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Cinema project


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Trabajo realizado por alumnos de 2º de ESO del IES Luis de Morales

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Cinema project

  1. 1. By students of 2º eso B and 2º eso C “Cinema projects” IES LUIS DE MORALES PRODUCTIONS presents
  2. 2. What kind of movies do you like? action, romance, western, horror, musical, animated, science fiction, comedy, adventure
  3. 3. Jaime likes horror and adventure films and Natalia doesn’t like horror films she prefers romance films
  4. 4. <ul><li>What’s your favourite movie? </li></ul><ul><li>Andrea thinks Avatar is a good science fiction film. The special effects are made with computers </li></ul>Avatar is a film set on an exotic alien planet where humans can only survive by projecting their consciousness into genetically engineered bodies (Avatars). People on Earth want to exploit the planet's natural resources, causing a war to break out with the planet's inhabitants. The main character, Jake, is an ex-marine who has fallen in love with a native, forcing him to choose a side in the battle to come.
  5. 5. This is Jennifer’s project. She loves movies!! Cinema Vocabulary Audience: they watch the film Producer: he/she finds money to produce the film Director: he/she directs the actors in a film Actor/actress: they perform the film
  6. 6. Natalia: “One of my favourite favourite film is Titanic. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet are starring in it. It is set in a ship. The ship hits an iceberg and sank into the sea. The soundtrack won an oscar”.
  7. 7. Enrique: Harry Potter is a film based on a book. A boy who is a wizard studies at Hogwarths School, He and his best friends Ron and Hermione will go through lots of dangerous adventures…
  8. 8. In the past they didn’t use computers to make special effects. For example, coconuts sound like a horse trotting!!! Sara
  9. 9. Luis : Hi, Javier. Would you like to go to the cinema on Saturday? Javier : Great! What film? Luis : How about Iron Man 2 Javier : OK, You buy the tickets and I’ll buy the popcorns and the drinks
  10. 10. Javier: What did you think of the film? Luis: I really liked the film. The acting was fantastic Javier: I didn’t like it at all, Next time we will watch a horror film Luis: Ok, and by the way, don’t eat all the popcorns!!!
  11. 11. You can buy the tickets at the ticket office. I like sitting in the back row This is Mayte’s project
  12. 12. This is Victor’s project. He likes fantasy films. Lord of the Rings, for example, is a story about the search for a magic ring and it is full of adventure and action. Gollum says, “ My precious, oh my precious!!”
  13. 13. I like any kind of films. But my favourite films are comedies. Judith
  14. 14. The most famous vampire in the world couldn’t stand light, hated garlic and loved human blood!!! Christian
  15. 15. Alejandro likes superheroes. Spiderman has superstrengh and the ability to cling to most surfaces. This is Aleandro’s project
  16. 16. CREDITS 2º ESO B Andrea, Judith y Christian. 2º ESO C Jaime, Natalia, Enrique, Sara, Javier, Luis, Jennifer M., Mayte, Víctor y Alejandro.