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E Profile Fsb

  2. 2. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012 2011FPT School of Business (FSB) FSB was established on February 28th, 2009, formallyHanoi School of Business (HSB) – Vietnam NationalUniversity. FSB has over 15 years of experience in training andconsulting in Business Administration, and has been recognized Classicalas the best business school in Vietnam by Eduniversal in thethree consecutive years from 2008 to 2010. Philosophy of FSB is a member of FPT Group – the second largest teachingprivate economic Group in Vietnam with 11 member companies “Hollywood”and 3 associated companies; and ranked 14th in the wholeVietnam’s economy (according to statistics from United andNations Development Program). In accordance with VNR500- “2Cgames”TOP 500 Vietnamese Largest Enterprises in 2010, FPT Groupwith the sales over 1 billion USD was the second largest privateGroup throughout the country (after 3 consecutive years leadingthis ranking from 2007 to 2009). Our strategic objective is to continue to serve as theleading school of Business Administration in Vietnam,providing international studying environment and movingtowards the progress and prosperity of business communities inVietnam and the world. 2
  3. 3. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012GENERAL INFORMATION School name: FPT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS English name: FPT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Abbreviated FSB name Headquarters: Block C, Vietnam-Australia Building (VAS), My Dinh 1, Tu Liem, Hanoi Tel: (04) 262871918 Fax: (04) 262871828 E-mail: hcc@fsb.edu.vn Website: www.fsb.edu.vnTRAINING AND CONSULTING SERVICESFPT School of Business (FSB) has been offering training courses on Master of BusinessAdministration (MBA), Master of International Business Administration (Ie-MBA),Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance and Banking, and short-term trainingcourses with high quality and international standard. In 2011, FSB had over 1,000undergraduates, over 900 MBA students; and nearly 3,500 students finished short-termcourses on management.FSB’s training programs are developed to meet urgent needs of supplementing andupdating knowledge as well as skills of students who are desired to be great leaders ofhigh competitive enterprises. Currently, FSB are offering more than 140 trainingprograms to improve qualifications, management skills as well as soft skills of senior andmiddle leaders of businesses and source staff. 3
  4. 4. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012FSB is committed to providing courses with the best quality of specialty and servicethrough stages of surveys and analysis of industry, practical conditions and needs ofbusinesses; and distinctive design of training contents meeting specific needs of studentsand training objectives of businesses. By this approach, FSB has managed to be alwaysbeside businesses in their course of development.LECTURERS AT FSBFSB has local and foreign lecturers who have specialized knowledge, practical businessexperience as well as good understanding of cultural features. Lecturers, staff, advisoryboard, alumni, students and strategic partners have the common desire of making FSB theleading school of business administration in Vietnam.After nearly 3 years of operation, FSB is now having 150 official staff and lecturers, ofwhich 40% hold Master Degrees and higher, 35% have been trained abroad and 5% areforeign lecturers. Besides, FSB also has over 500 visiting lecturers holding MasterDegrees and higher, and having at least 5 years of teaching experience. Lecturers holdingDoctorate Degrees account for 62% of the total lecturers, of which 22% are titledAssociate Professors.With the desire to continuously update and supplement new knowledge, skills andworking experience in international business environment, FSB has put much emphasison the development and recruitment of foreign lecturers and the development ofpartnership with international universities. There are currently over 50 foreign lecturersfrom the U.S, France, Singapore engaging in research, teaching and scientific advisoryactivities at FSB.INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSIn the process of organizing and implementing long-term and short-term training courses,FSB has received cooperation and support from international partner such as:  Amos Tuck School of Business –Darthmouth University, the United States 4
  5. 5. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012  School of Business Administration– University of Applied Science Northwestern, Switzerland.  Rouen School of Business Administration – France  Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS)  EastAsia Consulting Group(s), Pte, Ltd (EAC)  Management Development Institute of Singapore  Smartteam School of Business Administration, Singapore  Sungkyunkwan University, Korea  Hankuk University, Korea  Instituts of Administration and Economics (IAE) - FranceCLIENTSFSB’s clients are:  Public corporations and groups  Banks, securities companies, insurance companies.  Small and medium enterprises.  Foreign-invested enterprises  Foreign companies and associations  Non-governmental organizations  Practice associationsFSB’ training courses are designed for senior and middle managers of businesses. FSBhas been a strategic partner of businesses in the design and implementation of updatedcourses on management knowledge and skills to help businesses face with globalizationchallenge. Clients for the mentioned training activities are as follows: 5
  6. 6. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012 Telecommunications  Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT)  EVN Telecom  Hanoi Telecom (HNT)  MobiFone Aviation  Vietnam Airlines  Pacific Airlines Cement Production Industry  Vietnam Cement Industry Corporation Construction  Housing and Urban Development Holdings (HUD)  Song Da Corporation  Song Da 7 Joint Stock Company  Song Da 909 Joint Stock Company  Urban Development Infrastructue Company (UDIC) Finance and Banking Services  Vietcombank  Bank for Investment and Development of (BIDV)  Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (VBARD)  PetroVietnam Finance Corporation (PVFC)  Techcombank 6
  7. 7. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012  Petrovietnam Insurance Corporation (PVIC)  Maritime Bank  An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBank)  Military Bank (MBank) Oil and Gas Manufacturing and Exploitation  PetroVietnam Garment and textile  Vietnam Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) Information Technology  FPT Group  HPT Company  FSOFT JSC Company 7
  9. 9. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. DR. TRUONG GIA BINH Associate Professor. Dr. Truong Gia Binh has been the chairman of Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) from 2001, the chairman of Vietnam Young Enterprise Association from 1998, the head of Hanoi School of Business (HSB) – Vietnam National University, Hanoi from 1995, and the chairman of the Board of Directors of FPT Corporation since 1998 Associate Professor. Dr. Mr. Binh graduated from Moscow University, year 1974- Truong Gia Binh 1979, major in Mathematics and Physics. He successfully Chairman of the Board of defended his PhD thesis in Mathematics and Physics also Directors at this university in 1982 and was titled Associate FPT Corporation Professor by the State of Vietnam in 1990. Mr. Binh teaches Leadership and Corporate Culture at FSB. 9
  10. 10. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012DR. TA NGOC CAU Dr. Ta Ngoc Cau is a Fulbright Scholar at School of Business Administration - James Madison University, VA, the USA. He graduated from National Economics University, Hanoi and Moscow Institute of Economics, major in Accounting-Finance. He attended Moscow University and then successfully defended his PhD thesis Dr. Ta Ngoc Cau in Mathematics at Moscow University and National Lecturer University of Rastov-on-Don (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). Before working at FSB, Dr. Ta Ngoc Cau was the head of department of International Relations and Education Quality at Hanoi School of Business (HSB); managing director of information technology and electronic library at HSB; and lecturer at Hanoi Technical University and National Academy of Administration. He was the Deputy Director of VINACO Ltd Co. in Moscow from 1992- 1995 and has been the Managing Director of Human Resources Project for Vietnam’s software industry since 2001 Mr. Cau teaches MIS, Project Management, Business Operation Management, and Leadership at FSB 10
  11. 11. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012MA. EDWARD McALVANAH MA. Edward McAlvanah graduated from the University of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland in 1985 and granted MBA Degree by Loyola University, Chicago in 2000. Mr. Edward McAlvanah has 10 years of experience in Finance, Sales and Marketing when working for large companies such as ALC Education, LG Industrial MA. Edward McAlvanah Systems, Banker Trust Mass Mutual Financial Group, Capital Securities, Western Union Corporation.Senior Academic Advisor Lecturer Before working at FSB, he was a lecturer at RMIT University in Hochiminh City from 2003 and then in charge of developing MBA program of RMIT in Hanoi (2005-2006). Mr. Edward McAlvanah is a senior academic advisor and a lecturer of Management at FSB. 11
  12. 12. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012PhD STUDENT. HA NGUYEN Mr. Ha Nguyen is a post-graduate at National Economics University, Hanoi. He holds a MBA Degree granted by Bose State University, BA Degree in Economics by National Economics University, Hanoi and BA Degree in Laws by Hanoi General University (former name) PhD Student Ha Mr. Ha Nguyen has more than 20 years of experience in Nguyen project management and management consulting in large Director of Post-graduate organizations, namely Ministry of Trade (Head of Programs Consulting- Project Development Department); United Lecturer Nations Industrial Development Organization - UNIDO (head of consulting services division); the US Bank, Boise, Idaho (USA); the U.S. Commercial Service in Hanoi; Administration and PR Programs; the United Nations Development Program. Mr. Ha Nguyen also has over 10 years of teaching experience and many published research projects on Business Administration. Currently, he is a lecturer cum Director of post-graduate training programs at FSB. 12
  13. 13. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012Dr. TRAN DOAN KIM Dr. Tran Doan Kim earned PhD Degree in marketing from National Economics University, Hanoi in 2006 and MBA Degree from Boise State University (the U.S) in 1999. He also holds BA Degree in Laws from Vietnam National University, Hanoi and BA Degree in Foreign Language from Hanoi University Mr. Tran Doan Kim was once Deputy Secretary General Dr. Tran Doan Kim of Vietnam Software and IT Services Association Lecturer (VINASA); a lawyer at Chor Pee & Company (Singapore); and an office staff at Petrol Vietnam Oil and Gas Group. He was also the co-author of the research project of MPDF / World Bank on business associations in Vietnam; a coordinator of a project by UNDP and UNCTAD on enhancing training capacity when Vietnam joined WTO (2003); a consultant for many Vietnamese businesses in building and developing brands, customer relations management (CRM), customer services, business planning, marketing research, marketing planning, etc. Mr. Kim is now a lecturer at FSB and Deputy Director of FPT Leadership Institute (FLI) 13
  14. 14. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012Dr. DAO THỊ THANH LAM Dr. Dao Thi Thanh Lam finished her PhD program in International Business at Aalborg University, Denmark, and earned MBA Degree from Boise State University, Idaho, the USA. She also held UNIDO’s Certificate of Consultant in business planning. Ms. Thanh Lam was in charge of Director of Henley MBA Program – a cooperative program between National Dr. Dao Thi Thanh Lam Economics University, Hanoi and Henley Management Academic Director of under- College (the United Kingdom). She has participated in graduate programs many relevant consulting projects of GTZ, DANIDA, Lecturer USAID, World Bank and organizations in Vietnam, and has had many articles published on prestigeous magazines in Vietnam and in the world. Dr. Dao Thi Thanh Lam is currently a lecturer and Academic Director of internal under-graduate programs at FSB. 14
  15. 15. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012Dr. TRAN PHUONG LAN Dr. Tran Phuong Lan successfully defended her PhD thesis in Economics in 2009 after earning MBA Degree from Boise State University, the U.S and BA’s Degree in Economics from National Economics University, Hanoi. She is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma– a prestigious association for business schools. Dr. Tran Phuong LanDeputy Director of FSB Dr. Tran Phuong Lan is a consultant on business planning of Lecturer UNIDO; a lecturer of financial analysis for senior managers – advanced MBA Program (IEDP). She was a lecturer of financial analysis for senior managers of VNPT; a lecturer of finance in the project “Supporting decentralization and participating in planning” sponsored by Asian Development Bank (from April to July, 2000); a human resource consultant for the Fund of Mekong Sub-region Development - the Work Bank; an expert in economic analysis, Business Credit Department, US Bank; a marketing consultant for Vietnam Airlines and the Singapore-based consulting company of Arcon. Ms. Tran Phuong Lan is currently a lecturer and Deputy Director of FSB. 15
  16. 16. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012Dr. ROGER FORD Dr. Roger Ford earned PhD Degree in Business Administration from Syracuse University in 1986; MA Degree in Business Administration, Organization in Management from Syracuse University in 1982; BA Degree in Public Administration from Alfred University in 1978; and was a partner on applied science in Business Administration, Canton College in 1976. Dr. Roger Ford He served as Vietnam’s Representative at South China Senior Advisor Sea Development Company (IBC); chief delegate of Vietnam Competitive Initiatives delegation (VNCI) under Visiting Lecturer USAID Fund’s program in J.E Austin Associates, Arlington, Virginia. Before joining Fulbright program for the U.S Scholars from 1997 to 2000, Mr. Roger Ford had been a visiting lecturer on Management at University of East Mennonite. He was a consultant at International Development Enterprises (IDE) in Hanoi from 1996, a lecturer in Management Department at Madison, Harrisonburg, Virginia from 1985 to. 1998; Director of Business Center at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia from 1986 to 1992; assistant professor at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York from 1983 to 1985; and the Vice Chairman of Heral Ford, Andover, New York from 1978 to 1983. 16
  17. 17. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012Dr. SOREN KIRCHNER Dr. Soren Kirchner was awarded PhD Degree in Business Administration by the University of Florida State in 1995 after being awarded MA Degree in Marketing by the same University. Mr. Soren Kirchner is a very successful manager in direct sales management as well as technology-based sales Dr. Soren Kirchner management. He was in charge of sales and marketing Lecturer division at DKS Company, Minnepolis; Vice Chairman in charge of Marketing at Space Data Systems (Minneapolis); Product Manager at Net Perceptions; Regional Director of Innovation Resources; and Sales Manager of OKRA Database Marketing Company. Mr. Kirchner’s extensive teaching field is Marketing and Business. He has had many researches on Database Marketing, Customer Relations Management, Sales Management, Geographic Information Science, etc. He was a lecturer at RMIT Vietnam and assistant professor at Florida University. At FSB, Dr. Soren Kirchner teaches International Business courses, Service Marketing, Advanced Marketing, Communications and Media for MBA programs such as REMBA and IEMBA, and short-term training courses for senior manager in Vietnam. 17
  18. 18. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012Dr. PHAN THU TRANG Dr. Phan Thu holds PhD Degree of Hawaii University, the U.S; MBA Degree of Eller Graduate School (major in Finance and Management of Information System (MIS)); and MA Degree in IT of University of Natural Science – Vietnam National University, Hanoi; BA Degree in IT of Hanoi University of Technology. Ms. Phan Thu Trang was awarded the full scholarship by the VietnameseDr. Phan Thu Trang Government in the cohort 1988-1993. She is also aLecturer member of Beta Gamma Sigma. During 1990s, Dr. Phan Thu Trang was System Manager of System Department of Institute of Information Technology (IOIT). From 2002, she worked for IBM Corporation. Form 2004, she left IBM to work for Hanoi School Of Business (HSB) – Vietnam National University, Hanoi (the predecessor of FSB). Ms. Phan Thu Trang has participated in teaching many advanced training programs for public enterprises and non-governmental organizations, and is a senior consultant in enhancing management quality and building training handbooks for larger corporations in Vietnam such as FPT, Vietnam Airlines, etc. She also has many researches on the development of financial derivatives in Vietnam. 18
  19. 19. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012PROF.DOC. HA XUAN TRUNG Prof.Doc. Ha Xuan Trung finished his 2-year PhD program in Political Economics and State Economics in 1976. He earned MBA Degree from Harvard School of Business (HBS) in 1978. Prof.Doc Ha Xuan Trung is an adviser on policy and business development at OPV (an organization specializing in conducting projects on pharmaceuticals Prof.Doc. Ha Xuan Trung manufacturing and distribution in Vietnam, and completed building GMP - a pharmaceutical plant with Senior Advisor the investment of 20 million USD in 2003). From 1964 to Visiting Lecturer 1974, he was an economics researcher at the Central Bank and the Cabinet, nominated by Ministry of Finance of the Southern Government of Vietnam. Mr. Trung is currently a senior adviser on International Relations and Education Development and a visiting lecturer of Strategies at FSB. He is in charge of general academic development of FSB’s lecturers, including the design and implementation of MBA programs, strategic development orientation and cooperative programs with international training institutions. 19
  20. 20. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012Dr. HA TON VINH. Dr. Ha Ton Vinh earned PhD Degree in Public Management from Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C; and MA Degree from Georgetown University, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Washington, D.C. Mr. Ha Ton Vinh served as a senior financial consultant at export credit agencies, both bilateral and multilateral, in Son La Hydro Power Project (1999-2004). He is now a senior consultant for Harza Engineering-SWECO- PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, providing consulting services for Vietnamese government on in Dr. Ha Ton Vinh hydro power projects, food control and water supply projects to Senior Adviser generate 2.400 MW of power in Da River region. Lecturer Mr. Ha Ton Vinh has extensive experience in international working environment with senior positions in international organizations such as: CEO of Washington International Investment (USA); a member of executive board of Turi- Consult (Luxembourg); a management consultant of Harza Engineering (Illinois), Bechtel Group (California), Kaiser Aerospace, Advanced Distillation Technology (California); Ansaldo Energia (Italy); Bio Compression Systems (New York); GenCell Research (California); CellMark (Virginia); B. Braun Medical (Hong Kong); Guangzhou Military Hospitals (China); First Military Medical University of China; Guangzhou Economic and Technological. Currently, Mr. Ha Ton Vinh is a lecturer of Management and a senior consultant at FSB. He is also an adviser on practical research and a visiting lecturer for leaders at different levels in business administration, Business School, Hawaii University. 20
  21. 21. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012 TRAINING – CONSULTING EXPERIENCE Training courses have been conducted since 2009 Name of course Client Time YearTraining course “Contract Drafting FSOFT 9-12/12 2009Skill”Finance management for managing FSOFT 19-20/12 2009officers 21-22/12Building team spirit in enterprises Viglacera Ha Long 2009 & 26-27/12 PetroVietnam PowerBuilding team spirit 06/02 2010 Corporation (PVP)Business Law for Managers atbranches of FPT Software Joint Stock F-soft 03/04 2010Company.Financial Management F-soft 10/04 2010Professional Sales and Sales Kangaroo Group April 2010Management SkillMarketing and education product FPT University 10- 21/05 2010consulting skillsCommunication and Sales Consulting Techcombank (2 02-05/06 2010Skills classes)Individual and Team Working Skills Techcombank August 2010Sales skill for sales staff of SME, Techcombank (4Individual and Team Working skills, 2010 classes) 13-21/08Presentation skill, Negotiation skill.Seeking invesment oppotunities in Singapore Business 16- 18/09 2010Vietnam Federation (SBF) FPT LeadershipBusiness Administration (13 mini- Institute 2010- 03/2010-2011MBA classes) For officers at level 2011 4,5,6 21
  22. 22. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012 Name of course Client Time YearFostering the knowledge of business TKV – North East February 2011management Class 1: 06/033G – FTG FLI 2011 Class 2: 17/03 28/03 –Training for senior managers TKV 2011 16/04Training for leaders of transaction VCB 28/03 – 8/04 2011departmentProblem solving and decision making PVNA 23/03 – 25/03 2011skills Class 1: 09/043G – FIS FLI 2011 Class 2: 16/04 21/02 – 05/03Manament of modern banks AGR 07/03 – 19/03 2011 14/03 – 26/03Business administration and VNPT – HN May and June 2011managementTraining consultancy PVC 01/05 – 20/09 2011Training senior managers. TKV 04/05 – 24/05 2011Brand management for managers at HABECO 20/05 – 21/05 2011medium levelNegotiation and conflict solving skills NRO 01/06 – 03/06 2011Skill of contract negotiation andcommercial dispute settlement inside VICEM 30/05 – 03/06 2011and outside the country. From March 3Mini – MBA FLI 2011 to DecemberTeaching skill (TOT) PVN 31/05 – 03/06 2011Training senior managers TKV 06/06 – 25/06 2011 22
  23. 23. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012 Name of course Client Time YearFostering Business Administration and HBA 25/06 – 15/07 2011Management skillBuilding process system and HAPRO June 2011evaluation criteriaPerformance and procedure control VNA 25/07 – 27/07 2011Mini – MBA VICEM HAI PHONG 02/06 – 02/07 2011Effective planning and organizing VNA 29/08 – 31/08 2011skills 21/08 &Sales and customer service skills VNSTEEL 2011 28/08Professional presentation and sales VMS - VietSea August 2011skillsLeadership and negotiation skill VINAPACO 30/08 – 14/09 2011Fostering the knowledge of budget VICEM 05/09 – 09/09 2011planning and management Hanoi 08/09 – 10/09Cohort 2 SBF 2011 Hochiminh 12/09 – 14/09Management and leadership skill AGR 16/08 – 28/10 2011Advanced PR skill and practical PVEP 12/09 – 16/09 2011application in businessesMarket analysis and forcast skill VNA 19/09 – 21/09 2011Basic teaching skill VNA 26/09 – 30/09 2011Sales Team Management Simulation VNA 10/10 – 12/10 2011Management accounting and economic VNA 24/10 – 28/10 2011analysis 23
  24. 24. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012 Name of course Client Time YearStrategic Human Resources VICEM 10/10 – 14/10 2011ManagementTest design skill NRO 03/10 – 04/10 2011Teaching skill for internal teaching PVN 18/10 – 22/10 2011staff (TOT)Intensive marketing professional VINAPACO 24/10 – 26/10 2011Methods and tools to measure the NRO 03/11 – 04/11 2011satisfaction of employees.Effective team working skill NRO 07/11 – 08/11 2011Professional sales skill BĐTT1 26/11 – 27/11 2011Problem solving and decision making Trang An 01/12 – 02/12 2011skill Binh Son Refining and PetroChemicalTOT 29 – 30/12 2012 Company Limited (BSR) Effective communication skill 23 – 24/2 Training and coaching skill 28 – 29/2 Effective team building skill Toyota Motor Vietnam 8 – 9/3 2012 Supervision skill 15 – 16/3 Work planning and time control skill 22 – 23/3 Class HN1: 13/2 - 19/2 Class HCM1: 27/2 - 4/3Fostering management skill VCB 2012 Class in Da Nang: 12/3 - 18/3 Class HN2: 24
  25. 25. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012 Name of course Client Time Year 26/3 - 1/4 Class HCM2: 9/4 - 15/4 Class in Hanoi: 23/2 – 25/2Teaching and presentation skill EVN 2012 Class in HCM: 1/3 – 3/3 Part 1 in HN: 5/3 – 7/3Understanding investment Singapore Business 2012opportunities (Cohort 10) Federation (SBF) Part 2 in HCM: 8/3 – 10/3 Singapore InternationalUnderstanding investment 12/3/2012 – Business Development 2012opportunities in Vietnam market 13/3/2012 Department (GEP) Consultancy Contracts have been executed since 2009 Project The Owner Project Time YearBuilding procedures and evaluation Hanoi Trade 9/06/2011 –criteria of staff for Hanoi Trade 2011 Corporation (Hapro) 31/08/2011CorporationDeveloping Corporate Culture PetroVietnamHandbook for PetroVietnam Construction Joint 1/05/2011 – 2011Construction Joint Stock Corporation Stock Corporation 20/09/2011(PVC) (PVC)The plan for department restructuring, Vietnam Steel 3/2012 –permanent personnel and payroll Corporation 2012 9/2012adjustment under new model (VNSTEEL) 25
  26. 26. COMPETENCY PROFILE 2012 FPT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (FSB) Block C, Vietnam-Australia Building, My Dinh 1 Tu Liem, Hanoi Tel: 04-62871918 Fax: 04 62871828 Email: hcc@fsb.edu.vn www.fsb.edu.vn 26