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Miami Shark Tank Workshop Intellectual Property Presentation Juliet Alcoba


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The Miami Shark Tank Workshop for Startups, Inventors & Entrepreneurs
Imagine if you could take your business ideas, products, or inventions from Dreams to Market... and what if you could find the right resources, including the funds needed to launch your bright idea.

At the Miami Shark Tank Workshop you'll learn just that! Join us and...
Learn How to Swim with Sharks!

What has kept you from taking your dreams to market?

Is it lack of Time? Motivation? Knowledge? or Money?

In this workshop we will show you that it is easier than you think to launch your business!

Join us and learn how to Take Your Dreams to Market like the pros:

Juliette Alcoba Miami Patents Law Group

Juliette Alcoba, Esq. A Florida trademark attorney that zealously represents clients in the areas of copyright and trademark law. Ms. Alcoba is an experienced Miami trademark lawyer who advises clients with regards to trademark clearance and registrability. She is a Florida lawyer that prosecutes trademarks before the U.S. Trademark Office and represents trademark clients in cancellation and opposition proceedings, before the TTAB.

She also helps clients resolve trademark and trade dress infringement disputes.Ms. Alcoba’s experience in the area of trademark law furthers her ability to assist clients in protecting other types of intellectual property; including copyrights and trade secrets. Her ability to communicate fluently in English and Spanish allows her to draft strong intellectual property agreements.

The Startup Annex was designed to provide an environment that fosters entrepreneurship through education and a network of successful individuals and resources. Our multi stage program guides entrepreneurs in validating their business model, starting a company and preparing you for funding opportunities with investors.

The Startup Annex is a great resource to help startups position themselves for investors like myself who are looking to invest in a great opportunity.

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Miami Shark Tank Workshop Intellectual Property Presentation Juliet Alcoba

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