee of $200.usd (or local currency equivalent).  Alternatively we can credit the full amount towards any future course.  If you notify us of your need to cancel within 25 days of your course commencement, your payment is not refundable. You can however transfer your ticket to another name for that same course, and let us know or potentially join a later course. In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel a course you will promptly receive a full refund.  Tierra del Sol is not liable for travel arrangements/ expenses in the rare event of a course being cancelled, so please consider this before confirming travel. For further information for this course please contact info(at)tierradelsol.org.mx www.tierradelsol.org.mx 8! Centro de Permacultura Tierra del Sol
  9. 9. P E R M A C U L T U R E D E S I G N C E R T I F I C A T E Directions to Tierra del Sol, Permaculture Center La granja se ubica 20 kms al este de la Ciudad de Oaxaca, en las afueras de la población de Tlacochahuaya. Saliendo de la Cd. de Oaxaca en automóvil tomas la carretera panamericana 190 hacia el este, rumbo a Mitla. Aproximadamente a 20 kms encontrarás a mano derecha la salida a Tlacochahuaya; tomas esa salida que te llevará hacia el sur por una carretera muy recta. Justo antes de la única curva de esa carretera, antes de entrar al pueblo, verás un camino ancho de terracería a tu izquierda, también muy recto. Lo tomas y a partir de este punto sigues una regla muy sencilla: vas a encontrar 4 entronques… los dos primeros viras a la derecha y los dos restantes a la izquierda….eso te lleva a las puertas de la granja. En transporte público puedes tomar el autobús a Tlacochahuaya en el parque de beisbol de la ciudad de Oaxaca. Te bajas en la plaza principal del pueblo y de ahí tomas un moto-taxi que te trae a la granja en menos de 10 minutos. PDC" 2nd - 14th March 2014 www.tierradelsol.org.mx info(at)tierradelsol.org.mx +52 (951) 128.4939 Centro de Permacultura Tierra del Sol Pablo Ruiz y Adriana Guzmán Paraje Langueche Pozo 7 Bis Tlacochahuaya, Oaxaca Central Valley, Mexico.