Maynooth Castle, Co. Kildare


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Maynooth Castle, Co. Kildare, Ireland

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Maynooth Castle, Co. Kildare

  1. 1. Maynooth Castle
  2. 2. The Normans Lived in Normandy, France and areas of England and Wales. Their ancestors were the Vikings (Norsemen)
  3. 3. Why did the Normans come to Ireland? • Invited to Ireland by Dermot Mc Murragh • Dermot was the king of Leinster, but was driven out of his homeland Dermot Mc Murragh
  4. 4. Dermot Mc Murragh in trouble • He went to King Henry II for help. • Henry wouldn’t help but wrote him a letter giving permission for others to help • Finally, Dermot got Richard de Clare (Strongbow to help. He made a deal with him. King Henry II Richard de Clare
  5. 5. The Normans arrive • The Normans landed in Wexford in 1169 • They captured Wexford and Waterford • Strongbow married Aoife, Dermot’s daughter • Strongbow became king of Leinster when Dermot died
  6. 6. Normans in battle Look at the chain mail, and lances. What advantages did horses bring?
  7. 7. Norman life Norman house Clothes
  8. 8. Norman life Leather shoes Food
  9. 9. Maynooth Castle • In 1176 Strongbow granted the manor of Maynooth to Maurice Fitzgerald • Fitzgerald erected a castle for protection against the native Irish. • It was most likely a wooden castle at first. Gradually the Fitzgeralds rebuilt it in stone.
  10. 10. Castle defences • Maynooth Castle was sited between two rivers. There may have also been a moat • The guard tower had arrow and crossbow slits
  11. 11. • Murder hole Castle defences Drawbridge
  12. 12. • Battlements Castle defences Machilocations
  13. 13. Coat of Arms Note the monkeys!
  14. 14. Garderobe (Wardrobe and toilet)
  15. 15. Castle guard house
  16. 16. Ruins of Castle