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Jane Massey Portfolio


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Jane Massey Portfolio

  1. 1. introducing... Jane Massey Enter
  2. 2. Freelance self-employed since 2006 with a small and loyal client base Graphic designer/editorial designer for an innovative training company Graphic designer/artworker for Towergate Insurance Company, Europe’s largest independently owned intermediary Trainer/tutor of Indesign for a travel company Graphic designer/editorial designer for Southwark News, an independent local newspaper Conceptual illustrator for a T-shirt company Design and production of a series of children’s books When not in employment I am happy to undertake unpaid voluntary design work Next
  3. 3. introducing... WeAdmiret-shirt designs conceptual thinking Next
  4. 4. WeAdmire T-shirt designs Commissioned to design a T Shirt reflecting the accomplishments of Alan Blumlein • research Blumlein • photograph of Blumlein re-drawn with stereo headphones superimposed • font chosen to reflect electrical engineering • short biography of Blumlein sound and vision engineer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ext
  5. 5. WeAdmire Neville Brody The name Brody on the T Shirt was taken from the graphic on the cover of one of his books on graphic design. We Admire is picked out vertically in red and also in the horizontal lines. The font Arcadia is blurred suggesting “read between the lines” with Blur being highlighted in red. Next
  6. 6. WeAdmire - Mods Mods are a romantic notion of a stylish youth subculture inspired by Satre and existentialism; fans of soul, ska, r&b and beat music and coffee bars. Colin MacInnes author of the novel Absolute Beginners introduces the main character as being a young British stylish jazz fan who dresses in sharp modern Italian clothes, described as a 'modernist'. Scooters were chosen as transport because all the mechanics were hidden, therefore ideal for riding without getting their expensive suits was the reason Parkas were chosen as keep clothes clean. The Mod logo of the target usually sewn on the back of the parka was taken from the RAF roundel. Scooters were customised with mirrors and lights and lots of chrome. Finding the vintage headlines of the clash between Mods and Rockers reminded me that memories are sometimes very selective! However, I have since read that the press milked this era for sensationalist journalism. Nothing changes! Next
  7. 7. WeAdmire - Primo Levi The concept: • The barbed wire frame is symbolic of Auschwitz. • The figure 174517 was Levi’s prisoner number • The letters over that number represent the same in chemical symbols; hydrogen; nitrogen; beryllium; boron and chlorine. • The silhouette is of Levi at his computer • The image on the computer is alloxan mentioned in the story Nitrogen in The Periodic Table, which is in the background. • The 'gas' coming out of the monitor represents two things: alloxan turns out to be a poison but also represents the maelstrom in this quote: "I am a normal man with a good memory who fell into a maelstrom and got out of it more by luck than by virtue, and who from that time on has preserved a certain curiosity about maelstroms large and small, metaphorical and actual." Next
  8. 8. WeAdmire On the theme of punctuation Next
  9. 9. introducing... Editorial design Magazines Books Brochures Next
  10. 10. Book designer designer/artworker Next
  11. 11. Consumer magazine Working as production editor/designer Next
  12. 12. am Page 1 er v 16/3/05 11:58 ACC supplement fly Consumer magazine Working as production editor/designer Next
  13. 13. Robust Training Promotional leaflet Next
  14. 14. Robust Training NVQ Portfolio: Road Passenger Vehicle Driving - sample pages from 300+ page document Next
  15. 15. Towergate Insurance Training material for Towergate Business School Next
  16. 16. Interactive PDF Next
  17. 17. Property brochures and email marketing Next
  18. 18. Next
  19. 19. introducing... Logos & ID Next
  20. 20. Churchill Theatre, Bromley Marketing material for the Creative Learning Department - Act 3 Drama Group Next
  21. 21. First Step New logo design for a Leicester charity (voluntary) Help for adult male survivors of sexual abuse and their supporters HELPLINE: 0116 254 8535 Helpline available 4.30pm to 8.00pm Monday and Tuesday with trained support volunteers. 24 hour answerphone if no answer leave a message, we WILL get back to you. Help for adult male survivors of sexual abuse and their supporters Next
  22. 22. Diversions dance & physical theatre Promotional leaflets (voluntary) Next
  23. 23. Next
  24. 24. Next
  25. 25. introducing... stuff and nonsense Competition entries and other stuff for amusement Next
  26. 26. Competition entry Myslexia magazine cover competition Next
  27. 27. Competition entry Random Postcard: based on a randomly generated word. Mine was “Home”. Concept: homing pigeons; lofts - fashionable living space - home; pigeon lofts Next
  28. 28. Resumé In brief: Adobe CS4, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Professional QuarkXpress 6, Keynote, Microsoft Office, Filemaker Production and pre-press experience including flat plans, high resolution PDFs liaising with repro houses and printers Good time management skills. Working to tight schedules Design of marketing material Editorial design (re-designed consumer magazines) Design and production of a series of children’s books Conceptual illustrator Next
  29. 29. contact... 0116 255 7939 07944 313857