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QlikView | Customer Success Story | National Health Service (NHS)NHS Procurement                                          ...
QlikView | Customer Success Story | National Health Service (NHS)the Trusts and developing the applica-                   ...
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QlikView / NHS


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NHS Procurement Hub takes innovation lead with 12 week QlikView BI project

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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QlikView / NHS

  1. 1. QlikView | Customer Success Story | National Health Service (NHS)NHS Procurement Solution OverviewHub takes innovation National Health Service (NHS) Publicly funded healthcare system in England serving more than 60 millionlead with 12 week people while employing 1.5 million with a budget of €115 billionQlikView BI project Industry Healthcare“ Function Supply Chain, Finance One of the product’s strongest selling points internally, is exactly Geography the reason we chose QlikView above any of the alternatives – its United Kingdom simplicity. Training can be done en-masse in a two hour session, ” Challenges and because people understand it, they use it regularly. • Achieve standard approach to consolidate data from multiple financial and purchasing systems throughout the Jan Nangle, Information Service Manager Trust sponsor bodies North West NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub • Identify areas across trust network to reduce contract spend as part of supply chain excellence program within theThe North West NHS Collaborative format and present financial data from CPHProcurement Hub (NWCPH) celebrates many applications throughout its 38 Solutionthe results of the highly successful separate Trust sponsor bodies managing The North West NHS CollaborativeBusiness Intelligence integration project more than €1.5 billion in annual spend. Procurement Hub (NWCPH) deployedusing QlikTech’s QlikView. The applica- QlikView to 70 users across hubtion has already succeeded in saving Jan Nangle, Information Service category managers and Trust bodymany hours of management time, and Manager at the Procurement Hub, stakeholders in less than 12 weeks. Withraising the profile of the North West commented, “The project itself actually QlikView, NWCPH is now able to monitor benefits, spend and cost analysis,Collaborative Procurement Hub with took under 12 weeks, less time than supplier and purchaser performanceboth the hospital Trust bodies and was agreed, and it came in absolutely and category management – all focusedthroughout the National Health Service on budget, with no need for extensions on reducing procurement costs. With(NHS) for its innovative approach. of any sort. This is rare for any sort of QlikView Server (64-bit) and Publisher, project, but for a BI project, it’s a great NWCPH easily aggregates and manages result. We currently have more than 70 the data volume across the systems licenses of different sorts. These allow within the Hub and its network of Trust bodies. developers, category managers, and Trust stakeholders to access QlikView Benefits and get the intelligence they need to • Garnered €42 million in procurement undertake their jobs more effectively, cost savings over 2 years for North whilst improving the overall perfor- West Collaborative Hub that manages mance of the Hub.” €1.5 billion in spend • Improved Hub performance by delivering insights into data Previously, all financial data was • Saved hours of management time in handled manually. The process was reporting and analysis undertaken annually for the primary • Delivered project ahead of time and on reports for the North West Collabora- budget tion Hub, and on an ad-hoc basis byThe challenge for NWCPH was to the Hub’s category managers when they QlikTech Partner Qlick-iTachieve a standard approach to collate needed any specific information. Atand consolidate data from multiple fi- best, this all took several weeks, and bynancial and purchasing systems and turn the time all the data was in, it was usu-it into useful management information. ally out of date.QlikTech partner, Qlick-iT, implementedanalytics tool QlikView, to enable the Since implementation, the Hub has beenHub to automatically pull together, rolling out the data feeds to and from
  2. 2. QlikView | Customer Success Story | National Health Service (NHS)the Trusts and developing the applica- Cheshire and Mersey areas were addedtion to include additional data analysis to its remit, and it is currently in theand giving access to both Hub employ- process of adding the Cumbria and Lan-ees and Trust employees as well. With cashire Trusts. QlikView and Qlick-iTQlikView, both the Hub and individual has smoothed this process by simplify-Trusts can see the same information, ing and speeding up the integration of 12 weeks toand the flexible drill down functional- data from the Trusts into the Hub.ity allows complete interrogation of the deploy applicationdata. This helps drive process improve- QlikView has also helped grow crossments, monitor contract compliance trust and inter-hub communication andwith visibility of supplier spend, and collaboration. By providing a commonbuild relationships with an improved tool for communication in a commonunderstanding of the whole procure- format, Primary Care Trusts have alreadyment process. suggested benchmarking against each other to help improve performance andAccording to Nangle, the combination establish best practices across each Trust. Returnof Qlick-iT Consultancy and QlikView €42 million in procurementflexibility, have provided the Hub with In turn, this cross-Trust activity has savings over 2 yearsmuch greater functionality than initially extended the value and the profile of theexpected. “We originally came across Hub to each of these sponsors like never (, “NorthQlikView in other organizations, and before and actually helped justify the West NHS trusts save £33m in twosaw that it handled exactly what we Hub’s existence even further. According years with business intelligence”,wanted - benefits reporting and cost to Nangle, this project is viewed as not August 2007)analysis - relatively easily. Since then just innovative within the Trusts, but Investmentwe’ve developed its use for the NHS to is actually considered to be leading theinclude additional analysis of the suppli- way for future NHS management intel-er database and purchaser hierarchies. ligence across the UK. session, and because people understandBy being able to include this level of it, they use it regularly. If we’d chosendata, we have managed to give ourselves “In the NHS, there is an almost over- an alternative BI solution, there’s everya level of insight into potential scales whelming amount of data around, but chance its complexity would haveof economy that has not been available very little information. People look to scared people off, and it never wouldbefore. This is an invaluable ability for the Hubs to guide them around this have been used properly. This is faran organization that’s entire existence is issue, and QlikView and Qlick-iT has from the case with QlikView, wherebased on reducing costs through given us a tool to do this with,” she said. people are constantly asking me forpurchasing in bulk.” more and more applications.” Nangle believes that simplicity is atThe implementation also has helped the heart of the Hubs success with BI. “It’s clear that we haven’t yet scratchedthe organization in other unexpected “One of the product’s strongest selling the surface of what we can do with thisways. For some time now, the North points internally, is exactly the reason software. I can quite easily see us doingWest Collaboration Procurement Hub we chose QlikView above any of the a lot more with this and sharing evenhas been growing to incorporate a wider alternatives – its simplicity. Training more information in six months time,”geographical area. Most recently the can be done en-masse in a two hour she concluded. “ The project itself actually took under 12 weeks, less time than was agreed, and it came in absolutely on budget, with no need for extensions of any sort. This is rare for any sort of project, but for a BI ” project, it’s a great result. Jan Nangle, Information Service Manager North West NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub© 2008 QlikTech International AB. All rights reserved. QlikTech, QlikView, Qlik, Q, Simplifying Analysis for Everyone, Power of Simplicity, New Rules, The Uncontrollable Smile andother QlikTech products and services as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of QlikTech International AB. All other company names, products andservices used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. www.qlikview.comThe information published herein is subject to change without notice. This publication is for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and QlikTechshall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to this publication. The only warranties for QlikTech products and services are those that are set forth in the express warrantystatements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting any additional warranty.